Bondage & Breaking Free part 2: The Crafting of Bondage according to the bible III

Lovely Day Conquerors, i trust i find you well. Welcome to this final part of the Crafting of Bondage according to the Bible. In preceding parts, we dealt with the belief system and pride as the battlefield of bondage. Now we move on to fear, the culmination of the assignment of bondage.

Section III: Fear

Fear is a negative emotion we experience when we percieve threat to our peace, safety, and wellness etc. The feeling is unpleasant and can be so bad as to cause panic which can also lead to bad decisions or even sickness. Picture the scenario of coming face to face with a bee or a dog. One is said to be safe if they relax and take it easy. However in most case, people panic because of the fear of being bitten- the moment they move, run, jump or scream, their opponent also perceives danger and strikes. Sometimes fear is used in the category of honour as with fearing leadership, elders or God etc. In this case it is the threat to peace, safety or wellness etc that can be caused by violating the laws of honour. Fear of negative consequences or punishment then can equate to fear of those one is answerable to. Fear is either activated in the physical realm (tangible things e.g by other people, events or objects that can be seen by the eye) or spiritual realm (intangible things e.g emotions, feelings, spirits or losing control etc). Either way, the spiritual entity of fear is at work to intimidate individuals into regression as opposed to progression. It is important to note that fear is a very natural response to negative stimuli but when it comes to the crafting of bondage, the crunch of the matter is how the fear is handled. Now just like pride, fear happens at different levels and manifests itself in different expressions all crafting the work of putting one in bondage overtime. Fear commands pain, disappointment, regret and rejection and can be activated by any if these entities itself.


Pain is a highly unpleasant feeling experienced physically or spiritually. Physically, pain affects the flesh e.g injuries, accidents, physical abuse, sickness etc. Spiritually, pain affects the innerman e.g heartbreak, rejection, hurt, verbal or emotional abuse etc. Pain is inevitable in life and can just strike without warning. Pain that happens on the physical can also have far reaching effects spiritually if not handled properly. In the crafting of bondage, pain plays a pivotal role as the centre-stage of negative emotions one can experience.

Now pain is not something anyone looks forward to and can easily become something to be dreaded based on past experiences of self or others. This trauma can naturally calibrate one’s perceptions of life or the future with fear of the unknown or the foreseen e.g fear of history repeating itself (Job 3:25). The negative emotions that are left unresolved become magnified as they create good ground for disapointment, regret and rejection again furthering the agenda if fear itself.


This is when things do not take the expected or intended course leading to negative outcomes. The obvious response and decision afterwards is to work hard to avoid future occurence of the same unpleasant feeling by the same kind of scenario. Disapointment works by planting seeds of doubt and belief in any good. Once disapointed, a person’s ability to have faith in that area is tempered with. The more one stays in the zone, the more the mindset is settled in being pessimistic and negative and this translates to every other thing that concerns them as little other disapointments trickle in (James 1:6-7). Once the work of unbelief has been solidified in the innerman, it becomes difficult for a person to recognise the presence of God or that he even exists. If at all there is still an atom of belief in his existence, yet they will move into a zone where they believe he is not for them but for others. Disappointment left unresolved will always activate regret as it makes way for rejection eventually agaim solidifying the presence of fear in one’s life.


Naturally, disapointment causes one to trace their map back and forth to establish the cause of their unfortunate circumstances. This emotional refusal to accept current circumstances ushers in an unpleasant feeling of regret. Regret is basically wishing things had never happened the way they did. Consequently in an attempt to press the undo button continuosly in one’s mind and realising that in real life it is not happening, negative roots of worry, frustration, confusion and stress begin to build a castle in the innerman. The more the castle is established, the more the negative emotions build up into more stronger ones like anxiety, distress and depression. The worse case scenario here is a threat to mental wellbeing. Too much pressure on the mind with no answers is a recipe for disaster. Thus, bondage will be reaching for the top!


