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Joining the Army Part 3: Enemy Tactics

Greeting Conquerors!

Welcome to this post. In part 2 of Joining the Army, we discussed the Love Affair.

Jesus the Lord said “The enemy came to kill, steal and destroy but I am come that they may have life and have it more abundantly” (John10.10). I used to hear this throughout school but had no idea how ruthless and cunning the enemy was until I almost hit the grave myself by my own knife. Yes I wished to die. I had tried everything and nothing was working. It all didn’t make sense, it was better to die and end my miseries. I am so truly thankful to my redeemer who lives. Today I am alive because of his mercies that are new every morning. He loved me when I was yet in sin, died for me on the cross and saved me from destruction. I love Jesus! Looking back, I can see clearly the enemy’s tactics and just how he had mapped his agenda to take me out and continues to do to those that will fall for it.

Attraction: The living Dead

I have always marvelled at the irony of people living from their graves and those that are supposed to be living wasting their lives as the living dead~ yes dead! I was one of them, sold out to that belief system with every bone in me so I know what I am talking about, believe me. At 22 i was already married under customary law. Just after we got married an old friend of my husband came into the picture. This was a lady friend who was well polished and a true definition of success at the time. Running a well established corporate on the entire floor of one of the city’s best buildings, 7 pool cars, a massive database of top-notch clientelle -I just thought my shoulders where rubbing with the best. I was immediately brought on board after being forced to leave my humble employment as a civil servant to join this successful business woman as an account manager. I soon learnt the sweet ropes of clicking good deals and getting big commissions. I wanted more. I wanted to learn her secret to success and of-course like everybody there is always a belief system tied to one’s prosperity. This marked phase 1 of the enemy’s tactics to take me out. I was attracted to a religion that was going to be my downfall. I had found in this woman a model and a mentor.


This began phase 2 of the enemy’s tactics. My mentors religion was Traditional African Religion (ATR). Although i had grown up attending sunday school and church, as a Shona person, I was practically born and bred in that religion too so it was nothing new. The roots were there and the tree was about to be revived. My entire being identified with it so it did not take much to convince me to join that train. As she taught me, so I dived in with an inquiring mind, seeking to understand how it all worked. I just fell in love with ATR. In it was wrapped the essence of being black, being African and being Shona. It smelt good, like a sweet scent. Something in me just totally got connected to the teachings. Having been a History teacher and once subscribing to the doctrine of those brothers we called missionaries who took our land and conned us into believing our riches were stocked up in heaven, I soon rose up with vengeance against anything biblical! That was the enemies tool that led to colonization afterall! Soon we started attending meetings at night where one of the guys that led the team manifested ancient spirits of his ancestors and we would address him as Lord. Conquerors, this was my deception. I was deceived from this point onwards.

Every week we met, our lives were spoken into by the dead. We were promised joy and happiness but I never understood why almost every song that we sang at these gatherings was sorrowful. The songs depicted servanthood, poverty, covenants to nothingness, and praises for the dead. Everytime we were reminded of how we were called to soldier on like orphans and minister to the nation as sons of the soil. Week after week we attended these meetings as if to be fueled but infact I watched families break, miseries and discouragements creep in, husbands cheating on their wives, poverty increasing but no-one opening their eyes to these evils. Contrary to the lyrics, the music was actually very soothing, comforting, sentimental and almost everyone would manifest and get into trances at some point. Everyone was addressed with high respect, using ‘mutupo’ the totem as the language of honour and if you were power-hungry this was definitely the place to be. It was for Kings and Queens in their different tribes, regions and domains.

Consequently we lost all our weekends to special meetings that can be equated to all- night prayer meetings and retreats/workshops on the christian scene today. These were held in the forests belonging to titled spirits and/chiefs and we visited other generals in the religion from other rural areas to fellowship at their functions called Biras in Shona. These were key all-night parties characterised by traditional beer, mbira music, traditional dance and song culminating in a series of trances by delegates and manifestations of spirits with various messages to their ever so expectant followers. The manifestations were particularly comforting and consoling because this is where our lives would be spoken into and we would be encouraged and given hope. Sometimes we didn’t have to wait for weekends, we would just take off on roadtrips to mountains to pray there, worshipping those mountains and the spirits they were connected to normally family ancestral spirits. I reminisce the one time coming down a mountain in Mutoko (Zimbabwe) on a very steep gradient with a baby on my back. I had to do it on my buttocks. I was so scared, the view at the bottom made me dizzy. I could have gone to meet my maker that day had he not purposed to see me testifying of his love today.

