To err is human, to forgive is divine…PAIN is the evil that makes it difficult to forgive. When you look at the concept of forgiving from the lens of your negative emotions, you may never ever forgive. The art of forgiving is a mindset that takes forgiveness not as an event but as a healing process. Pain does not go instantly when you decide to forgive. For this reason the evidence of pain makes it difficult for one to forgive because there is no justification that they will feel better worsestill because in most cases one will have forgiven in the past and suffered from the stubborn pain continually. This pain makes it impossible to move on making forgiveness null and void.


1. Recognise that you don’t remove pain

2. Understand that you will never forget even though that is in the tagline…forgive and forget

3. Committ to taking positive steps to displace the pain for your sake


5. Life goes on and life has so much more positive things to offer after being hurt, only if we let go

Now, forgiving doesn’t make right what is wrong but conditions your heart to heal. You cannever forget, but choosing to let go means going forward you choose not to ponder on it ever as a place of pain. That is what FORGET means. You make a decision that yes, IT HURT, but it ceases to detect my mood everytime i am reminded of it. You command it to order, you take control of your emotions so that they are nolonger held captive by one ugly event in the past. The future holds better possibilities, sometimes even connected to those we don’t want to forgive so we continue to hinder ourselves by holding on to pain. FORGIVE AND ‘ FORGET’ take no regard, yes it is possible…

falling is not the problem, failing to riseUP is

The PADRA Analysis PART 1: Background and Importance of conducting the analysis

In Psalm 51:6, scripture says

“Behold, thou desirest truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part thou shalt make me to know wisdom”

In that space where God is looking for truth and desires to place his wisdom, the enemy has come up with an agenda to twist what happens there for his gain. This is the place that carries the burden of pain. The devil can work with this pain by causing humans to look at it from his evil lense. The PADRA analysis helps individuals conduct housekeeping in this zone from time to time and thereby improve their relationship with God who owns it. But why do we have to take care of this innerspace?

The body of Christ has become so religious to a point where what the mouth has gotten used to declaring is sometimes too far from the rot that the inward parts may contain. Overtime the rot eats up on the individual until there is frustration, confusion, despair or even depression. This causes conflict as an individual is unable to reconcile the reality of an unproductive life in the physical versus a supposedly productive spiritual life. Unfortunately a prosperous spirit is known by its fruit spiritually or physically (Matthew 7:15-20). Anytime the two don’t match is reason to self-introspect and deal with the inconsistencies revealed therein according to the Word of God. Notwithstanding, not all positive experiences in life are a result of spiritual prosperity in Christ. The opposite is true too e.g misfortune does not necessary mean sin/punishment as was the case of the upright man Job. Any self-introspection therefore must always be guided by the Most Holy Spirit of God through the Word of God in the name of Jesus. Unfortunately most times, christians deny the presence of inner-rot as they claim to have dealt with everything that could hinder one and have done everything humanely possible to keep their walk with Christ on track. They can even name them:-







etc etc and testify that they have dealt with them. They can name all the famous preachers and their books or even bestsellers on innerhealing, deliverance or counselling etc etc. This in its own presents the problem of infobesity and infact immaturity as the christian walk is supposed to be progressive and one never arrives.

The point here is when all the effort made on the spiritual front does not match the fruit (Galatians 5:22), there is need to go back to the drawing board. The most dangeorus place to be in is when one whose anger is flashing all over their face denies being angry. People whose unforgiveness, bitterness, arrogance or rebellion is unquestionable but they will confess that they dealt with it. This is the hidden rot in the inward parts that can cripple a person’s relationship with God while they claim to be holy and sadly these will incurr the wrath of God even as the word lays it out. Most christians have become so used to playing the Christian so much that they have lost track on being authentic followers of Christ. Christianity is reduced to working in the church or for the church as opposed to being in a pure relationship with Christ and purging the works of the flesh. Church going, praying, fasting and all the religious acts can sometimes become so routine to a point where sin itself becomes clouded in them creating a wall between the individual and God (Isaiah 59:1) and the individual never ever become aware of it. Infact sin if at all some conscience is still active can be associated with only the big deals like murder, theft, adultery etc but bad old lies, unforgiveness, pride and bitterness etc can go unnoticed even by the host to their own detriment. Some people in church can be so holy in their religious acts and yet so evil in their innerman and still have the nerve to cry ‘why me’ or ‘what have i ever done wrong’ when the rod hits their back. Unfortunately, nothing is not made manifest to God and chatisment is not spared for God’s children. God is God and his word remains. He spiritual laws stand.

