Welcome Conquerors, in Part 1, we took a look at the background to conducting the PRADA Analysis. This post provides the steps in conducting the analysis and further highlights the importance of this process as a habit for Christians seeking to build a true relationship with Christ.

THE PRADA Analysis:

The PRADA Analysis is an action plan to deal with pain from the root. Woundedness influences a person’s response to incoming information in a negative way and so often negative perspectives are nurtured into more serious and otherwise harmful response mechanisms. The PRADA ( Pain Regrets Anger Disappointments & Anxiety Analysis) is therefore a deliberate self introspection exercise designed to zone in on areas that raise negative emotions or memories in us and analyse them using the Word of God with an agenda to outst them. (Pain Regrets Anger Disappointments Anxiety… replacing self-truths with God’s truth)
Scripture records that: THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE (John.8:32)
So with the PRADA analysis, one is basically required to take an audit of their negative emotions and feelings since childhood. These create dark spots (lies) in our innerman as they oppose the promises set out in the word of God. The more they are left to stay there, the more they seek to overshadow the light. Light (truth) manifests itself in the fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5:22) which then bring fruitfulness in the physical.

A simple example is where scripture says, “Love covers a multitude of sins” or “Love your enemies/pray for your enemies”

A whole person can do it and seeks to love always. One with a wounded spirit cannot as they find it difficult to love those that oppose them. They are vengeful and self protective so they will see negative treatment or responses from others or even the environment as war against them and their default response is –retaliate. Retalitation is not necessarily counter response but may even be internal response e.g anger, bitterness, unforgiveness, silent treatment etc. Whereas a whole and sound individual will respond with compassion. A response that is more interested in the other person and why they would want to wound others by their choice of words or action.

A soul that exercises the fruits of the spirit (Galatians 5.22) at all times is happier and more fulfilled than that which seeks to have its own way even if the fruits are bad.

How to conduct a PRADA Analysis:

  1. Draw up a two column table.
  2. State the negative memories and associated feelings and emotions in line with each PRADA on one column
  3. Write a corresponding scripture attached to the negative memory/ feeling/emotion on the other column i.e what the bible says about it.


The PRADA analysis seeks to bring Colossians 3:12-13 to life;

This noble scripture of the holy texts makes it clear that the fruits of the spirit are not automatically imprinted on ones heart by salvation or knowledge of the Word and therefore must be put on. Putting them on means they can be put off suggesting that one can even neglect to wear them. The self introspection exercise therefore helps serious christians check their ‘spiritual fruits’ dresscode and dress accordingly by wearing the fruits of the spirit.

The following are guidelines to conducting a successful PRADA analysis;


Pain must never be packed in. It must be worked and walked through until it is safely disposed without further harming self or anyone else. The process begins with accepting the unfortunate cause of pain as well as acknowledgement of the acts of violation whether verbally, emotionally or physically. After acknowledging pain, one must make deliberate and conscious effort to forgive the perpetrator(s) and move on from it forever.

The process can often lead to unpleasant memories and should only be done at a time when one will not be distracted and they have set aside time specifically for this exercise.


Crying is a big possibility as one begins to trade on sensitive ground in the book of their life. Its all part of the healing process only as the crying is directed to the God of gods who is the chief of battles and fights for his own. Crying into emptiness or into the unknown or unspecified invites other elements or beings that are already there in the atmosphere to rush in and offer their own forms of comfort and protection which then defeats the whole purpose of subjecting everything to the Word.


If God commands it, confer not with flesh and blood. Like the Apostle Paul, drop every other mindset or truth and move with the word henceforth. The fruits of the spirit are a major highlight during this process (Galatians 5:22). Practice love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, longsuffering and self-control and above all live it! Sometimes people that are in that list may show up from no-where and normally this is a divine set up for the issue connected to them to be resolved God’s way. It would normally be for the one doing the PRADA to revise their feelings related to this person and bring them up-to-speed with the instruction of the word e.g to forgive, again part of the process cultivating the fruits of the spirit and watering them (Galatians 5.22).

At this point, forgiveness is needful. It is a spiritual law which does not and should never equate to condoning violation of any sort. Forgiveness is not an event too. It a process which begins with the desire to let go. Desiring to let go does not by any means translate into the removal of pain or memories associated with the pain onspot. This means that once one confesses forgiveness, the journey only just begins and pain is still very much present. However it is the continuous effort of a positive mindset, feeding the spirit with Godly truth and self re-definition that will cast out the pain leading to inner-healing.


