Accused and Voiceless: Who will you speak to & who will speak for you? Part 2- Lessons From The Upright Man Job

Greetings Conquerors

In Part 1, we considered a man called Job in the subject of being falsely accused or judged. The spirit of accusation works subtly sometimes that the accusers may think they are representing God himself in his word when they are not. There are a number of lessons we can glean on in the book of Job concerning being accused, being voiceless and speaking out.

1. Accused doesn’t mean guilty:

Job was upright and God spoke for him. If it was a crime, Job would have been arrested. Perhaps he was even called a wizard that ate up his children and his sins where catching up with him. They probably speculated that his wealth had been obtained by evil means and now it was pay back time. In my mother tongue they say “akaromba”. Then others could have said “akaroyiwa” meaning he has been bewitched. Ofcourse there is the enemy camp…these are the haters and evil ones that may have been trying to bring job down spiritually for years. This was time to celebrate their weapons and victory. Job had fallen from grace right straight into the mud. But was this really the case? In all these scenarios people are quick to say God is not there and so someone becomes labeled as a hypocrite too. Once a hypocrite then a liar, a fake, an evil person, a hater, a schemer etc. If you know God and are confident in your relationship with him, what is left is to believe HIS report against the strife of words . God will speak for you even when you can’t hear it, perceive it or see him. Therrfore, stand in that and forget everything else! Like Abraham the father of faith, hope against hope (Romans 4:18-21).

2. Faith may fail but Trust in a relationship should hold it up

Job had faith in God but while in the mud faith may have been ‘failing’. In other words, what he knew about God and what was on the ground was not matching. I mean when you pray for something and an evil thing happens instead (e.g divine bealth versus sickness or loss). The children had all died, there was no bringing them back from the grave. Faith had failed because he had prayed and made offerings for their protection but he now had lost more than just children. However, he knew and understood that God was real, superior and faithful. He therefore also stood unshaken in his faith and remained confident in that when God had tried him he would come forth as pure gold (Job 23:10). God too was confident in his servant Job and so it was a two way bond. What strikes me is Job’s faith in God even in bad times. That to me is trust. Trust anchors faith in that faith believes that God is able and trust rests in that he will do it for me. Trusting God means that even the bad things that happen to one are not used to give Satan accorlades of victory but used to stand confidently and wait on the Lord knowing that he is not only able but will show up in his wisdom. Trust also understands his wisdom as his timetable and his way. Even when i can’t hear God or trace him, when the people around me don’t see God in my life or even believe that he was ever a part of it, trust means i remain assured of his not so visible or perceivable presence. He has been there, he remains there, and will always be there and that settles it.

3. Repentance

Job had so many questions for God in his pain amd agony. In that he was to be found guilty before the throne. There will always be some challenging situations that lead us into the space of being accused. For Job it was extensive loss (children and wealth) and serious sickness. In life i always hear people asking “why?”. Its easy to say “what did i ever do to deserve this”. As humans we have a tendency of placing a price on our works and faith so that possessions becomes a measure of one’s standing with God. As we can see from the Job project, God’s ways are certainly not our ways. The lesson we can take is that people will accuse us and sometimes they will have the grounds to do so. If we ourselves know the real truth, our spirit can testify with the Holy Spirit that it is well. It may not be well at that point but it should certainly get well in God’s wisdom and time. As it were, accusation is heartbreaking, heartrending and heartwrecking on top of the already smashed-by-God heart. Accusation adds salt to injury making matters worse. A broken heart is sometimes careless with words and that is why Job had to repent. God is God above, and he was man beneath. He had no business taking God into court and making careless utterences. When God finally arrived and spoke, he realised how impure he was as man to be in the presence of God. As man we have a tendency of ‘holifying’ ourselves in self-righteousness but at our best we are nothing but sinners. For that, we should approach the presence of God with a humble and repentant mind. Even when we think we have done nothing wrong, there is sin lurking somewhere even if its in the innerman!

I have been rebuked by the Holy spirit sometimes for being unrepentant. I remember situation in which i have been falsely accused. In each scenario a case eas presented against me that i could not argue out of. My accuser(s) actually offended me in their actions after it had been settled that i was at fault and i had agreed. Being close people to me, i obviously expected inquiry, dialogue and understanding as opposed to judgement, accusation and being shut out. So i started focusing on their wrongs and went through months of heartbrake, heartache, regret, disapointment and brokenness. I resented them and found i had to repent all the time because of these negative emotions that i couldn’t handle. God just watched me act all holy and wronged and plead with him for justice and restoration. In thw one case, oneday the Holy Spirit said i was “prideful and unapologetic”. I was shocked, resisted it at first but found it to be true. I was sad and cried in repentance. I was required to go and apologise. Swallowing my pride and going to apologise with a tail between my legs was the hardest thing. I was embarrased as i had to apologise in the face of other people. I had shamed Christendom by my actions. Well long story short, i did then humble myself and nothing beats the feeling of humility and obedience when you finally accomplish it against your flesh!

