Re-Branding Self

Longtime my conquerors,

Many times i have been approached by individuals who are confused about life, the problems or challenges they face and have come to a point where they wonder whether their lives are worth living, a picture well painted in the book of Psalms:

“Fools because of their transgression, and because of their iniquities, are afflicted.
Their soul abhorreth all manner of meat; and they draw near unto the gates of death.”

Psalms 107:17-18

To be honest, i carry scars from similar thought patterns and experiences brought about by cycles of failed missions with no real explanation. Its one thing to fail when you did nothing about prospering but its a whole different story when you have put in the hours of effort to get nothing. I have certainly been in the shackles of bondage or what would seem like a dark hole that continues to swallow you but doesn’t eat you up so you can at least know its over. Yes i have and i believe that i have been translated from the overbearing pain of hopelessness and even suicide ideation at some point.

In this series of Re-Branding Self, i want to share some insights that i have discovered through my own transition over the past decade from hopelessness and dispair to peace and victorious living. May i mention that for me the process was not as clear cut and systematic as i will present it here. It was pure discovery and learning led by the Holy Spirit of God as i submitted and inquired on him everyday. All the same, I was not aware that this system actually existed or that i was on it myself until recently when i began to look back and reflect and put together points of how i had become a better person over the years. Like Paul, i do not claim to have mastered it or arrived as i am certain that as long as we are in this world, we can’t arrive. We have to keep learning and at our very best we can still do better and so life goes on.

Background to Re-Branding Self

Since 2009, I make interesting discoveries (soul) daily in my life (body) and in the word (spirit) and i can attest to some spiritual fruits gained along the way and physical rewards that followed too.

Therefore i have discovered that the brand self has 3 operational divisions which require team spirit to function. These are the Spirit, Soul and Body which make up a complete human being. For a detailed explanation of how this is so please click here


Hierachy and protocol must be observed as with any organized entity. The Spirit being of God was first to exist. The spirit was and is as it existed with God. The soul was created before the body as scripture mentions that we were foreknown before we were formed in the womb. Of the three, God formed the body last and then after he breathed into it, it became a living soul.

Re-branding of Self: Spirit, Soul and Body Roles

1. Spirit- This is the Breath of God which is also in body form but unseen. This means it requires food and so has all the parts of the body but is not seen by anyone except when it manifests itself in spiritual fruits. These then benefit the soul’s existence in the body on the earth. The spirit must eat the word of God only to survive as it is of God. God is Holy and pure and nothing else is pure on this earth so to feed his spirit being requires the bread of life-the word of God. Being in a body however and having an earthly experience the spirit can be subjected to counterfeit foods (religions) which then mislead the soul into making wrong decisions which in turn affect existence in the earth negatively. We all know that eating wrong foods in the earth realm causes sickness or health challenges which can be life threatening. So it is with the spirit. If the spirit is not awakened by the right food (Word) the life of an individual is that of a dead being- nothing to right home about, nothing to show for their existence and if this goes on they begin to feel like there is nothing to live for. These are cases of people who are living but dead -the walking dead! Simply put, it means that the body did not come in contact with the spirit so there is no life. As it was in the beginning, the body was formed and breathed into by God forming a living soul. Life was the result of the spirit of God coming in contact with the body he had formed from earth.

And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.

Genesis 2:7

As it were, if the natural man has not received Christ for re-birth John 3:5-8, life is worthless, hopeless and going nowhere slowly because the spirit is either sickly or dead by starvation and or exposure to wrong foods. Unfortunately because of the abounding mercies of God, people usually mistake some permitted manifestations of ‘life’ (a bit of riches here, some success there, some peace here and there) as life. Most have found it difficult to change or even conceptualize change and confidently ward off persuasions of the gospel with statements like:

…if God can bless me in sin, what is the point of changing…

…if a prostitute can get married, then i can…

…if the wicked are still prospering, then it doesnt matter…

…if it was meant to be, then it will be or whatever i do is written in my book/destiny and i cant change it…