Pain modifies an individual and recalibrates them into unbelief leading to negative emotions associated with PRADAs e.g rejection, bitterness, unforgiveness, rebellion, anger and pride. Instead of the truth of God reigning, the pain causes an individual to assume that what has transpired is truth leading to self-truth based on self devised copying mechanisms. However regardless of negative experiences, God’s word remains the only truth and final authority. This is the reason pain becomes the lie. Yield to the Holy Spirit and the fact that he needs truth in the inward parts…that truth is not personal or worldly truth but his Word that is the only truth Psalm51.6. Moreover, always remember he says, ” I will never leave you or forsake you” (Joshua 1:5) so he is in it throughout (in one’s past, present and future) for their good and ultimately HIS Glory.


Honour God as if he is there with you and infact he is! In all feelings, in all the unsaid and said actions and emotions, have a consciouness of the presence of God. Always ask, what would Jesus do or say? Research it, pray about it and live it. When it hurts, cry unto God for help as sometimes being obedient to God defies self and becomes the most painful thing to do.

Reciting biblical truth and acting it out helps displace the pain and will ultimately cast it out as the Holy Spirit himself confirms his Word in us. Good overcomes evil.

In Conclusion,

The PRADA analysis then means stepping out of the negative emotions (lies that oppose God’s word) by deliberately refusing to harbour them and surrendering everything to the judgement of God (truth). Accepting the reality of a bad experience or past, dealing with it and subjecting it to the truth of Gods word makes way for forgiveness as one starts working on loving and accepting those that caused the pain – in a godly way. Sometimes it is God we need to forgive, not because he wronged us BUT because he was blamed in our innerman. Sometimes too, self must be forgiven as often blame falls on self for allowing things to happen. This takes practice and deliberate effort over time as the pain naturally resists this. As it were, lies resist truth. Commitment to truth will bring deliverance from the lies (pain) leading to frutifulness.

Trusting this post has been helpful.

Till then


falling is not the problem, failing to riseUP is….


In part 2 we discussed the background to life’s problems and how as human beings we end up in trouble needing the hand of God to deliver us. We conclude this series by declaring the working out of salvation as the one true journey of deliverance.

Today the world is full of deliverance ministers and programs in which deliverance is now seen as an event of casting out demons. The whole show can be characterised by various manifestations from yelling to vomitting, screaming and rolling on the floor. While there can be nothing wrong with the manifestations as that is characteristic of the demonic, there could be everything wrong with the belief system of the one being delivered and sometimes even the deliverer (deliverance minister, pastor or fellowsaint) themselves. Afterall, the demon has been there all this while and it shouldn’t have to take an special ‘annointed man’ to announce its presence. The disharmony in one’s life is enough to already testify of the presence of contrary spirit(s) or opposing forces.

According to scripture, it takes resisting the devil, to cause him to flee (James 4:7). One can resist only by going the other way and refusing to partner with. Looking or going the other way is basically submitting totally to God amd fiving oneself fully to the instriction anf fuidamce of his holiness. Anytime Jesus showed up, devils/demons manifested and ended up out of their hosts. It was always because of the holy word himself manifesting/showing up and speaking thus resisting their presence in a particular person. So the very reason that brings someone to a deliverance stable is enough to prove the presence of a contending force in their life and the point is that manifestation and casting out can be a show that won’t change the life of an individual unless they themselves change their ways and submit to God who is present and speaking thereby resisting the devil also presenting himself and speaking. To add, deliverance has in some cases been transformed into long church services in which secret knowledge a.k.a prophecy is revealed and congregants are ‘supposedly’ set free from whatever is said to hinder them. The problem is that most have a strong leaning towards false doctrines or doctrines of devils and that’s a story for another day.

Our focus today is on the true meaning of deliverance, the actual walk of salvation that keeps one from dabbling with the devil to their own damnation. Ever wondered what the Apostle Paul meant when he instructed the body of Christ to workout their salvation with fear and trembling? (Phillipians 2.12). It is because mankind is predisposed to having it easy or living in a comfortzone. So one would ask, “the saviour has come and declared victory, why should i suffer.” That it was finished on the cross is wisdom meant to guide the christian in a world where the enemy wages war and takes the offensive. The first day Jesus Christ entered the synagogue, he read from the book of Isaiah, a prophecy about himself;

