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How can God who knew you and ordered your steps before you were born lead those steps into the wrong marriage and only teach you of your errors after you have bore fruit of it. God in all his wisdom and love will OK it only if there is something in it for you for his will and for his glory. He is a God of order and ‘marry one day then divorce another day’ is certainly born of confusion and disorder. This makes the word a lie. God hates divorce that is why he said what he (God) has joined together, let no man put asunder. So when people vow to keep it together they accept the Lordship and final authority of God in joining them together. Unfortunately when it nolonger suits them for whatever reason, God is no longer the authority. They become their own authority, replacing God with their own self, becoming gods in their own right.

This is the tragedy about divorce, trying to become God. Giving yourself the authority to break asunder what no man had joined. When it is time for divorce people overrule God or so they think. In Shona they say “chisi hachieri musi wacharimwa.” While our wrong doing may not be called to remembrance on the day of offense, there is always a day of reckoning after all has been said and done somewhere in the future. That idolatry begins a new cycle of curses. God is God alone and no other but him. You will need the anointing of king Hezekiah that can change God’s mind otherwise living under a curse is not going to be an easy thing. With so much word already in place from God himself against divorce, what are the chances?

In order to keep and maintain your vows, the following key points are necessary:

  1. Team spirit: Are we working as a team?
  2. Positive Confession: power of the tongue, are we praying together at least once a day?
  3. Spirit of discernment: Is there trouble and what is the root cause of it?
  4. Sticking to your domain: Am I being the helper or have I condemned the king and assumed the throne?
  • Unconditional love. Selflessness and Brokenness are the two symbols of unconditional love. They allow the next person to be themselves and to confront their faults without the fear of being judged which normally causes defensiveness or retaliation when someone is wrong. Also, God loves a broken and contrite heart. By the time, you are questioning your vows, you are probably heartbroken and distressed and have done a lot of regret and blame games. It will be your own good to stop and think about Gods own love for you when you were yet a sinner and imperfect. If your husband is imperfect as might be the cause for seeking or thinking about divorce, how about asking God to love him through you. You also have to kill the flesh to do this. It means that you stop thinking about yourself and consider all others involved. It means that you become selfless and soldier on in sacrifices of longsuffering in honour of God’s own word concerning your situation.
  • Fear of the Lord: This just sums it up. If you want help in keeping your vows, the fear of the Lord is your best bet. Because God commissioned marriage, it should be fearful enough for mortal man to break that marriage. Fearing God means keeping it together and committing it to him to make right what is wrong in his way and in his time. It takes faith and hope against hope to believe that God all-knowing can never fail you in restoring what represents his love for mankind in your life. Quitting simply means God has failed to make it workout for your good, but can God fail, really? He is not a man that he should lie. Your faith as a woman relies on trusting that God wants you to have a fruitful union.

Seeing that it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Almighty (Hebrews 10:31), I exhort you married women to get wisdom and stay on course. Jumping ship is costly not only to you but all others involved and worsestill to those that will come.


Join me in Chapter 3 as we look at the Wisdom of Servant Leadership

Till then, keep reading and remember,

To every woman that is married, I salute you.

You are a Soldier,

You are a Fighter,

You are a Warrior,

You are a General,

You are a Conqueror

RiseUp Conqueror!!!!

Thank you for reading this post, don’t forget to like the page and share. Till then,


Falling is not the problem, Failing to rise up is…RiseUP Conqueror!!!

Ester H.



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