Create in me a clean heart part 2: Pain is a lie

…continued from Part 1


You will know that pain is based on a lie if you introspect and check what you have become or believed as a result of pain. Pain negotiates with you and changes you to a such a point that it takes charge and starts dictating how you should behave. Pain is a wicked and vicious general dispatched by the devil to keep watch and surveillance over your heart of hearts where it all happens. That place in your inward part is required by God to carry truth, the enemy in his pervasive schemes requires the same place to implant lies and deception thus hinder you from accessing wisdom for fruitful living (Psalm 51:6)


Inorder to “shield” you from further unpleasantness. The assignment of deception begins with a copying mechanism presented by pain itself, then pain monitors you intently, leading and guiding you into all manner of lies and deception- deceiving and being deceived (2 Timothy 3:13)! This is a perverted way of dealing with the pain. The method rejects God and the irony of it all is you will be in church but not ever come to this realisation unless you humble yourself. Copying mechanisms are not from God, are not based on God given wisdom/truth but make you feel better hence are a perversion of truth.

You will notice that although I have split these, they can happen simultaneously or one leading to the next or just in an interrelated manner depending on circumstances and the individual. Unfortunately, all of this is carefully planned by the enemy to derail us through his mission to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10).

1. Park the pain/problem

Here an individual will act like it (the problem or source of pain) didn’t happen and it doesn’t exist- act okay in public, broken and crushed in secret etc…

Inorder to deal with pain, an individual can resort to parking the problem or shutting it out and acting like it never happened. This is a lie. Unfortunately parked pain actually moves along with you in the adjacent lane as on a highway. It monitors you, pricks you and knocks you over occasionally even when you pretend its not there. In that way, you have believed the lie that the pain is gone because you parked it on the sideroad.

2. Replace pain/problem

Pain is normally replaced with something of interest e.g

  • church
  • school (personal development)
  • ministry
  • music
  • movies
  • gym
  • gossip
  • internet/ social media e.g facebook, twitter, whatsapp
  • soapies/movies
  • drinking
  • partying
  • sex
  • occult etc

Excessive interest in other things leading to obsession is definitely a copying mechanism. This is based on the lie that as these objects of entertainment fill us up, we become numb to the pain. Pain works very hard to convince you to exert your energies in other interests. So you are preoccupied for most of the time in temporary pleasantness and again pain – the boss shows up as and when it wills to afflict you through thoughts and memories of the ugly past. No matter how hard one tries to occupy themselves and hide in these sources of entertainment, pain not dealt with remains a timebomb in your life

3. Take charge

One of the ways in which pain deceives one into taking control is compensatory behaviour e.g being prideful, hurt others, attention seeking, lying to be accepted, cheating to gain power etc…
Taking charge is a copying mechanism that derives itself from pain that came through wicked or unfair judgement or authority by others. We question why they think they are so important and retaliate by putting the garments of power ourselves. Again this is a lie because all power belongs to God. So when we accept this kind of power conceived by the enemy in us, we become prideful. This is also birthed by such questions as “why me?” “who do they think they are?” Before we know it we are handed over a coat of pride, which becomes thicker and thicker as we harbour the pain. The coat hides us in there so that no-one can come in to hurt us ever again or so we think…

4. Revenge

One of the waus in which hurt individuals react and cope with pain is revenge. This manifests in acts of retaliation such as stealing, murder, cheating, rejecting, breaking hearts etc…which are supposed to level the ground with the world out there (perpertrators) and infact restore or get one’s power/ dignity/ status/ ego back.
Unfoetunately, when pain is not dealt with it can crown us into Hurt-Masters! The popular saying, “Hurt people hurt others” begins to manifest in lying, cheating, immorality (sexual sin in one form or another), tale-bearing, slander, breaking hearts etc to exert power and control in a way that transfers pain over to others while bringing ‘satisfaction’ to self. Sometimes all of this is done carelessly not because there’s a need to hurt others but there is a hunger to gain power (in areas of pain) that was once denied in the past (2 Timothy 3:13)!

5. Shut out

The object of shutting out is to keep to one self as the world is ‘wicked’ thus victims of pain reject, dump, leave, runaway, walkaway etc…
The coat of pride is designed to keep the world out because the world failed us and cannever be trusted again…this is another form of deception. Jeremiah 17:5 says We should never have trusted man in the first place so this becomes the lie of pain. Now instead of turning to God, we turn to ourselves, trusting our own selves to protect us from the wicked world…what a lie! To push this agenda, we walkaway from relationships ‘before we can get hurt’, reject before being rejected etc. We become conditioned to run and unfortunately we also release these negative energies causing the earth and its fullness to repel us. The system is always two-way because God made it so (Matthew 7:2). If we hurt, we get hurt. If we love, we get loved. If we forgive, we are forgiven.

6. Surrender

Surrender is a copying mechanism characterised by shame, despair, distress, stress etc …
The end game of pain culminates in anger, grief, sorrow, shame, surrender and depression. All of these negative emotions are experienced because of deception. Infact simply because they are not God’s portion for his loved ones, they are a lie. The worst part of it all is dying because of pain ultimately the enemy will have fulfilled his mission according to john 10:10.

Will you be a victim?

In conclusion, The first psalm declares clearly that if we delight on the law of the lord, which has nothing to do with most of our copying mechanisms, we will be fruitful and taken care of. For this reason living in pain and refusing to deal with it means living outside of instruction of God and choosing the lies of the enemy to our destruction.

If your life is unfruitful today, ask God in his faithfulness to create in you a clean heart Psalm 51:10. After that you must be obedient enough to follow his instruction because HE instructs and you do accordingly then HE cleanses. It depends on your willingness as an individual to be obedient. God will not force his way. Proverbs 20:27 says God uses the spirit of a man as a lamp to search the inward parts.

In Part 3, we conclude this series by discussing the action plan to deal with pain

RiseUp Conqueror!!!!

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falling is not the problem, failing to rise up is…


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Ester H.

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