4. Intercession

In all of God’s word, intercession seems to be at his heart judging by the law and just the theme of love that sweeps all across scripture. God wants us to love each other and one of the ways we can do that is by intercession. After God had shown up, he instructed Job’s friends to go and make burnt offerings to Job and then Job would pray for them (Job 42:7-10). They had wronged God in the way they treated his ‘upright one’. After praying for his accusers, Jobs captivity was turned and his friends were saved from the wrath of God. So God is still interested in the welfare of our accusers and as much as in ours. Sometimes It is our prayer that will save them and God wants may want it that way. This is not to say that when you don’t pray for them they will suffer, infact when you don’t do so, you also suffer. Therefore intercession works both ways. Ps* this does not mean we pray for Satan. The spirit in the accusers must certainly be cast out.

5. Relationships

Finally we can learn something from the relationships in Jobs project

God and Satan:

God is superior and Satan is inferior. Satan knows his place as a created being and will never go beyond the bounds set by God. Satan believes in God and his power and he is aware of Gods hedges of protection. After doing his part, it remained God’s sovereign business to deliver Job, heal him amd restore him.

God and Job:

God is superior and Job is inferior. God speaks for Job and has faith in his ability to stand. Job knows his place as the created and by faith he fully submits himself wholly to God in goodtimes and in badtimes. He anchors his faith with trust that God will absolutely and undoubtedly in his love and ability to work things for his good, deliver him nomatter what. This was a solid relationship built over time. What is your relationship with God? Can he speak for you?

3. Job and his wife

Job has a faith and trust in God that his wife does not. If Job would listen to his wife, then he would have fallen. His wife is unable to trust Job in his faith journey but that does not stop Job because of what he knows he has with God. Relationship with God is therefore superior to any other.

4. Job and his friends

Jobs friends are the close to him. Three of them (Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar) are those people that break his heart further. Yes they are his fellow colleaugues in church but they do not know Job enough to see things from his own point of view. Their friendship lacks trust or even faith. Even if the faith was in God, they have gone against teaching by crucifying Job, judging him amd accusing him. The youngest of them (Elihu) stands on the greatness of God. He does not focus on Job but on the sovereignty of God. This is exemplary. As it were, age ain’t nothing but a number!

5. Job and Satan

Here there is absolutely no relationship. Satan just does what he wants and goes. Job has no thought of Satan and doesn’t look for him in his suffering. There is no time that Jobs takes to meditate on how to wage war against Satan or fight him back. Job does not see Satan as a player here but simply stands in God and on God and attributes his circumstance to he alone who orders his steps and who can change his situation.

Thus, accusers are a reality in life especially when there has never been bad intentions or actions on ones part to do wrong but things work out that way. If you encounter friends or relations like that of Job who will add salt to the injury, it remains to stand on the rock of salvation, refuse to be moved until HE speaks, intercede for the accusers while you also pray for yourself in a heart and mind of humility and repentance. Finally, it also goes without saying that as Christians we should refrain from being like Jobs three friends/wife and instead keep quiet if we have nothing positive to say or at least pray, praise and worship with those in difficult times.

Remember when accused, you can speak to God and God will speak for you. He may not speak on your timetable but you can rest assured that he got your back! Build that relationship now!

Accused and Voiceless: Who will you speak to & who will speak for you? Part 1- A Man Called Job

Dear Conquerors,

Have you ever been in a situation where you are accused and the evidence testifies against you but you are actually innocent? How do you get out of it? Who will hear you when everything stands tall against you? Who will speak for you? In a situation like this one becomes voicelesss not because they can’t speak but because they have lost the right to speak and if they do, they will not be heard. As Christians our only route is God. Unfortunately in these situations even God may seem silent and that doesn’t help matters on the ground. Amongst some of his most evil missions, the devil is known for being the accuser of the brethren. This can explain some of the wickedness people go through in relationships and cannot explain. The spirit of accusation will be at work to cause e.g conflict, pain, confusion, torment and bondage etc leading to relationship breakdown, scandal or even passion based crimes at any level or area of life.