What they do not know is that they are already picking a side in doing so and that is lane of the body and it’s lusts. In some cases the individuals are aware of their predicament and they fight it. Sadly not all the battles for a better life are fought on the right front and so while others may get fruit from their endeavours, others see no fruit as they remain stuck in nothingness, emptiness and a never ending cycle of failure which may lead to self harm. In the mandate given to the man of the law-Moses for the people of God lies an instruction to choose life. In saying this God reveals to his people that there are two roads to take:- LIFE- the road of the law and obedience (to the spirit) or DEATH- the road of lawlessness and disobedience (obedience to the body and its lusts). This law is unfortunately not given to the spirit but to the soul. The spirit is God’s and is loaded with godliness which it can only exhibit once the soul chooses God and begins to make daily choices/decisions to feed the spirit with the word of its maker that it rightful requires. When word taken in through choice by senses of the soul meets word already in the spirit a climax is reached that brings inexplicable joy and peace in the innerman. That is revelation and the beginning of wisdom. That is the meeting of God and man! That is the building of faith and the rebranding of self!

Thus, interms of protocol, the SPIRIT being first to be in existence, being the imprint of the Creator in us takes precedence above all other members of the tripatite being and must be honored, respected and listened to only as it has been duly fed correctly by an act of obedience-LIFE. Is is only the spirit in man that knows the thoughts of man (1 Corinthians 2:11) and only the spirit of a man that will sustain his infirmity (Proverbs 18:14)

2. Soul (mind, thoughts, will, emotions). This the centre-piece of all decisions. The administration headquaters where whatever is decided goes even if it will affect the entire being. Firstly there is the mind. Many battles of the mind take place here and for most individuals it is a total gamble and gropping about in the dark through trial and error. If something seems to work, it becomes recorded as a template and copying mechanism to be used in other like events or occurences. The problem with this as you can imagine is that there are no principles, no regard for others and this kind of government supports the dog-eat-dog theory or survival of the fittest doctrine. Everyone faces their own life fights their own battles the way they want even if it will harm others on the way -after all its a jungle and infact a battle! Next in the soul are thoughts-another challenge to human existence. Sometimes they are uninvited and invasive, sometimes even unpleasant and unwanted and yet they have the ability to bombard an individual to the point of surrender and death as in the cases of worry/confusion/frustration/anxiety/stress/distress/depression and ultimately suicide if nothing is handled properly. As it were, most actions originate from thought and one is evidence of their thoughts. Then ofcourse God gave man the freedom to choose and called it WILL. This is were intents are housed, another facet of the soul. The will power is the highest level of freedom granted to man by the creator and owner of all things. Infact the idea that the soul is the decision centre rests on this very premise. God was merciful to freely give out information on what any decision made could mean, the consequences thereof and the ultimate endgame of choice. Lastly we have emotions in the soul. The interplay of mind decisions, thoughts and choices made everyday is the cook book of emotions. It also works the otherway. While emotions can be triggered by what goes on in the soul, the emotions themselves can inspire what decisions are made therein. As it were, feelings are triggered by what we see, hear, smell, touch and taste (5 senses) and when we reach decisions in the mind because of what we have sensed, a choice is made. Yet again feelings can set a pace of how we see, hear, smell, touch or taste things!

So in the terms of protocol, the soul comes after the spirit and is foreknown by the spirit and must submit to the spirit for instruction in running its affairs. It is the soul that was given a mandate to choose LIFE and life is in the Spirit. In seeking first the Kingdom of God and his righteouness, all other things are added to one (Matthew 6:33)