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised,

Luke 4:18

Therefore, if deliverance is the work of preaching it means the transformation that happens when one actually learns from the preaching is what deliverance is all about. It is a displacement of the work of evil embedded in a worldly, twisted and anti-Christ mindset. The work of evil is packaged within deceptions that the enemy creates and presents as truths in our innerman. These are intermingled with our experiences and how we interpret them through the lense of deception (devil/lies) and not truth (Word/Jesus Christ). Overtime they become our truths or templates for response to life’s issues. These personal truths are self-designed and self-centred so they actually pull us away from the one truth (Word/Christ) and condition us for the wrath of God. So, the work of the cross is the true deliverance which christians should draw from by working out their salvation, killing the flesh and awakening the spirit in truth. Killing the flesh is essentially stopping all rule of the flesh so that all of life’s matters and decisions are now governed by the spirit through the instruction of the word and the Holy Spirit of God. The crunch of the matter is that, before one gets born again, there are various teachers and shephereds taking them through the course of life. These range from parents, friends, school, peers, the system to religion, traditions, cultures and even self. Now the coming of Christ was an assignment to end this as he was to become the door and the good shephered of our souls – teaching us all things and showing us the way. This was according to God’s super redemptive plan to reconcile himself with all of humanity. Jesus explains this very well in the book of John, the 10th chapter. He further alludes to the fact that all that came before him (the door) entered not through the door as there was no door prior and therefore are thieves and robbers. The same are those that influence a person’s belief system and mindset before they get born again. Now, life before being born again can be compared to that of a person whose house has been plundered by thieves and robbers. The emotions and feelings consistent with such wickedness are e.g heartache, heartbreak or pain from loss of valuables or loved ones, fear, setbacks, anger, bitterness, unforgiveness etc etc all of which can further lead to feelings of rejection, emptiness, rebellion, loss of hope/faith etc. As it were, most deliverance cases are based on these and the demonic has a way of coming up with stories to explain these so that people are never able to focus on Christ but themselves or those that seem to have the power to deliver them and worswstill, the supposed perpertrators of the evil as defined by the lense of evil itself, the accussing lense that actual fosters negative emotions and that against the very word and instruction of God (fruits of the spirit-Galatians 5.22)

After being born again, the door (Christ) becomes the filter of our thought system, directing our mindset, feeling, emotion and will power via his Word. This calls for the highest level of self-discipline and more importantly for a renewing of one’s mind to fit in this new doctrine of Christ. One must begin a habit of self introspection in which all of life’s templates (personal truths including copying mechanisms) formed throughout life (by the influence of ‘thieves and robbers’) are replaced by the only true template of the word of God (the door and good shephered). The expectation is that the new doctrine (new piece of cloth) will not tear the old garment (old self) making it worse. Normarlly, the flesh finds it hard to die and make way for the spirit to live leading to victory. The christian must therefore first become spirit inorder to accept the word which is spirit in their innerman. This way the flesh will yield. When the spirit is forced on the flesh, the two do not mix and so the flesh struggles and suffers from this new authority it can’t comprehend or understand. This is why you will often hear people saying things got worse when they started praying or going to church. Some usually quit when this happens or seek for deliverance.

It is possible to do self -deliverance by continuosly striving for transformation through the renewal of one’s mind. Alternatively, one can get help from fellow brethren in Christ especially after just being born again. Counselling platforms can therefore provide a form of discipleship to bring back people to the ways of God, the love of God and the peace of God. This is expected to lead to Inner Healing as a person chooses life (spirit) more and more over death (body) using their mind, thoughts and intellect (soul) (Romans 12:1-2; Philippians 2:12; 2 Corinthian 10:5). Choosing life brings fruitfulness and peace while continuing in the course of death furthers problems and turmoil.

Quiz time:

Since we said problem means death or perception of, Did Satan have problems in heaven?

Key points in Self-deliverance
1. Self-Development: Aim to gain new knowledge about the work of the cross everyday. Get into the culture of reading about God in his Word. Practice self-introspection at all times reflecting on everything said and done (by self or others) against the mirror of the Word of God. The more of God you know, the more your faith grows, the more you become powerful over sin.

2. Drop the ‘I have arrived mindset’ or pressure to arrive/become: We never stop learning: Growth is continuous, it never stops so we don’t stop learning and we don’t arrive or fully become…we must always push for better. At our best, we have potential to become better still! Humility creates room for growth and victory.

3. Practice the presence of God: Be committed to killing the flesh and awakening the spirit. Let your whole life be governed by the spirit (word) and not the flesh (body). Yield totally to the instruction of God as you Read the word, spend me-time with God, love on him, worship him. This will activate your discernment faculties as you become more acquainted with ways of God. Minister what you have learnt to others, talk about God and be in places and events that preach and teach the word.