Anyway, I unfortunately watched things crumble down for many in the group. Marriages broke, relationships soured while businesses crumbled and still people believed the gods were in charge. We continued serving these gods ever so faithfully and they continued puffing us up with nothing but titles that were only good for the ego. If you were a host of an ancestral spirit (spirit medium) you were given a respectful title and that was enough to keep you believing for a better life. After about 2 years, I was tired of going round in circles. I looked around me and I realised that the gods had failed to deliver their promises of prosperity to me. All they did was make me feel important but I had lost everything. I had gotten so irritated that I left my husband and he thought it was a joke. This is the deception of the enemy Conqueror! He will never take the blame, if anything he will point at others and you will fall for it.


The problem is i was so sold out to the religion that i didn’t see anything wrong with it. I blamed my husband for everything and when I had enough I just eliminated him from the picture. Slow down, I didn’t kill him, I simply quit that fruitless marriage. I decided to go back to my old profession and take care of our baby girl on my own while I left him to continue the mbira parties and the drinking with that whole bunch of brainwashed generals and followers of midzimu (the gods). Inorder to initiate the final phase of his plan and finally take me out, the enemy decided to isolate me. By leaving my husband, i literally stripped of my head. I had no covering anymore. I became a lone ranger. A very angry and bitter one for that. I could not sustain a single relationship because I was ‘too good’ for the world. Remember I had spent a few years being taught the art of pride. All that praise in ancestral worship is enough to give one the thickest coat of pride and self praise.

Well ask Old Lucifer, he knows how fast you can fall from heaven when you exalt yourself…like lightning! If the enemy gets you isolated, he has successfully cornered you and you will have to be a die-hard to survive this. I survived by grace. It was the hardest part. In isolation you can succumb to all feelings of dejection, rejection, depression, poverty and unfortunately these create the negative emotions of bitterness, unforgiveness, rebellion, pride and anger all of which are enough to shut the heavens and squeeze life out of you- literally choking you to death spiritually. If your spirit man is dead, you only need mercy from heaven to survive otherwise you die! The enemy will have accomplished his mission. The question is, if the heavens are shut, what good is life, you are as good as dead- the Living Dead!

Conquerors I encourage you to join the winning side, tried and tested. God is forever faithful. His love endures forever. If you would like to give your life to Christ, please feel free to inbox us on and will be sure to assist you.

Till then,

Ester H.


falling is not the problem, failing to riseup is!!!!

Joining The Army Part 2: The love Affair

Welcome Conquerors!

Today i want to talk about joining the army of God with a particular emphasis on the love affair. Having dealt with the mystery of Christ in the preceding post, i felt it necessary to go deeper into this mystery of love. So God the author of love put his seed in us that one day our hearts would beat with love and we would respond to that feeling on the inside with a deep hunger for him. Conquerors, this love affair is not for cheaters, players or liars. It’s for those who can stay true to the battle for love, the battle for life and the battle for the soul and spirit. Anytime you enter into battle, someone has got to win. In order to win your battles of survival, you need to be on the winning side. This is the side of God your creator, to whom you are answerable…The LoveAffair between God and mankind is no different from what we see on the natural radar. Love is making the world go round everywhere. Isn’t it amazing that every human being, those who like to call themselves believers and those who act like they don’t believe, call on God when disaster strikes! That inner heartbeat that connects them to a supernatural being, a higher power is the seed of faith that was deposited in every single one of us at creation. It connects us back to our maker. That my brothers and sisters is the signal of love at first sight. We all know the story! So first God sends his Word to ask you out and for this love story to workout, both parties have to work for it after all love just doesn’t happen.

