The art of Declarations Part 2: Losing to Gain

Dear Conquerors,

I trust this post finds you well. In Part 1 of the journey to making fruitful declarations we covered a brief history of this facet across religion and culture and found self-righteousness to be the major hindrance to a meaningful life of calling things that are not into being.

Today we look at some guidelines to achieving results for the words we speak. It is a fact that words are powerful but have you ever wondered why your negative words seem to prosper more than your positive ones in achieving anything you want? The simple answer is that evil is very good at capitalising on any of its own words and God being sovereign will not move on words of a double standard origin. This weakness is best potrayed in the text of scripture below;

But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed. For let not that man think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

(James 1:6-8 KJV)

It is thefore important to make sure that one is united in themselves- body, soul and spirit to achieve what they declare. If the spirit is pushing for it (as it naturally knows what it deserves) and the soul is denying it by the action of the body or the pressure thereof, then we have a major problem. The body whose senses are decoding messages from the environment  must be brought to subjection first and align with what the spirit sees so that the soul can think it, imagine it, perceive it and then declare it to manifestation in unity with God, the doer himself. If the body is sending negative messages, the soul will make negative decisions even when the spirit wants positive things. The spirit belongs to God and is loaded with good but cannot impose that goodness on a soul being housed in a nody that is subjected to much rejection and negativity. This is how one can speak positive from the spirit (the good it wants) while the soul is full of negative because of the bodily experiences thus far. This conflict will only be disastrous until the spirit is given his place. This is typical of confused people- people who are not sure where they stand because they want a bit of both worlds. As seen in James 1:6 above, these kind of people will never achieve anything. In the things of God you are either with God or not. Any business conducted on the centre or the fence is considered ungodly and evil business anyway. A total waste of kingsom time!  People set aside for spitting according to Revelations because they are lukewarm and not hot!

To get into the zone where there is unity between body, soul and spirit one must lose some rights in the earth realm in order to assume them in the spirit realm. This is infact choosing the spirit over the body, life over death.  In the book of Matthew 10:39, Jesus teaches that, “He that findeth his life shall lose it: and he that loseth his life for my sake shall find it.” Therefore the only way to actually ever gaining something is by losing it first. All of this is spiritually done in the innerman. However, sometimes we are actually stripped down to zero in real life before we begin to rise up as often experience is the best teacher! Unfortunately some people even when they are on zero, refuse to accept it (an act of pride) and this hinders the process of rising up as they look for all kinds of scapegoats for their troubles. Some even mistake pride for refusing to give up. There is a difference between giving up and and surrendering to a higher power.

If you can lose everything, then you are ready to make considerable gains in this lifetime. You empty yourself and make way foe the Holy Spirit of God to fill you. The Holy spirit has 7 expressions which can be seen in Isaiah 11:1-3





Fear of God



These are not in any particular order but i have discovered that if we can lose the following rights in the earth realm,  we can prepare our minds to receive the Holy Spirit in the manifestations above and then be able to agree with him in the things we declare which he will by his own power bring to pass.


1. Lose your right to POWER and being in control- All power belongs to God. Lose your guard, be vulnerable, submit and never ask ‘why me?’ He is the potter and you are the clay. Where ever you are, he is there and if you know he is God, then you behave in his presence by being humble. No pride! This is war and in the presence of our superior commander, we behave! To lose the right to power is to gain the presence of the Holy Ghost.

2. Lose your right to BE RIGHT – He justifies you. Once you find yourself under pressure to have a say or explain yourself to others, you have already lost to them. Just surrender and leave it to God. It takes humility to reduce yourself to nothing, to a point where you do not have the say that you think you are entitled to. There is always an itching need to be heard, to justify self or to prove that one knows better or is right. Sunmitting to God makes all this unnecrssary as one is assired in Gods suoreme jutification and ability to act at his appointed time. To lose the right to be right is infact to receive the Holy Spirit of Counsel.

3. Lose your right to COVER– Come clean with God for he sees all and knows all, be naked and unashamed before him who died for your sins. Be truthful and accept that you are not perfect. This is where you stop looking at why other people are or seem to be getting away with all kinds of sin or wrong doing and mind your own repentance & spiritual biz. To lose the right to cover is to gain the Holy Spirit of Understanding and to be free from the pressure of keeping up appearences or menpleasing.

4. Lose your right to ‘I KNOW lT ALL’- be foolish as is alluded to in 1 Corinthians 1. As humans we are limited and clueless when in the presence of the infinite and undescribable God. He is the all in all and you can never know it all because his ways are past finding out (unsearchable). He is always there and everywhere so that makes you nothing in his presence. To lose the right to know it all is to make way for the Holy Spirit of The Fear of the Lord which is infact according to scripture, the beginning of all wisdom.

5. Lose your right to REVENGE -lose the right to self protection. God fights for you.  Vengeance is mine says the Lord. Thus, theres no point to stay angry if the anger won’t do anything for you…To lose the right to revenge is to receive the Spirit of Strength. There is more power in maling way for God to avenge than in seeking vengeance in our limitted human mind and body. The God to whom everything belongs will most certainly know where to hit to get the vengeance  that is needful.

