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1. Wisdom Channel

Our Blog unravels spiritual mysteries, experiences and lessons gathered from these within the confines of sound biblical doctrine. The writings are meant to encourage and exhort the conqueror within to riseUP from the depths of woundedness and brokenness that so often derails well-meaning individuals from their visions and accomplishing their noble goals.

2. Store Channel

Experience day to day victories in your homes and work spaces with Our Conqueror Picks. Browse our Store for tools and gadgets that give you convenience, efficiency and style.

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3. Counselling & Mentorship Channel

We facilitate spiritual growth and offer the opportunity to get a grip on life God’s way. Its a site for those that have awakened to their spirit man and would like to conquer in spiritual battles as they grow in Christ. You can avail yourself to counselling, mentorship or just learning & following our blog teachings

4. Daily Proverb Channel

Instruction and correction will direct your parts. Always an unteachable spirit creates problems for the bearer

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Falling is not the problem but Failling to riseUP is!

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