As in the natural, this love is worked and developed through stages:

  1. Attraction/Fall in Love: the attraction is there already, being seeded as faith by God himself. All manner of creation knows that there is a higher power – that is God. That inner voice that makes you responsible to an invisible higher power is the initial attraction.
  2. Believe the Mystery of Jesus: This means to activate your belief system to accept the ‘unacceptable’ and believe the ‘unbelievable.’ If you are reading this you have probably heard about how Jesus was conceived. To accept that as truth means defying the odds of logic! To believe it is a giant step of faith! When you believe with the heart that Jesus is Lord unto righteousness and confess with the mouth that he died and rose again unto salvation you become BORN AGAIN. You become a new creature, a new life, a new mindset and you enter into eternal life. This is the entry point of spiritual warfare. Joining the Army of God means believing in Jesus – The Christ.
  3. Courtship/Dialogue: Now comes the part where love is nurtured, cultivated and waterd. This is going into his presence, talking to him and hearing from him. We enter his presence through his Word (Jesus), which we can find in the special book called the Bible. This is where you get to know him better, see him in action and pour out his love to you. As a bride you keep yourself clean, tell all the other gods to leave you and stop seeing them. You prepare yourself for an eternal committments by preserving yourself for this new found love.
  4. Taking it to the next Level/Marriage: This commitment part actually happens in two stages. First in the natural life by getting Born Again then secondly at death by Resurrection and meeting with the object of our affection – God. Unlike in the natural, this marriage signifies a union with God through Jesus. This is the only marriage that will not end because of death, infact after death it becomes perfected. As you enter into this marriage covenant, you become one, you move in with him and have your entire being in him while he takes charge over your life, protects you and provides for you. You begin to walk together, plan together and do everything together acknowledging his pre-eminence, omniscience and allmightiness in your life.

To help us, God spoke in old times through prophets and inspired prophets and apostles to write his Word. When it was assembled the Word became what we know today as the Bible. He did this to give us a manual for life. The Word of God is our reference point today of who God is, what he wants and expects from us. The Word of God is like a magnifying glass in our life and it contains anything and everything that we can ever go through on this earth, how to go through it and how to be victorious. It is the book of life that clearly outlines the way we should take. Once you begin the habit of reading the bible, very soon the Word will start becoming real, it will begin to apply to your everyday life. There is a lot to God and we can never touch everything on this platform. Even the bible could not contain everything! I encourage you to read the Holy Bible and familiarise yourself with God.

Moreover, therein are the depths of knowledge and wisdom about life yesterday, today and tomorrow. The Word is tried and tested and has been proven to be true! Personally I have had my own experiences with the Word and today I can testify without a doubt that the Lord Liveth! Believing in the mystery of Jesus will protect your mind and your entire being from deception. If the enemy can convince you to deny Jesus, then he can keep you from accessing anything of God. Of course people will argue about why there are successful sinners and unbelievers. Well God is LOVE. Remember he is the author of it. He first loved us when we were yet sinners! He operates in the highest level of love and mercy. For this cause he sent his only Son to die for ALL on the cross!

The cross signifies repentance and the forgiveness of sins, which is why we are called to come as we are no matter how bad we have been! So much love! God is also very patient and faithfully waiting and giving everyone a chance to know him, choose him and return back to him. If only we can believe, then the rest of the questions will become clearer and clearer as we walk the walk of a believer. Your walk is not going to be the same as mine so never compare yourself with the next person. You will struggle with some concepts as you go but if you take heed to Gods Word and instruction and make it the final authority and final say in your life it will all workout for your good.

Be vigilant! Some days will be harder than others. This is the good fight of faith. This is spiritual warfare, where many spiritual battles are fought and if in Christ won! Picture the battlefront in war. Fire, bullets, injuries, rescue teams, cries and victories…etc etc. That will be your life. The only difference is that whether in life or death, victory is certain. Yours will be a story of victory. You will win every battle in Gods way. Sometimes you will have to understand that your losses will be Gods victories and later you will understand that they were your victories in the first place. If you are interested in joining Gods Army today, get on the love train, start your own LoveAffair with him, sign into battle by saying this prayer:

Lord Jesus, I confess that I am a sinner, I believe that you are the Son of The Most high God, I confess that you died for me on Calvary and rose again. Come into my life and be my Lord and personal Saviour.

Friends if you have made the above confession, it means you have now been born again. You are now a member of the family of God. You are now a Christian. The Angels are rejoicing in heaven because of you. Congratulations!! I am so happy for you! If you need help on what to do next, get intouch on

Join me again next week as we talk about the armour of God and the weapons of our warfare, otherwise keep growing this LoveAffair to greater heights!

Till Then

One Love!

Ester H.


falling is not the problem, failing to riseUP is!!!!!

Fight the good Fight

Hello Conquerors!

