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To err is human, to forgive is divine…PAIN is the evil that makes it difficult to forgive. When you look at the concept of forgiving from the lens of your negative emotions, you may never ever forgive. The art of forgiving is a mindset that takes forgiveness not as an event but as a healing process. Pain does not go instantly when you decide to forgive. For this reason the evidence of… Read More

1. Pain is a part of life Pain is inevitable, it will come at some point and can happen anytime without warning (accident) *Psalm 34:19* 2. Pain is an evil agenda which seeks to paralyze, disturb, incapacitate, kill, destroy or steal time, joy, happiness.etc *John 10:10* 3. Pain is part of life. Life is not painless but need not be painful. If you can handle pain you will certainly overcome *1 Corinthians… Read More

The work of the cross signifies dying to the flesh and all its wickedness. When Jesus died, he made an open sure of the devil, triumphing against him by rising from the dead. That transition into the spirit represents eternal life, fruitfulness and victory over the flesh. When we get born again, we die to the flesh and RISEUP to the spirit. The spirit man is awakened and it becomes our duty… Read More