3. Body- The body is the shell that houses the soul and the spirit and is made of external parts e.g head, face, legs, hands, stomach, feet, fingers, toes, mouth internal organs and systems e.g heart, lungs, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, blood stream etc. The functioning of the physical body is well instructed mostly by science or earthly discovery. We discussed that decisions are made in the soul but the soul actually needs the body to have sent information obtained through the senses to make the decisions it does. Now it is certain parts of the body that carry these senses e.g eyes=sight; fingers=touch; ears= hearing; nose=smell and tongue=taste. As much as these senses are active, the instruction to choose LIFE necessitates the observance of protocol in making decisions and dealing with life and what challenges it brings on the table.The whole of creation is aware of these guiding principles (commandments) which is why there is such a heart-bell known as conscience. Sadly, continued dishonor and failure to head to the warning signs of the conscience sears it to a point where it begins to see those disobedient behaviours and mindsets as normal, acceptable and noble. The body is prone to an insubordinate attitude caused by the very fact that is is the one housing others. It is always scheming, screaming out loud and crying to be heard at all times and in all things. The body is made from earth, knows only the earth and its earthly ways and is the one that suffers the pressures brought upon the whole being by the earth. Its is afterall the body that fellow humans see, hurt or reject. It is the body that craves for comfort and entertainment through its senses. For this cause the body is outspoken to the soul on what should go and if the soul succumbs to its pressure and neglects to observe the rule of law i.e put the spirit first, then problems and conflict begin attracting all kinds of curses, punishments and consequences. The body cannot submit to either soul or spirit as it is territorial in nature BUT by a decision of the soul to choose LIFE (spirit), the body is automatically put to sleep and can’t do anything. It is only the soul that can empower the body

Thus, in the terms of protocol the body is last in line being the one to be made last of the three. The body must submit to the soul as the soul submits to the spirit and in this way the body honors the spirit of God in it (Romans 6:19)


In self- branding therefore, the idea is to go back onto the original rail and press towards the mark of our high calling. Our high calling as human beings is embedded in the mandate to worship the Most High God and him alone.

Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man.

Ecclesiastes 12:13

This is our whole duty as man and is evidenced in our day to day choices. It thus becomes imperative to focus and work on dying to self and awaken to spirit deliberately and constantly. Although choosing Christ can be done on a particular day, Salvation is not a one day event and working it out becomes a lifestyle of killing the flesh and awakening the spirit. The more the inclination of the soul to the body dies, the more the Spirit takes its place to bring life and livelihood to its host. This is the only way the soul can be governed correctly leading to God-led choices and victory therein. It must be noted that all self- insipired decisions are bound to fail being birthed from the effects of earthbound senses. It may seem like body (death) made choices work but that is purely facilitated by the mercies of God by and by we should train ourselves not to take advantage of those mercies and remain lawless. We need a higher power to lead us in the way and if we do not make that all important decision of choosing God himself everything becomes tainted by the earth and inspired by the earth even though it may seem to work. This unfortunately doesn’t alter the word that has gone out of God’s mouth concerning those things and as such, punitive curses so installed before creation are always in-play causing havoc to unsuspecting individuals or those who know but are uninterested in keeping to the book.

18The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness. 19For what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. 20For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood from His workmanship, so that men are without excuse.

(Romans 1:18-20)

While other individuals seek out these things, others simply work around life according to how they were raised or taught by their predecessors or how they themselves are interpreting the surroundings they find themselves in. Ofcourse they neither own themselves nor yet those surrounding they attempt to understand based on own self. Unfortunately as individuals form self-truth innocently or in full awareness of the fact, they continue to be governed by the laws of the creator set in place by him who owns everything.

As such, rebranding of self is infact the journey of returning to the first love-Christ who loved us first when we were yet sinners, reconciling every facet of our lives with him and giving him the pre-eminence in all things. All other forms or versions of peace and prosperity humanity experiences outside the blood of Christ are counterfeit and is bound to expire leaving its victims exposed. Therefore, it is not enough to be a christian and it will not change anything if one is not changing themselves according to the word of God. Like the Israelites, being a chosen people was not enough. Obedience to the Spirit is what holds tge relationship with God together.

Fools because of their transgression, and because of their iniquities, are afflicted.
Their soul abhorreth all manner of meat; and they draw near unto the gates of death.
Then they cry unto the LORD in their trouble, and he saveth them out of their distresses”

Psalms 107:17-19

And returning to him in repentance and humility brings restoration.

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Riseup Conqueror

Join me again in the part 2 as we begin a step by step process of Re-Branding Self.

Remember falling is not the problem but failing to riseUP is!!!!

