Deliverance and Inner healing: The Stronghold of Rejection: Part 1

What is Deliverance?
Deliverance is being rescued by the Holy Spirit from evil destruction through systematic replacement of wrong beliefs (lies) by the Word of God (truth). This can be done by self individually or with the help of a deliverance minister. It can involve casting out demons (’emergency surgery’) but that is not all as the ‘patient’ will need to be monitored and taught how to take care of themselves afterwards. Ultimately however deliverance culminates in the displacement of evil spirit (s) resulting in inner healing and peace. Demons hate truth (God) because they are born of the devil, the father of lies. To displace them, strongholds of ‘lies’ are sifted and ousted by putting ‘truth’ in their place. Where lies have become the norm, demons take full residence and start dictating every area of a person’s life until the individual loses control (possession). The journey to possession is characterised by manipulation, intimidation, abuse and torment by demonic entities according to the areas in which the lies have been registered and accepted.

Contrary to popular belief, deliverance is not an event but a lifetime process that ends at death. This process is activated at the onset of the believer’s walk of faith, the day that one accepts Jesus as Lord and personal saviour. This act of getting born again indicates a moving away from the old ways to a new life in Christ. That is deliverance, but just the beginning. Now because it takes a lifetime from birth to the time one accepts Jesus Christ to get entangled with the world, its doctrines and systems, it will simply not be realistic to flush out the old man in one event. That process of killing the flesh and awakening the spirit on a daily basis is literally what deliverance is all about. At least some old thought, habit, mindset or line of belief about life dies every day making way for the truth of Christ according to the Word of God. The devil, whose weapon is the flesh naturally resists this process of renewal hence the struggle for freedom by most. The continuous pursuance of truth leads to deliverance and eventually inner healing which is a place of perfect peace. The assignment of an evil spirit is according to John 10:10 to kill, steal and to destroy. Salvation is only as permanent as one works on it with fear and trembling. Any slackening in this regard will result in theft of all the benefits and once forces of evil know they can get away with stuff in an individual’s life, they will keep pushing!

The Stronghold of Rejection
One of the key strongholds man has to deal with in the area of deliverance and inner healing is rejection. Rejection is a giant that commands many other spirits 5 key ones being pride, rebellion/ stubbornness, anger, unforgiveness and bitterness. Infact every spirit of wickedness either starts from rejection or leads to rejection with an ultimate agenda to isolate, intimidate, torment and assassinate (Killing, stealing and destroying any and every aspect of one’s life as much as possible- John 10:10).
It is important to note that there is no particular order of invasion on a human body, anyone of them that gains territory first is certainly going to invite others.
Definition (According to the Oxford online dictionary)
Rejection comes from the word reject which means: Dismiss as inadequate, unacceptable, or faulty.
1.1 Refuse to agree to (a request)
1.2 Fail to show due affection or concern for (someone); rebuff.
1.3 Medicine Show an immune response to (a transplanted organ or tissue) so that it fails to survive.
From the above definitions, we can see that given the fact that all of man’s existence is about being part of a family, a tribe, a society, a church, a group, a ministry or a nation etc, any threat to this sense of belonging results in the decoding of the condition of being unaccepted or excluded. This then invites the negative emotion called rejection to settle in. In deliverance ministry we call this the Spirit of Rejection. As hinted before it commands many others and as in medical terms can lead to death (of spirit then of the physical body).

The origin of rejection can be traced back to incidences in scripture:

1. The case of Lucifer (Devil)
2. The case of the anointed (Samuel; King Saul)
3. The case of the Son of God (Jesus Christ)

1. The case of Lucifer (Devil) Luke 10:18; Isaiah14:12-14; Ezekiel 28:14-18
Lucifer was loved and cherished in heaven but became rebellious and prideful. He thought he could ascend the throne but was ‘throne’ out and fell like lightning. The quickest way to man’s downfall is pride. Lucifer response to rejection was reject also! He has since been working tirelessly to get us thrown out of the presence of God by perverting everything that stands for God in the earth. To do this he simply has to inject his rejection venom to unsuspecting individuals who are quick to assume that their feelings are justified. One need never feel rejected unless they had previously assumed the throne in people’s lives (pride) and then those people act in a way that disqualifies them and that humbling act is difficult to accept. The spirit of rejection touches the ego, the very sense of one’s being and therefore threatens the very peace and existence of an individual. The first pot of call after registering the emotion or feeling of rejection is therefore to level the ground by retaliating i.e rejecting in return. The devil’s entire strategy and system is based on misrepresenting all of God’s intent in the earth and who he is. In the table below God is reflected in all the good and rejection is simply quitting whatever represents God in a scenario and embracing the dictates of the opposition (the devil). These are just examples and the list goes on!
GOD ( Sovereign-sits at the top) and the
DEVIL (created being, cannot be compared to God) tries to defile every thing that stands for Good with Evil