Now the culmination of the work of bondage is rejection. Rejection is the experience of being denied access to that which one feels they deserve. In part 1, we discovered that bondage is a state of imprisonment or being tied down. When it comes to spiritual bondage and the crafting thereof, rejection becomes the icing on the cake because of it isolative capabilities. From pain to disappointment and regret, the move is to squeeze a person of all known hope and faith in good until they find themselves choking i.e alone- no God, no family, no friends, no fortune, nothing good at all. If anything, at least they do not feel it or see it. They could be with family bit feel so alone and cold. That is the point. In the zone of rejection, people always feel like the world is against them. They are overly supicious because of the overmuch subjection to pain, disappointment and regret. In trying to manage their fears and protect themselves from further pain, they reject in advance so as to make sure they are not rejected. These rejective characteristics of theirs pervert their judgement and mislead them into treating others unfairly without noticing it. The evil of the spirit of rejection is therefore that where people reject in advance or counter reject, they do not realise how these actions bite them more than their ‘victim’ others. Infact they are not aware of their negative action obviously potrayed to self as self protection. Rejection is consistent with victim mentality too. The feeling of being left, being dumped, being undesireble, being unfortunate, being alone or lonely, being poor, being broke, being unfairly treated and denied access to all kinds of desired things…well riseUP!!!! Bondage doesn’t give a hoot about your perceptions of disadvantage!Infact bondage loves victims!!!! Soon enough too, sickness begins to creep in. If not high blood pressure, depression, cancer or anthritis then mental health issues, hearing of voices and a possible threat on one’ life as in suicide.

Thus, fear is a highly intimidating spirit that worms it way into a person’s life using the platforms of pain, disappointment, regret and rejection. Each of the giants can also in some cases operate as the root cause of fear or even cause one another in the process of the crafting of bondage in a person’s life.

Join me in part 3 of bondage as we conclude this series by looking at breaking free from bondage.

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Falling is not the problem, failing to riseUP is!!!!

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Bondage & Breaking Free part 2: The Crafting of Bondage according to the bible II


Section II- Pride

Greetings of the day Conquerors! Welcome to Section 2 of the Crafting of Bondage according to the Bible. We are looking at the stronghold behind bondage which we have determined that it is Spiritual Bondage. In essence, because we are spirit beings living in bodies of flesh, the events of our lives are crafted in the realm of the spirit first then they manifest in the physical to give us an earthly experience. In section 1 of the crafting of bondage, we discovered how one’s belief system activates the journey of bondage which only becomes apparent when things have become complicated in life as in the example of cancer. We also examined curses and ignorance as the major roots in the build up of bondage in an individuals life as far as the belief system is concerned. Today we move on to another key player in the crafting of bondage- pride


I would personally describe pride as magnified or amplified self worth. A view of self that is filled with selfpraise based on power or superiority in a certain area(s) e.g wealth, charm, eloquence, education, fitness/physical strength or looks, social affiliations or fame etc. The opposite of pride is humility.

The Crafting of Bondage in Pride
Throughout the bible, pride is painted as the downfall of man. It is a phenomena that the Lord despises in that it belittles others and sows discord among brethren. It is a statement of superiority where infact only God is superior. Pride provokes God in every sense.

Pride in the bible begins with Lucifer a powerful angel desiring to be exalted like God and unfortunately being thrown out of heaven for this act of pride and infact disobedience. The same is Satan, who after being thrown out is on a mission to win souls for damnation and partnership in the pits of hell. No wonder his major tool is pride. If he can get you to feel too big where your ego has been bruised then a partnership has begun. Pride is one of the chief activators of curses as can be seen in these scriptures below

  • Proverbs 16:18- Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.
  • Psalms 119:21 Thou hast rebuked the proud that are cursed, which do err from thy commandments.

  • James 4:6Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.
  • Galatians 6:3For if a man think himself to be something, when he is nothing, he deceiveth himself.
  • Proverbs 18:12- Before
    destruction the heart of man is haughty, and before honour is humility.
  • Proverbs 11:2When pride cometh, then cometh shame

In the few examples above it is clear from the scriptures that pride is synonymous with destruction, falling, rebuke, cursing, resistance and shame amongst other negative experiences. One does not need a prophet to decode that this is bondage explained in the above words.

Bondage has a way of worming its way into the life of the prideful. Like the subtle snake in the garden of eden, bondage will work its way in such a way that the prideful will never know they are on their road to destruction and shame. Pride perverts one’s sense of self confidence and shapes it into vile the characteristics of arrogance, boastfulness, conceitedness and/or egoism etc. all of which can easily turn into narcicism. Sometimes pride can also be subtle as a snake as in the case of a bruised ego or rejected beings. This is when individuals are recalibrated by the pain of being rejected or looked down upon into an exaggerated sense of self worth inorder to protect themselves. This perversion of self worth is toxic and self sabotaging in the longrun. The ugly part of pride is the fact that it is possible to be prideful and not be aware of it. The Key players in the crafting of bondage in Pride are Anger, Unforgiveness Bitterness and Rebellion. Lets take a look at these offspring of pride.


