It is very easy to mistake the voice of the devil for God. The voice of the enemy worms itself into our thought system so that it unites with us, identifies with our pain and nurses it. Now if pain is what God wants to move us away from, the enemy gets it to stay in there in a way that makes it comfortable. That way, we can’t move from the past and so the enemy gives us ideas on dealing with pain, these become our copying mechanisms and we never ever know the enemy was behind it and we have rejected God. Watchout for the voice of the enemy.

God’s way challenges our past, our being and our familiarity with unpleasant issues and therefore rocks the boat and is easy to reject or worsestill pass for the devil. It pushes us to deal with things in a progressive way, going forward and offloading the burden which we don’t like so it becomes the evil way that threatens our peace. Embrace the voice of God’s and be on your road to recovery. Yes it takes hardwork but its certainly doable. God is faithful to hold your hand all the way through the task or challenge.

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falling is not the problem, failing to riseUP is…

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