Once thrown out the devil went on a perversion spree. When we reject God, our hearts become hardened so that we start losing bits of our conscience and continue in that trend deceiving and being deceived into all kinds of evil until and unless we repent and put our house in order. The devil worms himself in and by the time you look in the mirror and see the devil, it may be/ too late. What can start off as taking time out from a relationship, a group or family or ministry can turn into slander, hate all the way into loneliness and the enemy will continue to squeeze until the zeal to live is taken. At that stage all of his 3 assignments (steal, kill, destroy) will have been accomplished both in your life and possibly that of your loved ones

2. The case of the anointed (Samuel; King Saul) 1 Samuel 8:7-8
In the matter of Samuel and the people, Samuel complained to God that he had been rejected and God took the matter up on behalf of his anointed one. He declared that the people had not rejected Samuel but himself as their God and they were going to get what they had demanded but it would be at a price. They would suffer! Thus, Rejecting God’s system sets us up for slavery and abuse. Also, when we feel rejected, it is important to take the matter up to God in prayer. God will avenge! Trying to settle the score as is always the temptation is erratic and costly for us in the end. According to Romans 12:19, Vengeance is mine say the Lord. When we honour God by letting him fight for us. In the same book, King Saul the anointed was given an instruction by God and did not do it in full resulting in God rejecting him. This act not only cost him the throne but he also found himself outside the presence of God to a point where he had to consult a familiar spirit for answers. One of the effects of rejection is unbelief which if goes unchecked develops into idolatry (e.g church hoping, consulting n’angas and false prophets, antichrist religion etc). Unfortunately there’s a price to pay for engaging in idolatry

3. The case of the Son of God (Jesus Christ) John 1:11-13
When rejected by his own (the Jews), Jesus continued to love and teach. He loved all the way to the cross loving even the ones he already knew would betray him. He never once walked out from them or abandoned them. He prayed for them and continued to care. Jesus is the perfect example. While rejected, he shamed the devil being fully assured of the fact that in heavenly places he was accepted, he did not harbour any negative emotions but instead continued the work of compassion all the way to the cross where he was given the crown of resurrection and is seated at the right hand of the father. Thus, tolerating the rejection agenda simply removes us from that esteemed right hand where we are supposed to be seated with Christ in higher places deliberating and litigating cases for fellow saints. The unfortunate thing is that instead of reigning with Christ in heavenly places, we reduce ourselves to earthly beings where we meet the resistance of the evil beings that dominate this realm. Ofcourse, these are ready to further the rejection agenda being fully armed for those that get thrown out of the presence of God. Our lives just become a circus of confusion, going round in circles and never able to put our feet on any ground.

Why Rejection
It is the single most effective tool to set up human beings with unbelief. Rejection is literally the state of rejecting what is supposed to be true and holding on to lies. The lies are carefully crafted by the enemy in a way that makes sense but if carefully also rated against the word, those facts are found wanting. Any emotion, thought, feeling or action that aligns with God directly leads to acceptance and this acceptance simply is of God and not man. Once acceptance is decoded or rated according to man, it is now a flesh thing and therefore aligned to an evil system which the devil manipulates. That conditions one for rejection where man is never good enough because their loyalties are misplaced.

As humans, we wrestle with other people because of the rejection they effect in us by denying us access to love, dignity, material or spiritual blessings or things. However, as spirit beings (believers), we have to bring that mindset to order, understanding that we don’t fight people (flesh) but the spirits behind those behaviours that cause us pain.

That’s it conquerors, join me again in Part 2 as we go deeper into the spirit of rejection.

Signing out, Ester H.

One Love,

Remember, falling is not the problem, failing to riseup is!!!!!


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