4. When you are stuck, pray. When confused, pray. When excited pray. Pray always. Enter with thanksgiving, commit all to God and end with thanksgiving.

Answer to the quiz:

Problem (inferiority) + Pride + Expulsion = Evil Assignment (John 10:10)

That’s it for today,

Till then


falling is not the problem, failing to riseUP is

In Part 1, we took a look at the background to the concept of deliverance and how it has lost its meaning in recent years becoming a field for demonic shows as opposed to the glory of God.

In this post, we take a look at the backgound to the problems we face as human beings as these are often the push factor for deliverance ministry. Before Satan deceived Eve, everything was perfect. It follows that things will only ever be in order if there is no deception. Lies are the principal source of problems. Every problem generally opposes the instruction/promise(s) of God i.e the truth as set out in his word. People naturally seek help or need help when there is a problem. The problem could be the past chasing after them (trauma) or the present (affliction) or perceived future (anxiety)

Common Problems:

  • Rejection e.g by parents, spouses, friends, colleagues or the world etc
  • Loss e.g death of a loved one, being sacked, dignity, sickness e.g being on meds for life (HIV, BP), loss of body part e.g through cancer or disaster both natural and manmade e.g drought, floods, accidents, earthquakes, mysterious or strange experiences, witchcraft and demonic manipulation or torment etc
  • Failure e.g of a test, exam, project, vision, business, marriage, relationship or an expectation not reached or fulfilled
  • Lack e.g poverty, orphan-no parents, shelter, transport, education, basics, power, lack of desired state of being
  • Communication challenges e.g misunderstanding, miscommunication, misinterpretation or misrepresentation of facts etc
  • Lust e.g after the things of the world- sex, adultery, fornication, murder, strife, slander, contentions, dishonour, disrespect (SIN)
  • Secret sins e.g bitterness, unforgiveness, pride, rebellion, rejection, anger. They are secret because they are conceived inside as a response to the unbelief caused by pain, regrets, anger disappointments or anxieties (fear) etc 2 Timothy1:7

NB*this list is not exhaustive and these problems are all interrelated and may lead to one another in any direction signifying:

“the thief came to kill, steal and destroy but I am come that they may have life”

John 10:10

It is apparent that at the core of the demonic assignment is death. At any point in a challenge a death cycle is in motion signifying the evil agenda to kill, steal or destroy. Therefore in this instance we can conclude that problem means death i.e – the perception of; the threat of and /the actual occurrence of death. The concept of death is derived from the fact that it is basically a state of loss and thus when people lose e.g a potential deal, a job, a relationship, a loved one by actual death or divorce, neglect, rejection, betrayal, being let down, disappointed etc all signify loss of some sort and therefore a spirit of death is at play to take away!


NB* Sometimes soul and spirit are used inter-changeably and so context becomes important in decoding meaning for a particular situation

As tripartite beings we have 3 areas of functioning that must work together in harmony.

Body + Soul + Spirit =

Jesus+ God+ Holy Spirit

(God said let us make man in our own image- Genesis 1:26)

Key points to note

  1. Body– Lives in the world, answers to the world, faces pressures of the physical world e.g fitting in, relationships, injury, pain, accidents, loss (Physical/Flesh) 1 Corinthians 2:14; 1 Corinthians 6:20
  2. Soul– has the pressures of processing emotions, feelings and the battles of the mind associated with the activities and experiences of the body; answers to the body it lives in and the spirit who made it (Psychological) Ezekiel 18:20; Genesis 2:7
  3. Spirit– the connection between God and man, hungers for its maker who gave it to the body and soul and is not concerned with the physical -enmity with the world. We should not grieve the Holy Spirit (Spiritual) James 4.4; Romans 12:1-2; Numbers 16:22

The mega question here is :

Which one rules your life?