Accused and Voiceless: Who will you speak to & who will speak for you? Part 2- Lessons From The Upright Man Job

Greetings Conquerors

In Part 1, we considered a man called Job in the subject of being falsely accused or judged. The spirit of accusation works subtly sometimes that the accusers may think they are representing God himself in his word when they are not. There are a number of lessons we can glean on in the book of Job concerning being accused, being voiceless and speaking out.

1. Accused doesn’t mean guilty:

Job was upright and God spoke for him. If it was a crime, Job would have been arrested. Perhaps he was even called a wizard that ate up his children and his sins where catching up with him. They probably speculated that his wealth had been obtained by evil means and now it was pay back time. In my mother tongue they say “akaromba”. Then others could have said “akaroyiwa” meaning he has been bewitched. Ofcourse there is the enemy camp…these are the haters and evil ones that may have been trying to bring job down spiritually for years. This was time to celebrate their weapons and victory. Job had fallen from grace right straight into the mud. But was this really the case? In all these scenarios people are quick to say God is not there and so someone becomes labeled as a hypocrite too. Once a hypocrite then a liar, a fake, an evil person, a hater, a schemer etc. If you know God and are confident in your relationship with him, what is left is to believe HIS report against the strife of words . God will speak for you even when you can’t hear it, perceive it or see him. Therrfore, stand in that and forget everything else! Like Abraham the father of faith, hope against hope (Romans 4:18-21).

2. Faith may fail but Trust in a relationship should hold it up

Job had faith in God but while in the mud faith may have been ‘failing’. In other words, what he knew about God and what was on the ground was not matching. I mean when you pray for something and an evil thing happens instead (e.g divine bealth versus sickness or loss). The children had all died, there was no bringing them back from the grave. Faith had failed because he had prayed and made offerings for their protection but he now had lost more than just children. However, he knew and understood that God was real, superior and faithful. He therefore also stood unshaken in his faith and remained confident in that when God had tried him he would come forth as pure gold (Job 23:10). God too was confident in his servant Job and so it was a two way bond. What strikes me is Job’s faith in God even in bad times. That to me is trust. Trust anchors faith in that faith believes that God is able and trust rests in that he will do it for me. Trusting God means that even the bad things that happen to one are not used to give Satan accorlades of victory but used to stand confidently and wait on the Lord knowing that he is not only able but will show up in his wisdom. Trust also understands his wisdom as his timetable and his way. Even when i can’t hear God or trace him, when the people around me don’t see God in my life or even believe that he was ever a part of it, trust means i remain assured of his not so visible or perceivable presence. He has been there, he remains there, and will always be there and that settles it.

3. Repentance

Job had so many questions for God in his pain amd agony. In that he was to be found guilty before the throne. There will always be some challenging situations that lead us into the space of being accused. For Job it was extensive loss (children and wealth) and serious sickness. In life i always hear people asking “why?”. Its easy to say “what did i ever do to deserve this”. As humans we have a tendency of placing a price on our works and faith so that possessions becomes a measure of one’s standing with God. As we can see from the Job project, God’s ways are certainly not our ways. The lesson we can take is that people will accuse us and sometimes they will have the grounds to do so. If we ourselves know the real truth, our spirit can testify with the Holy Spirit that it is well. It may not be well at that point but it should certainly get well in God’s wisdom and time. As it were, accusation is heartbreaking, heartrending and heartwrecking on top of the already smashed-by-God heart. Accusation adds salt to injury making matters worse. A broken heart is sometimes careless with words and that is why Job had to repent. God is God above, and he was man beneath. He had no business taking God into court and making careless utterences. When God finally arrived and spoke, he realised how impure he was as man to be in the presence of God. As man we have a tendency of ‘holifying’ ourselves in self-righteousness but at our best we are nothing but sinners. For that, we should approach the presence of God with a humble and repentant mind. Even when we think we have done nothing wrong, there is sin lurking somewhere even if its in the innerman!

