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In the pain post, we discovered that pain is a highly unpleasant physical sensation which we also equated to a spiritual sensation based on the fact that we are spirit beings. Inorder to work the pain and safely dispose of it, one needs to allow God create in them a clean heart! He desires truth in the inward parts (Psalm 51:6) and it is your duty to search for truth and get… Read More

Lets be honest, every married person has at some point considered divorce. It is the greatest threat to marriage. Divorce doesn’t happen overnight. It is a carefully planned project by the enemy based on John 10:10. If he is not stealing wealth, joy and fruitfulness from the marriage, he is destroying what has been granted with the ultimate agenda of killing it. The thought of divorce visits or has visited every married… Read More

…continued from Part 1 PAIN IS BASED ON A LIE You will know that pain is based on a lie if you introspect and check what you have become or believed as a result of pain. Pain negotiates with you and changes you to a such a point that it takes charge and starts dictating how you should behave. Pain is a wicked and vicious general dispatched by the devil to keep… Read More