I hope I find you well. If you are reading this post you have probably been tracking from the battle for survival. If not please make a point to read it otherwise welcome on board Friends if the powers that be, have permitted you to read this one – congratulations! I do not need to remind anyone how important it is to make your life worth the while and make sure you are celebrated when you pass on! One of the reasons why we have to fight is because right from conception, the war begins. While some make it through pregnancy to birth, some are aborted, miscarried or die at birth. Some are rejected while in the womb and by the time they are born, everything around them opposes their very livelihood and they strive with virtually anything and everything around them. Interestingly, when a child is born, they are aware of good and bad, that is why they can cry if things are not right.

The war against us is simply a war to derail us from the purpose for which we were created and once our mind has tuned in to that world of impossibilities, everything becomes worthless or pointless. The concept of good and evil is not new to the arena of life. The author of this war is the devil, our enemy. He is our enemy because once upon a time he was in heaven as an Angel called Lucifer, loved by God. He however became prideful, wanted power and rebelled against God and so was sent packing from heaven and thrown here on earth. He left with a bunch of followers called Fallen Angels and from then on they began the war to turn every living soul against the one that punished them – God Almighty. Their expulsion from heaven came with the judgement that they will be punished with fire at the end of time. No-one knows the end of time and when it shall be, but friends the devil, his angels and followers here on earth are at work to make sure they do not get punished alone. This is the reason why their forces are working tirelessly behind the scenes to convince mankind that God doesn’t exist and that other gods can have a final say on their lives – which God created single-handedly and without help.

Anything that is being worshipped, that is being consulted concerning life and is not God himself is a god/idol and that amounts to IDOLATRY. Idolatry is so rampant today because man was created to worship and is always seeking something to worship. The Spirit within yearns to worship and when it is made to worship other, and not its maker, it becomes perverted and corrupt. This is because of the seed of rebellion that was planted in us by the enemy. The enemy knows God more than us today, he once dwelled in his very presence, serving and ministering to him. He fears that if we ever had a clear awareness of God like he used to, then we will be fruitful, we would turn all his impossibilities into possibilities and therefore he will have lost the battle. All he needs is for us to live in the dark, never come to the knowledge of the truth and so fail to access our original purpose and promises in God. He is a liar and the very father of lies. If he can feed us with his lies then we are well set for failure.

My question to you today is, are you going to let him? Will you watch your life sail on in the wrong direction or will you fight the good fight of faith and conquer in spiritual battles? Spiritual wars determine the course of life in the physical world. They are governed by spiritual laws which the enemy is well acquainted with. He then manipulates our own lack of knowledge on these laws to further his evil agenda. If you understand this, its time to get back on track. Back to basics, back to the original plan and purpose, back to Victory! It is not a one day thing but you are better of starting. Commit to building your life today on Godly principles. Sign in to Battle. Fight for your life. A crown awaits you when you pass on from this world. Let it be a crown of life. The Crown of eternal life is what awaits everyone that dies in the Lord.

Join me again in the next post as we talk about how Christ comes into the equation of religion and how to signup for the inevitable battle.

Till then,


falling is not the problem, failing to riseUP is!!!!

The Battle for Survival

I hope I find you well. So we are now getting ready for a new farming season at our lovely farm in Goromonzi. Good soils, good rains, a good labour force & good management and we are set for a bumper harvest next year! The question is, is this land ours for real? Well yes on paper it is but when we arrived here on earth the land was already there so we can’t exactly claim ownership now can we? That means we do not actually have the final say on what happens on that land! The same goes for the weather. It does not belong to us too and we have no control on how it affects our crop. Also, we can own the labour force by employment but I heard the wise one say, “you can take the donkey to the river to drink but you cannot force it to drink.” I guess you can employ someone but you can’t force them to work hard and can never know what sort of result they will produce until it’s in your hands! So what is it then??

It seems there is a myriad of factors that will affect the nature of our harvest next year. The seed can hit the ground, but poor rains and poor crop management can all lead to its failure to grow well or yield any fruit. Very soon the weeds can invade the entire farm and choke the entire crop to death. Sometimes it will be a case of poor timing and or even too much rain too late or too soon – all leading to crop failure. There is even the threat of livestock from neighbouring farms invading the crop, leading to loss again.