6. Lose your right to RELEVANCE
– you are nothing without God, define yourself only in God and be fully armoured in him. In him you have relevance. In the world you don’t. To lose the right to relevance is to gain the Holy Spirit of Knowledge. When you know God, you stop worrying about being seen or known because it is God who has to be seen. An inferiority complex festers where there is no knowledge of God because then one is consumed with fame or putting themselves out there and making a name for themselves in vanity.

7. Lose your right to ENTITLEMENT
Physical or spiritual blessings and hearts desires are from God who created everything and owns everything. It is he who blesses as he wants and according to his purpose. To lose the right to entitlement makes way for one to receive the gift of the Spirit of Wisdom. In Proverbs 8:18-19, Wisdom declares;

Riches and honour are with me; yea, durable riches and righteousness. My fruit is better than gold, yea, than fine gold; and my revenue than choice silver.

Now that we have made way for the Holy Spirit by losing our rights to anything, self or world proclaimed rights alike, we can now move on to be God-like and have the Holy Ghost manifestations of his Lordship, counsel, understanding, knowledge, fear of the Lord, might and wisdom. This is because our hearts become conditioned to walk in the purity and power of love which conquers all things. As he is, so are we (1 John 4:17)

Join me in Part 3 as we conclude this series by getting into the action of making positive declarations

Till then,

Remain Blessed

One Love

Ester H.

Remember falling is not the problem, failing ro rise up is!!!!

The art of Declarations Part 1: Background to Positive Declaration

My Conquerors! I greet you!

Today i’m on the subject of declaration or positive declaration or affirmations or confirmations as they are often so called.

So many people have prospered through this important spiritual weapon while many others just stumbled and fell never to rise again. There are positive quotes sold even on social media, the market place etc which shows just how crucial this aspect of using our mouth to speak good is.

History of Declaring

Declaring has been there for ages, practiced fervently by different cultures and religions and one thing this facet has in common across boards of different belief systems is faith –

1. Calling those things that are not as though they already are

2. Faith in a higher unseen power

3. Use of a medium of connection e.g water, salt, stones, machira, mudzimu, idol or word of God (unseen Christ)

People usually arrive at destination ‘positive declarations’ when they encounter challenges that threaten their livelihood especially if these stumbling blocks are stubborn. As challenges or hindrances intensify, the heart is split amidst the confusion and that tends to temper with one’s faith. Usually people backslide under the pressure or seek help. In seeking help, the idea of speaking or making positive declarations usually comes up. Positive declarations however will not work on their own. It will be pointless to wake up everyday and make utterances that one has not purposed to believe or yet live.

Before one begins the journey of using their mouth to craft a new future, they have to have an understanding of how they arrived in the pithole in the first place. We are interactive beings and anything that is wrong in our lives is wrong because someone did something or didn’t do what we expected them to do. This includes self or God. This means at any point that we have no peace inside, we have not made that peace with the blamed fellow human being or God). So, it usually it has to do with the seeds one harbours in their innerman. The seeds in the heart (spiritual) grow trees outside (physical) and sometimes these trees take so long to become visible that by the time they are seen, the owner of the tree has no clue how the tree arrived. It becomes even impossible to see the root of the tree once it has grown so with all the prayer, fasting and service in church one is often left confused and heartbroken as to why they can’t seem to get ahead. The trees we have are the antenna that attracts good or bad to us. There is no doubt that because of our sinful nature, we have both trees. It is the growth of the tree that should be our concern. Is your evil tree ouliving your good one? Are you more inclined to evil than good? Do you water the tree of sin more than the tree of righteousness? I couldnt have said it more blunt! Pain, rejection, anger, bitterness and unforgiveness should ring a bell here versus peace, love, joy, unity and meekness etc -the fruits of the spirit according to Galatians 5:22.

These are the deadly big 5 which can be conceived and harboured in secret and yet unfortunately manifestation of fruit knows no secret. Now with forces of evil and good hovering above us unseen, your trees determine what rests and what is executed in your life. Scripture talks of vessels of honour and vessels of dishonour (2 Timothy 2:20-21). If God made ALL things then evil and good are under him to accomplish his glory over all things. The demonic can wag their tail but God got them all under his full grip. So as it concerns the child of God, God will keep his sworn word to mercy and truth. His grace will prevail. This must be the basis and anchor of a believer’s positive declaration only as care is taken to water the right tree.

As humans, we were created with the ability to search out matters. Infact God requires us to do so, that’s why nothing just happens and that is also why although he is known as the merciful God and faithful God too, he will not spoon feed us into our blessings. He has made provision for them, now remains for us to pursue the blessings in the maze, solve puzzles and win prices- all with his help. This is why the bible refers to us as ‘stewards of God’s mysteries'(1 Corinthians 4:1). Now because of wickedness, it was impossible to lay everything out in the open and so God simply preserved it for those who would seek his voice and hear it (John 10:26-27).

