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Barriers and Challenges to Positive Communication The fact that communication is imparting or exchanging information means that if this doesn’t not occur there is a barrier or wall that has prevented successful communication. This unfortunate occurrence kills relationships at both personal and business levels. The major cause of this is the absence of the fruits of the Holy Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23). In its simplest form this can be equated to rebellion. Refusal… Read More

Part 2: Key Factors of Communication (cont. from Part 1) It is important to note that the agenda for communication at any given time is always critical in how the ‘communication’ plays out. From the time a message departs from one source to the time it arrives on the other end, agendas on both ends influence the transaction and how it ends whether positively or negatively. The next question to consider becomes… Read More

PART 1: WHAT IS COMMUNICATION? Communication is a subject that has been given a big platform in life through relationships, social media, business and so on but one not quite understood. The importance of understanding it has been neglected and most people find themselves troubleshooting their way through the various demands of this important aspect to make life meaningful. While some build fulfilling relationships, others get hurt never to recover again. Worse… Read More