SPIRITUAL DEATH & SPIRITUAL LIFE/ The Mind Renewal Mandate (Romans 12:1-2)

As alluded to in part 1, Jesus was the last deliverer. To reconcile man to himself, God sent his only begotten Son Jesus to die for us on the cross. This was a deliverance mandate and assignment to redeem man to himself. We are required or called to accept Jesus Christ by being born again (John 3.3) and submitting to being Holy Temples (1 Corinthians 6:19) and walking in the spirit (Galatian 5:15) and not flesh (body)

At this re-birth, the body dies, and the spirit assumes life. It must be understood that this death is automatic only as one stays in the confines of newness and spirit. One (1) second off the spirit realm into the world and its pressures awakens the body instantly and puts the spirit to sleep. The spirit does not overule or force itself on man. Every second, every minute and every hour of an individual’s life must call on the consciouness of the spirit inorder to keep the body dead. The challenge is that the body being physical itself, having been used to being in charge seeks to head the whole system continually, putting pressure on the soul, defying the command of God and causing havoc ( Kill the flesh-Romans 8:12-13; Romans 13:14; Colossian 3:5-10). This is where the conflict begins as the death of the body is a continuous process of resisting its influences and yielding to the spirit. There is no excuse for not knowing so whether one is born again or not, the law stands and we must live according the spirit (Romans 8:5). So the decision centre is the soul and this powerful entity can disappoint the body any minute to the success of the triapatite being. Unfortunately, not all are aware of this and even those that are born again are sonetimes unable to stick to the rules of the game! Life becomes a battlefield between life and death/spirit and flesh/good and evil/faith and unbelief

How conflict in the tripatite results in problems for an individual

Now, the spirit must be fed continually with the bread of life which is the word of God inorder for it to be nourished and grow from strength to strength, faith to faith and glory to glory. This means that once one accepts the Holy Spirit and is born again, the Godhead that rules the spirit has an expectation, rules and guidelines for how this spirit must live and be taken care of for his glory. There is no other expectation from the Godhead than for the spirit to thrive. When the spirit is not prospering, there is disharmony in the tripatite being and some of the effects of this conflict are:

  • Tearing resulting in woundedness e.g broken heart; brokenness; wounded spirit; pain

In Matthew 9:14-17, Jesus teaches about old garment vs new patch and old wineskins vs new wine. The body and its old ways (old garment) cannever merge with a new piece of cloth (spirit) without tearing (inflicting pain on the soul) and the resulting damage causing problems (death/loss). Trying to put this new wine (spirit) in an old wine skin (old self) will burst the wine skin. So basically this tearing or bursting equates to unexpected breaking or force that destroys although the original intention was to build. A reflection on this reveals the inevitable occurence of negative feelings or emotions of e.g heart-break, heart- rending occurrences- disappointments, betrayals ~A case of good intentions gone bad and most times these can be traced to poor planning or taking shortcuts. Unfortunately also, these are also consistent with and turn into more intense and longlasting evils such as rejection, bitterness, unforgiveness, pride, rebeĺlion and anger etc. The Word of God will just not sit on an old mind and worldy way of doing things. One must decide to change and leave the old ways to make way for the new and bring harmony.

  • Curse resulting in lack, death cycles and unproductiveness

A hungry spirit will not grow or produce fruit and that lack of fruit brings a curse as was seen in the case of the fig tree (Mark 11:12–14 and 11:20–25). Now when the Word is missing and the spirit is hungry or empty, the soul naturally becomes more inclined to draw from the body it lives in to make decisions. Once this is the case that soul/man is cursed and therefore problems invade that space (Jeremiah 17:5). God is very passionate about being productive and where he has done his part and sees no fruit, it displeases him totally and there’s a price to pay for one that is seen wanting (Isaiah 5:1-7; Jeremiah 2:21-22; Jeremiah 11:16-17). To whom much is given, much is expected!(Luke 12:48)

  • Invasion leading to demonic attacks, torment and lack of peace

This speaks of the spirit that is not fully armoured with the garments of God which is basically the Word (Ephesians 6:11-19). A lack of the word will affect the person’s ability to control themselves against the lusts of the world. This means there is no self-control and a soul/person like this is likened to a city without walls as seen in Proverbs 25:28. Anything can enter including the enemy! Also, the parable of the wedding feast brings out this notion in that once called, the guest has to wear the right garments or risk being thrown out into outer darkness where there is trouble again as explained in part 1. This scenario indicates inability to see – so no Word, no vision, no protection, no direction basically means confusion, invasion by the enemy and problems.

In conclusion, the worst part of all this is that once the soul is wounded (by, tearing, curse or invasion) the thought process, the will, the emotions and the mind are all tempered with. It is therefore imperative for the christian to be vigilant in working out their salvation and guarding themselves against self inflicted tearing, cursing and invasion. Thus, a soul that is governing actions according to the body will naturally fall into trouble in a whole host of ways landing them in a deliverance platform.

That’s it for today, join me in part 3 as we conclude the series.

Till then


falling is not the problem, failing to riseUP is