A man called Job

I like the story of a man called Job in the bible. This guy had it all sorted for him. He was in such good books with God that the Almighty spoke for him. God himself testified of the goodness of Job and his intergrity (Job 1:8). One must think that with such a Man of God nothing could go wrong. I mean it will be difficult to imagine such a man in a mess or with no contacts in high places to get him out of any kind of situation.

However it so happened that one day God entered a conversation with Satan. It was a conversation that God himself started and he put this notable man of integrity on the spotlight, bragging about his untainted uprightness. Ofcourse Satan was provoked and spoke cunningly to provoke God into testing Job. It may not have been provocation though as God is above all and in all. It may actually have been his plan for Satan himself to dance into his divinely set plans. Satan is created by him so he knows everything. Anyways lets just say that Satan took the bait for his own shame but thought he had won. He is always doing that anyways, look at what he did with Jesus. I mean as the subtle snake he is, who would have thought he would kill Jesus who was supposed to die by divine rule? If he had wisdom, he would have stopped the death by all means because then now humanity has experienced salvation because of the blood. He was to be proven that nomatter what lengths he takes to put pressure on a soul to give up on God, a soul planted and rooted well in God like Job will not budge.

So the story goes that God obliged Satan and put down the so called hedge of protection within stipulated boundaries i.e on Gods terms. In his first attempt which wiped out Job’s wealth and his beloved children, Satan could see that he didn’t win and negotiated a further attempt with the owner of the person. In that next attempt, Job was struck with an incurable sickness. This Man of God never ceases to amaze me! He stayed oncourse. He relentlessly honoured and worshipped God in his many lamentations and exchanges with his friends. He refused to think anything else than God at the centre of his life and of it all. He never once prayed the enemy off as Christians of today do calling it spiritual warfare or waging wars with the enemy. He was not concerned with the enemy. His only concern and focus was God. That was Job, the man God spoke for.

Now his wife, his friends and all those people he used to help…the community, the society and everyone could not help. Friends in high places could not rescue, if anything they started judging and accusing him. His own wife started mocking him and asking him to curse God and die. Imagine that! His close friends could not help him. The least they could have done was speak for him, pray with him, exhort him amd encourage him but no. They depressed him all the more with their speeches of arrogance, quoting the word endlessly and inappropriately using it to accuse, judge and slay Job. They beat him down and tried to prove to him that if he was the Man of God that he said he was, God himself would not do such to him. They contended that these were the kind of things apportioned for the disobedient so Job was classified with the wicked. Who would speak for Job? Job was alone and voiceless in the midst of his companions. They spoke with one voice and he was on his own with another voice that no-one cared to hear. As it were, Job was accused and voiceless but he spoke to God.

This is the kind of situation i am talking about. Many people in this life have been accused falsely and had no-one to speak for them because all the evidence shouted against them. Some people have done time in jail, some have lost their loved ones in relationships gone sour because of negative voices so loud and evidence so apparent. In some worst case scenarios people have fallen victim to crimes of passion e.g murder or even scandal or divorce because of false accusations. There is an evil that happens in life where one can do something with good intentions and it turns out badly with all the evidence against them. Just to drive the point home for example, in a divorce setup involving a peace order, a parent can approach the home of the other parent where the children are living just to see their children and while the children will welcome it and be happy, he/she may end up in jail for violating the law. There are times in life when one can even neglect to do what is needful for reasons based on inability or ignorance or unavailability. I mean it’s not always that people fail to meet expectation because they do not want. Sadly accusation will always arise in such cases and one may find themself voiceless unless the other party is willing to inquire or listen and believe. I have personally hurt a few loved ones when i did some things with absolutely no evil intention but i ended up judged, accused and nailed because of it. This is where as a christian you can be called all sorts of names from liar, fake, hypocrite to hater, cruel and even possessed or evil etc. Who do you tell? Man and women of God are always falsely accused everywere and noone seems to care because most times there is that evidence that is put together and it speaks louder. Even if the evidence is there and is not necessarily put there, what does one do?

Sometimes people are framed, sometimes too they are put under pressure to take and replace and before they know it they fail to replace. There are times when people agree and then unfortunately the agreement is not honoured not because someone doesn’t want to honour it but because things fail. Unfortunately the agreement will raise a higher voice and one can be jailed or lose something else more valuable. Some people have lost houses because of agreements and then ofcourse the spouses and children will never understand why a family home was put on an agreement. Well at the time of agreement everything may have seemed so easy and in right order until an unanticipated and never thought of failure happened on one end leading to a failure on another end. Who do you tell? Who will hear you? Who will speak for you?

Join me again in Part 2 as we look at some lessons from Job in concluding this series.