I have been rebuked by the Holy spirit sometimes for being unrepentant. I remember situation in which i have been falsely accused. In each scenario a case eas presented against me that i could not argue out of. My accuser(s) actually offended me in their actions after it had been settled that i was at fault and i had agreed. Being close people to me, i obviously expected inquiry, dialogue and understanding as opposed to judgement, accusation and being shut out. So i started focusing on their wrongs and went through months of heartbrake, heartache, regret, disapointment and brokenness. I resented them and found i had to repent all the time because of these negative emotions that i couldn’t handle. God just watched me act all holy and wronged and plead with him for justice and restoration. In thw one case, oneday the Holy Spirit said i was “prideful and unapologetic”. I was shocked, resisted it at first but found it to be true. I was sad and cried in repentance. I was required to go and apologise. Swallowing my pride and going to apologise with a tail between my legs was the hardest thing. I was embarrased as i had to apologise in the face of other people. I had shamed Christendom by my actions. Well long story short, i did then humble myself and nothing beats the feeling of humility and obedience when you finally accomplish it against your flesh!

4. Intercession

In all of God’s word, intercession seems to be at his heart judging by the law and just the theme of love that sweeps all across scripture. God wants us to love each other and one of the ways we can do that is by intercession. After God had shown up, he instructed Job’s friends to go and make burnt offerings to Job and then Job would pray for them (Job 42:7-10). They had wronged God in the way they treated his ‘upright one’. After praying for his accusers, Jobs captivity was turned and his friends were saved from the wrath of God. So God is still interested in the welfare of our accusers and as much as in ours. Sometimes It is our prayer that will save them and God wants may want it that way. This is not to say that when you don’t pray for them they will suffer, infact when you don’t do so, you also suffer. Therefore intercession works both ways. Ps* this does not mean we pray for Satan. The spirit in the accusers must certainly be cast out.

5. Relationships

Finally we can learn something from the relationships in Jobs project

God and Satan:

God is superior and Satan is inferior. Satan knows his place as a created being and will never go beyond the bounds set by God. Satan believes in God and his power and he is aware of Gods hedges of protection. After doing his part, it remained God’s sovereign business to deliver Job, heal him amd restore him.

God and Job:

God is superior and Job is inferior. God speaks for Job and has faith in his ability to stand. Job knows his place as the created and by faith he fully submits himself wholly to God in goodtimes and in badtimes. He anchors his faith with trust that God will absolutely and undoubtedly in his love and ability to work things for his good, deliver him nomatter what. This was a solid relationship built over time. What is your relationship with God? Can he speak for you?

3. Job and his wife

Job has a faith and trust in God that his wife does not. If Job would listen to his wife, then he would have fallen. His wife is unable to trust Job in his faith journey but that does not stop Job because of what he knows he has with God. Relationship with God is therefore superior to any other.

4. Job and his friends

Jobs friends are the close to him. Three of them (Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar) are those people that break his heart further. Yes they are his fellow colleaugues in church but they do not know Job enough to see things from his own point of view. Their friendship lacks trust or even faith. Even if the faith was in God, they have gone against teaching by crucifying Job, judging him amd accusing him. The youngest of them (Elihu) stands on the greatness of God. He does not focus on Job but on the sovereignty of God. This is exemplary. As it were, age ain’t nothing but a number!

5. Job and Satan

Here there is absolutely no relationship. Satan just does what he wants and goes. Job has no thought of Satan and doesn’t look for him in his suffering. There is no time that Jobs takes to meditate on how to wage war against Satan or fight him back. Job does not see Satan as a player here but simply stands in God and on God and attributes his circumstance to he alone who orders his steps and who can change his situation.

Thus, accusers are a reality in life especially when there has never been bad intentions or actions on ones part to do wrong but things work out that way. If you encounter friends or relations like that of Job who will add salt to the injury, it remains to stand on the rock of salvation, refuse to be moved until HE speaks, intercede for the accusers while you also pray for yourself in a heart and mind of humility and repentance. Finally, it also goes without saying that as Christians we should refrain from being like Jobs three friends/wife and instead keep quiet if we have nothing positive to say or at least pray, praise and worship with those in difficult times.

Remember when accused, you can speak to God and God will speak for you. He may not speak on your timetable but you can rest assured that he got your back! Build that relationship now!

falling is not the problem, failing to rise up is…riseUpconqueror!!!!