Facts About Pain

1. Pain is a part of life
Pain is inevitable, it will come at some point and can happen anytime without warning (accident) *Psalm 34:19*

2. Pain is an evil agenda which seeks to paralyze, disturb, incapacitate, kill, destroy or steal time, joy, happiness.etc *John 10:10*

3. Pain is part of life. Life is not painless but need not be painful. If you can handle pain you will certainly overcome *1 Corinthians 10:13-15*

4. Pain is is not good, it therefore is the devil’s weaponry that means Pain is a lie , the wiles of the devil, the devil is known as the father of lies *Ephesians 6:11; John 8:44*

6. Pain opens the door for Sin, that way the devil takes charge and this leads to demonic torment, abuse and intimidation because while in pain you cannot take charge of your faculties (being killed, destroyed and losing physically e.g poverty, sickness and spiritually e.g depression, stress, unhappiness) *John 10:10; *

7. You can be immune to pain by taking medication (the word) *Joshua 1:8; 1Timothy 4:13; Psalm 1:2; 2 Corinthian 10:5; Ephesians 6:12*

Way forward

Pain must never be packed in. It must be worked and walked through until it is safely disposed without harming anyone else.

The process begins with accepting the unfortunate cause of pain as well as acknowledging the acts of violation whether verbally, emotionally or physically. After acknowledging pain, one must make deliberate and conscious effort to forgive the perpetrator(s).

Forgiving does not and should never equate to condoning violation. Forgiveness is not an event too. It a process which begins with the desire to let go. Desiring to let go does not by any means translate into the removal of pain or memories associated with the pain. This means that once one confesses forgiveness the journey only just begins and pain is still very much present.

However it is the continuos effort of a positive mindset, feeding the spirit with Godly truth and self re-definition that will cast out the pain leading to inner-healing. This is because pain modifies an individual and recalibrates them into unbelief leading to negative emotions. Instead of the truth of God reigning, the pain causes an individual to assume that what has transpired is truth. However irregardless of negative experiences, God’s word remains the only truth and final authority. This is the reason pain becomes the lie.

Forgiveness then means stepping out of the negative emotions (lie) by deliberately refusing to harbour them and surrendering everything to the judgement of God (truth). Forgiveness starts working on loving and accepting those that caused the pain in a godly way. This takes practice and deliberate effort over time as the pain naturally resists this. Lies resist truth,

Commitment to truth will bring deliverance from the lies (pain). So during this stage, reciting biblical truth and acting it out helps displace the pain and will ultimately cast it out. GOOD OVERCOMES EVIL…
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falling is not the problem, failing to riseUP is…

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