This whole scenario relates to our lives today. We are the seed that was sown on earth by our maker-The Almighty God but very often as ‘crops’ we find ourselves in uncontrollable bad weather that we can’t yield any fruit. Sometimes the heavens are literally shut over our lives that we can’t experience bounty at all. We find ourselves crying, ‘there is casting down’ when others are singing, ‘there is lifting up’ and that song needs to change. Moreover, many find themselves amongst weeds fighting for survival. Some have choked to death. The weeds come in different shapes and sizes, different colours too.

Furthermore, in our lives today, poor crop management can be likened to bad leadership and unfruitful relationships in our areas of influence. Sometimes the enemy uses fellow brothers and sisters to achieve his evil mission. Sour relationships, enmity, betrayal and backbiting etc can all lead to our defeat on the battlefronts of life. On the other hand the invasion by stray livestock speaks to me of disease and an attack on our livelihood. HIV, Cancer, BP and many other unusual health problems have emerged on mankind literally threatening to wipe out an entire generation. Friends these stumbling blocks are our enemies! Conceived by the enemy, born of the enemy , planted by the enemy, sent by the enemy, dispatched by the enemy with at least one (1) or all of three (3) goals – to kill, steal and destroy! Worsestill, some camouflage and are so like us but are not of us. They come into our lives with an agenda that unbeknown to us destroys us. Sometimes the agenda is not even know to them but the one who is in them furthers his evil agenda through them in different ways.

My question to you today is, What kind of seed are you? The seed that will rise up against all the devices of the enemy and glorify its sower or the one that will succumb to every negative force, bear no fruit and eventually just die? Fortunately we are not like plant seeds that depend on human management, the ground they are sown in and the weather conditions they find themselves in to bear fruit. Our creator, the All-Mighty and All-wise God equipped us with the ability to create the ground that we want for us to germinate and grow well. In the parable of the sower (mark 4:1-20) this is apparent. If we purge ourselves and prepare our ground well, as seeds we may grow to give glory to the one who made us in our entire being and fruitfulness.

Previously, I hinted that it is essential to know the enemy and to understand that you are in battle. Most people are often on the battle front without ever realising it. The following tell-tell signs should be your sounding horn for war:

NB*This list is not an end in itself and these are not the only tell-tell signs, it is definitely a good starting point.

  • you find yourself going round in circles – nothing seems to quite work out and you just do not understand why
  • your spirit-self is dead – you do not have an awareness of your spiritman, his origin and how he should be kept alive
  • you are in constant strife with your surroundings – nothing and no-one is good enough for you
  • you suspect that they are negative forces operating against you but do not know them
  • you have heard about Jesus but do not believe in him – you find the whole concept of Jesus confusing and irrelevant to the world you are living in
  • you have a dead conscience – you can do wrong knowingly and carry on with life as if nothing happened

Friends if any of these or all are consistent with your life, riseUP! Be the battle axe and lets fight the good fight of faith. It is called the good fight of faith because you have to rise up against every negative thing you can see that you do not like inorder to access every positive thing that you can not see that you desire. Sometimes too we have to be mature enough and discerning enough to accept that we cannot always get everything we want. Whether we like it or not we are in war. This life is a battle for survival. Sadly some people are the walking dead. Nothing is alive except for the fact that you are breathing. What good is life if everything around you is dying – your spirit, your finances, your relationships, your visions or ambitions etc. Arise and FIGHT for your life!

I hope this helped you. Don’t forget to share with your friends, otherwise remain focused till we meet again…

Thank you for checking in and dont forget to share 🙂

Till then,

Ester H.


falling is not the problem, failing to riseUP is!!!!

Life Sucks…

Greetings Conquerors!!!

Its been an awful long time and i hope you missed me as i missed you lots! If you have ever thought or said , “life sucks..” Welcome!!!

Ever wondered why you always end up in the same unwanted challenges – broke, lonely, frustrated, disgusted, hurt etc? It’s because you have been trading on battlefields without even knowing it. Well perhaps you knew something was up against you but really did nothing about it. It’s like you have to wrestle your way through various challenges, seasons and phases in your life…like life is a struggle! I have often heard ( and I’m also guilty), “life is hard”, “life is unfair” or “life sucks…etc.” One day it got me thinking and I wondered, Who is life? Where is life? What is life? There was no one to answer me and something got stirred up in me! Life is me. Life is being alive to see the next day. Life is what I make it, yeah that’s right. That’s what they used to say when we were growing up…that, ‘LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT!’