The Confusion

Once upon a time i found myself wondering whether God even existed or cared. I could not understand the happennings in my life nomatter how good i tried to be. One day a secret was revealed to me. I wasn’t as good as i thought i was or made myself to be. It was a hard truth but i was determined to face it and make every effort to do right by God and by me. Afterall, with all of ‘my goodness’ my life was a mess! I thought to myself, “i have surely failed, i know nothing and can do nothing by myself.” This signaled total surrender to a higher power. For me it was God through surrender to Jesus Christ as Saviour. I didn’t know him but i knew myself- the failure! I formatted my ‘corrupt hardrive’, yes! I coudn’t take this journey with all of my rotten knowledge and limitted understanding of life, the world and myself. The feeling and thought that God didn’t care for me at all had to be erased. Ofcourse this mindset is staged by the opposition and so all is in order for the demonic while this is still in place. This brings me to the subject of self-righteousness. I want to talk about this because positive declarations are either made or killed in the area of righteousness. In the righteousness of God (as righteouness has been intended), they prevail, in the rot of self- righteousness, nothing materialises. But what is self-righteousness?


So when i came to the knowledge of God, it was like i had now found the treasure. ‘All those people that hurt me were gonna see me now’ so i thought! Big mistake! The journey was never supposed to be about me but about God. When i made it about me i entered the phase of self-righteousness.

Self-righteousness is when individuals see themselves as right before their own eyes and may even force these ideals on others. It is birthed as a copying mechanism or the idea of self protection after a series of heartbreaking events in life so these kind of people are usually wounded soldiers. They are fighters who think they are now in charge after accepting Jesus as Lord and Saviour but neglect to workout their salvation afterwards. Unfortunately this is a perversion of power as power only ever belongs to God (Psalm 62:11; 1 Peter 5:11) and it is HIS righteousness that matters. Self-righteousness is the spiritual rot that hinders people from humbling themselves before God unknowingly and for this reason some people will be in church for years and never know the day of blessing because the wrong tree is growing more than the right one. Eventually most quit and go and find solutions elsewhere (drugs, occult, quick money schemes like prostitution or crime etc). Self-righteouness is infact pride, when one’s spirituality is self defined and not God defined. This is how people end up working in church or doing a lot of religious business that has nothing to do with God himself but either themselves or the people or church they work for. Here people get obscessed with outward holiness to a point that they are blinded by that self-righteousness and forget how cold or rude, angry, bitter, unforgiving, mean, or stingy etc they may actually be to others. They don’ t want to ever see themselves in this light and so they do not see it and when people try to point it out they cry “don’t judge” meanwhile, the wrong tree prospers! God and sometimes even world sees them as they are but they don’t see themselves and infact all their acts are quite justified in their books. In worst case scenarios, the self-righteous are ‘so right’ that no one sees the hidden rot inside. These are the worst kind and sadly the fruits will never lie. In speaking about false prophets, Jesus said you shall know them by their fruits. The same can be said of the self-righteous. Apples don’t fall from thorn trees. The self-righteous have their faith based on works and it hinges on doing right and looking right. Unfortunately, as long as we are human, we will never be holy before God yet we must pursue holiness. Faith in self activates constant failure which then makes them bitter or angry unawares against those people who keep producing negative effects (feelings or actions) in them.

Further, it is only by the blood of Jesus that we have ever been counted in and not our works and work we must. The very act of putting faith in works is idolatrous no wonder the whip is already on their backs and they don’t percieve it and watch that faith is not transfered to positive declarations and not to God. Moreover, the self-righteous have a weakness of putting faith in other things that are their own creations or their own choice. They play safe incase they get hurt or disappointed e g they make or do the works, so they trust them; they choose their pastor so they trust him; they choose their friends if they have so they trust them. Now they did not make God and they don’t see him physically so it will be difficult to trust him even though they love the idea of worshipping him and occasionally they claim that they trust because that is the right thing to do yet all this is made manifest to God. In essence they like to trust own self because they have been let down a lot and can’t trust anyone. So unfortunately with the declarations, they will not achieve anything but feel a good relief with no substance. Its like a marriage without intimacy, yes there is love but there will be no fruit.

So the day that i realised that i have been carrying a load of rot within while professing a showing holiness outside was a day of reckoning. There was no good fruit in my life because i was a stinking anger tank carrying a lot of bitterness and baggage from the past but believing that i had dealt with it and moved on. The fact is, i was corrupt inside and the fruit was corrupt outside (Matthew 12:33). I further realised how i had thought i had arrived all this time and yet i had not even began. Interestingly the word declares,

Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall”

1 Corinthians 10:12

In the whole of Chapter 10, i located myself and began to understand that you can be so religious that you think you are standing when you are actually falling. I am forever grateful for that day and the mercy of God and trust that this testimony will shed some light in your own life and mark the beginning of a new era as this discovery made mine.

That’s it for today Conquerors, thank you for reading this post!

Join me in Part 2 as we conclude this series and look at guidelines to winning by positive declaration as well as pursuing the righteouness of God

Till then

Ester H.

RiseupConqueror! Know no defeat!


Falling is not the Problem, Failing to RiseUP is!!!!!!