In addition, as humans we were created a little lower than Angels and given the dominion mandate. Anything that threatens our ability to be in charge, disturbs our peace and brings disorder in the innerman leading to pain. If the pain is not God-ordained for his glory it certainly is engineered by evil for our distruction. Eitherway, if that pain is not dealt with God’s way, it will cause a built up of negative emotions on the inside which will inturn distort the information filters to a point where individuals decode what is happening incorrectly to their own hurt. Moreover, continuos hurt patterns put a demand on an individual to devise self-protection mechanisms as ways to cope with the challenges. When these copying mechanisms are self ordained, they defy God given intructions which then puts an individual in wrong standing with God.

The Word of God makes provision for his children on ways of dealing with unpleasantness. As it is known medically that pain left untreated has a tendency to develop into complications for a person’s overall health, so it is with innerpain. Now for pain in the innerman, conducting what i have coined the PADRA analysis offers an individual the opportunity to get back to the instruction of the word and draw from it for innerhealing. Pain that is not subjected to God’s word for treatment always results in the spirit of rejection as it means one has in fact rejected the Word of God for treatment (knowingly or unknowingly). Rejecting the word of God in one instance is rejecting God in all and therefore leads to unbelief e.g Saul (1 Samuel 8:7/ 1 Samuel 15). Besides unbelief, God gives up to sin those who are not sensitive to the instruction of the word even if it looks like a small issue (Romans 1:18-32). Again this translates to a curse as it means one has trusted themselves or the person or thing that hurt them in the place of God. Anyone or anything that is not God that is controlling the behavior of an individual is an idol. Idolatry conditions one for the wrath of God (Jeremiah 17:5). Unfortunately there is no excuse for ignorance (Hosea 4:6).

In short the problems we face in life have everything to do with our maker and his original plan for our lives. People must resist by all means the urge to compare with other Christians or even their wordly counterparts who have fruit to show in all of their ‘shortcomings’ or wickedness/unrighteouness. This is always a distraction and vision killer. One must focus on their own walk and how God is clearly choosing to lead them. Re-alignment therefore solves problems and all for his glory as he fulfills his own promises. This is what the PADRA analysis seeks to do.

Join us in the Part 2 as we define the PADRA Analysis and a step by step on how to conduct it.

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falling is not the problem, failing to riseUP is…

Facts About Pain

1. Pain is a part of life
Pain is inevitable, it will come at some point and can happen anytime without warning (accident) *Psalm 34:19*

2. Pain is an evil agenda which seeks to paralyze, disturb, incapacitate, kill, destroy or steal time, joy, happiness.etc *John 10:10*

3. Pain is part of life. Life is not painless but need not be painful. If you can handle pain you will certainly overcome *1 Corinthians 10:13-15*

4. Pain is is not good, it therefore is the devil’s weaponry that means Pain is a lie , the wiles of the devil, the devil is known as the father of lies *Ephesians 6:11; John 8:44*

6. Pain opens the door for Sin, that way the devil takes charge and this leads to demonic torment, abuse and intimidation because while in pain you cannot take charge of your faculties (being killed, destroyed and losing physically e.g poverty, sickness and spiritually e.g depression, stress, unhappiness) *John 10:10; *

7. You can be immune to pain by taking medication (the word) *Joshua 1:8; 1Timothy 4:13; Psalm 1:2; 2 Corinthian 10:5; Ephesians 6:12*

Way forward

Pain must never be packed in. It must be worked and walked through until it is safely disposed without harming anyone else.

The process begins with accepting the unfortunate cause of pain as well as acknowledging the acts of violation whether verbally, emotionally or physically. After acknowledging pain, one must make deliberate and conscious effort to forgive the perpetrator(s).