Anger is a negative emotion that rises up as a result of offense by self or other. The degree of anger is not subject to observation as it can be left concealed for sometime for various reasons. Again this is because of the subtle characteristics of bondage. Anger generally rouses wrath and feelings of vengeance or retaliation. Sometimes it is impossible to rest or feel better until the issue has been settled. How to settle the issue and bring peace again is what sets off bondage or freedom. Now within the confines of Christian values, anger is permissible only as one doesn’t sin while in anger and then ofcourse not end the day holding on to the offense (Ephesian 4.26). That means one has 24 hours to surrender to God ans snap out of it. God’s reason for this is obviously peace and harmony in the earth. But what do people do? Bear grudges, plan for revenge, retaliate etc. Worsestill, holding on to anger has a way of making one feel like they are in control. Unfortunately the rule was never to be in control but to surrender all wrath and vengeance unto to God (Romans 12:19). Operating in it is attempting to sit in his throne or be equalled with him like Lucifer and we know what the outcome of Lucifers prideful intentions were! Once anger has been left unresolved, it graduates into unforgiveness, furthering the agenda of bondage already underway.


Unforgiveness is as the name sounds a state of failure to forgive. When the offense has been registered and nothing is done to activate the word of God over the matter, the offense itself becomes amplified, a spiritual move that modifies the heart into failed forgiveness- another offense for an offense. Well, that is the crown the devil dishes out for successful obedience to him in handling anger. The Lords prayer attests to the fact that we are forgiven by God as we forgive others (Matthew 6:12). Now, if we have not resolved our issues out therr, we actually do not have access to the throne room as we must first go and sort things out with our offenders before approaching the throne room to offer sacrifices of prayer. In essence our prayer will not be heard (Matthew 5:23-26). Now what kind of a life will it be of unheard/unanswered prayers? Bondage!

I think the worst part of unforgiveness is seen in the parable of the unforgiving servant. The man that was forgiven by his master but he refused to forgive his offender. Add to that cruelty. Well the master found out and gave him a higher measure of that cruelty. Imprisonment! That is the story of bondage because of unforgiveness (Matthew 18:21-35) Anger and unforgiveness left to their means lead to bitterness.


Again coming out of offense bitterness is the result of anger that is harboured and as it keeps cooking in the innerman until it begins to produce deep feelings of resentment. Bitter people are not only bitter to their offender(s) or anything associated with them but to everyone. It becomes a part of them so that without their knowledge they could be spewing bitter vernom to others. This will be a bondage assignment to isolate them because people end up avoiding them. Bitterness is when a heart that was once sweet & peaceloving is disappointed and persuaded into believing that goodness doesn’t pay by the pain of offense. It becomes a form of self protection from the world (because noone can be trusted). However it becomes a place of bondage crafting because we are simply not created as haters and our innerman has that knowledge from creation. The more we operate in anger, the more we move in unforgiveness, the colder and bitter we get. The bitter we get, the lonlier and emptier we feel. Thats bondage! Now when anger, unforgiveness and bitterness have had their field day and left unchecked, that is when rebellion knocks at the doors.


Unlike anger, unforgiveness and bitterness, rebellion is ready to give a piece of mind through voice, action or whatever means are available. Rebellion is the outright act of taking the opposite route from what is prescribed. Isaiah 1:19-20 records,

“If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land: But if ye refuse and rebel, ye shall be devoured with the sword: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.”

Always about obedience to the word and blessing or disobedience and cursing. What is a life of being devoured worth. Sometimes the devourer doesn’t succeed in killing one too soon but destroys everything one seeks to do or steals it (John 10:10). Most times the frustration and confusion one gets from the activities of the devourer is enough to bring in distress, depression or even suicide ideation. Bondage crafting!

Thus, in the crafting of bondage in pride, the agenda is to activate disobedience and set up one with punishment. As we have seen anger, unforgiveness, bitterness and rebellion are the many faces of pride which are born of pride and they themselves amplify each other as they unite and connect with each other to create the bondage that one will find themselves in unawares. The act of overriding biblical principles related to these negative emotions is a prideful statement that equates to nullifying the word of God in one’s life. This act of disobedience will always further the crafting of bondage whose effects are not recognizable at the point of offense but way into the activation of these justified but forbidden evils.

Thats it for today Conquerors, join me again in the next post as we look at The Crafting of bondage in Fear.

Till then

Ester H.


Falling is not the problem, failing to riseUP is!!!!