Dying to Flesh

The work of the cross signifies dying to the flesh and all its wickedness. When Jesus died, he made an open sure of the devil, triumphing against him by rising from the dead. That transition into the spirit represents eternal life, fruitfulness and victory over the flesh. When we get born again, we die to the flesh and RISEUP to the spirit. The spirit man is awakened and it becomes our duty to deny living a life based on flesh and start a life navigated by the spirit. We assume our seats in heavenly places where we reign in Christ and he is the hope of Glory. 

Now because we are spirit beings living in a fleshly body, a war continues between the two…the flesh fighting for worldly satisfaction and the spirit for a manifestation of spiritual things. The flesh being used to a fleshly mindset and living in a fleshly world is coded to try and access things from the flesh. The deception seperates the two incorrectly. 

          The correct interpretation is that the spirit should reign over the flesh in all things. Although flesh and spirit are contrary, the spirit reigns over the flesh and brings righteousness to that flesh for the manifestaion of Gods glory. 

          The incorrect interpretaion is that the spirit reigns in some things but not all. Although flesh and spirit are different, some things are for the flesh and some are for the spirit and it is permissible to put on the spirit when convenient or as required for religious purposes only.
So thats when the devil comes in with methods contrary to the instruction the spirit is coded with ~the Word of God.  The following points must be settled and applied:

  • Born of Christ
  • Died with Christ in the flesh
  • Risen with Christ in the spirit
  • Life is only in the spirit and from that perspective decisions are made
  • God is the owner of all and authority over all creation
  • All actions must consist of Christ the hope of Glory, the centre of it all
  • Nothing can be done outside of Christ and without him we are nothing 
  • Strive to be In the spirit always…Cannot put on Christ one minute, take him off the other
  • Any second outside of the Spirit exposes us to attack by the enemy using flesh
  • Make all decisions in the Spirit, which then directs and  affects outcomes for the flesh
  • Never make decisions in the flesh. The flesh is answerable to the spirit and one must cause it to submit always by obedience to Christ.

    Happy Easter conquerors!!!!

                    falling is not the problem, failing                      to riseUP  is… riseUPconqueror

    ESTER H.

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