Forgiving does not and should never equate to condoning violation. Forgiveness is not an event too. It a process which begins with the desire to let go. Desiring to let go does not by any means translate into the removal of pain or memories associated with the pain. This means that once one confesses forgiveness the journey only just begins and pain is still very much present.

However it is the continuos effort of a positive mindset, feeding the spirit with Godly truth and self re-definition that will cast out the pain leading to inner-healing. This is because pain modifies an individual and recalibrates them into unbelief leading to negative emotions. Instead of the truth of God reigning, the pain causes an individual to assume that what has transpired is truth. However irregardless of negative experiences, God’s word remains the only truth and final authority. This is the reason pain becomes the lie.

Forgiveness then means stepping out of the negative emotions (lie) by deliberately refusing to harbour them and surrendering everything to the judgement of God (truth). Forgiveness starts working on loving and accepting those that caused the pain in a godly way. This takes practice and deliberate effort over time as the pain naturally resists this. Lies resist truth,

Commitment to truth will bring deliverance from the lies (pain). So during this stage, reciting biblical truth and acting it out helps displace the pain and will ultimately cast it out. GOOD OVERCOMES EVIL…
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falling is not the problem, failing to riseUP is…

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Dying to Flesh

The work of the cross signifies dying to the flesh and all its wickedness. When Jesus died, he made an open sure of the devil, triumphing against him by rising from the dead. That transition into the spirit represents eternal life, fruitfulness and victory over the flesh. When we get born again, we die to the flesh and RISEUP to the spirit. The spirit man is awakened and it becomes our duty to deny living a life based on flesh and start a life navigated by the spirit. We assume our seats in heavenly places where we reign in Christ and he is the hope of Glory. 

Now because we are spirit beings living in a fleshly body, a war continues between the two…the flesh fighting for worldly satisfaction and the spirit for a manifestation of spiritual things. The flesh being used to a fleshly mindset and living in a fleshly world is coded to try and access things from the flesh. The deception seperates the two incorrectly. 

          The correct interpretation is that the spirit should reign over the flesh in all things. Although flesh and spirit are contrary, the spirit reigns over the flesh and brings righteousness to that flesh for the manifestaion of Gods glory. 

          The incorrect interpretaion is that the spirit reigns in some things but not all. Although flesh and spirit are different, some things are for the flesh and some are for the spirit and it is permissible to put on the spirit when convenient or as required for religious purposes only.
So thats when the devil comes in with methods contrary to the instruction the spirit is coded with ~the Word of God.  The following points must be settled and applied:

  • Born of Christ
  • Died with Christ in the flesh
  • Risen with Christ in the spirit
  • Life is only in the spirit and from that perspective decisions are made
  • God is the owner of all and authority over all creation
  • All actions must consist of Christ the hope of Glory, the centre of it all
  • Nothing can be done outside of Christ and without him we are nothing 
  • Strive to be In the spirit always…Cannot put on Christ one minute, take him off the other
  • Any second outside of the Spirit exposes us to attack by the enemy using flesh
  • Make all decisions in the Spirit, which then directs and  affects outcomes for the flesh
  • Never make decisions in the flesh. The flesh is answerable to the spirit and one must cause it to submit always by obedience to Christ.

    Happy Easter conquerors!!!!

                    falling is not the problem, failing                      to riseUP  is… riseUPconqueror

    ESTER H.


    It is very easy to mistake the voice of the devil for God. The voice of the enemy worms itself into our thought system so that it unites with us, identifies with our pain and nurses it. Now if pain is what God wants to move us away from, the enemy gets it to stay in there in a way that makes it comfortable. That way, we can’t move from the past and so the enemy gives us ideas on dealing with pain, these become our copying mechanisms and we never ever know the enemy was behind it and we have rejected God. Watchout for the voice of the enemy.

    God’s way challenges our past, our being and our familiarity with unpleasant issues and therefore rocks the boat and is easy to reject or worsestill pass for the devil. It pushes us to deal with things in a progressive way, going forward and offloading the burden which we don’t like so it becomes the evil way that threatens our peace. Embrace the voice of God’s and be on your road to recovery. Yes it takes hardwork but its certainly doable. God is faithful to hold your hand all the way through the task or challenge.

    Till then

    ESTER H.


    falling is not the problem, failing to riseUP is…