Now If I am life, if I am alive today and I make life, then I am enough to make my life what I want it to be. So I came up with levels to map my life forward. These levels turned out to be battlefronts as follows:

  1. Thought/believe: This is the level of thought. I have to think it (life) first, perceive it in my mind and believe it so that I have a clear picture of who I am, what I want to be, how I will become it and where I am going. Everything that ever happened to anybody was first conceived as a thought either of fear or of faith thus were the battle lines drawn knowingly or unknowingly. I have to be very deliberate about it all or I will never amount to anything. The danger is that if I do not deliberately strategize, life will pass me by. The thought level is the facet of my life that consists of reconditioning my mindset. I must have a winner mindset. This must be birthed out of the mindset of a fighter. I must fight for what is mine and unless I know it I cannot fight for it. I like to call it the chief of all battles because if you are defeated in your thinking system, there is no way you are going to win anything in the natural. This is the first BATTLEFRONT where we fight the battle of the MIND.

2. Speech/confess: This is the level of confession. After I have come up with the picture I want for my life, I move on to the speaking part. Speaking affirms what the mind has been audacious enough to believe. If I don’t speak it soon, it might as well die at the level of thought. Confessing one’s thoughts establishes that which they believe as true. That confession has the power to draw those images from the spirit realm to the natural realm. There is really no point in life to strategizing and planning things in your mind and jump out of there to speak everything negative. It simply turns you into a confused nut, living in a fantasy world that will never become real. A tongue that is not partnering with your belief system will not get you anywhere. You are better off without it! This is the second BATTLEFRONT where we fight the battle of the TONGUE.

3. Action/works: This is the level where action completes the work of believing and confessing. The awareness of who I am and what I want to be can only be effected by works that align with what I have believed. This is how I sign up to real war. Most times the enemy is quite happy letting us do the imaginations and running wild with that. Most times too he could let us wag our big tongues and confess it endlessly. However, unless there is action that is commensurate with the mind and the tongue, you are really not going anywhere with your life. This is how people get stuck in lives they never bargained for because they did not do anything to direct their paths. This is third BATTLEFRONT where we fight the battle of the FLESH. This level is particularly interesting because it is the one fought here in the natural world. Its has such battlefields as: the body, the finances, religion, the family, education, people network etc. Various categories/battle fields can arise to all this but the key thing is to know your enemy and how to fight him.

My heart goes out to those who are in war but do not even know it. Some are casualties of battles they never even perceived they were involved in yet they were on the frontline the whole time. Friends, the truth of the fact is that the enemy is one! His name is the devil. According to John 10:10, he is the thief that came to still what is yours, to kill and destroy everything that concerns you and to eventually take you out! He is ruthless! He is cunning! He is evil! He is wicked! He is a deceiver! He is the accuser! A scheming liar and your adversary, always roaming about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour!

The good news is that a man called Jesus came that we may have LIFE and have it more abundantly. Scripture says in him is light and that light is the life of man. Choosing him means actioning a new LIFECYCLE. Putting off the oldman (you) and putting on the new man (Christ) means that you begin a life of transformation. The journey of transformation is certainly no match for cowards. It is for the brave! Those that have made up their minds that they will be conquerors. It is a work of faith and faith is not for the weak who stumble even when nothing is in their way. It is for those who are determined to find meaning for their lives, make the necessary sacrifices and embrace the victories (I will talk more about these sacrifices in future posts so stay tuned). It is a journey of seeking the one who promised (Jesus) and is the life, pursuing the promises, overtaking and recovering them all to cause life to become, then will it not ‘suck’.

Where once things around you were dying, they start living. They become revitalised, replenished, refreshed and well set for prosperity. Not in a day’s work, do not be fooled but certainly doable! Yes, attainable! Not an easy walk in the park but a journey full of adventure. Brothers and Sisters THAT IS LIFE. If you care, rise up and fight for the life of your dreams! You are the battle axe that will dash in pieces your adversary and make way for your life to be what you have always wanted it to be.

I hope this helped you. Don’t forget to share with your friends, otherwise remain focused till we meet again…

Thank you for checking in and dont forget to share 🙂

Till Then,

Ester H.


Falling is not the problem, failing to riseUP is!!!!