Life Sucks…

Greetings Conquerors!!!

Its been an awful long time and i hope you missed me as i missed you lots! If you have ever thought or said , “life sucks..” Welcome!!!

Ever wondered why you always end up in the same unwanted challenges – broke, lonely, frustrated, disgusted, hurt etc? It’s because you have been trading on battlefields without even knowing it. Well perhaps you knew something was up against you but really did nothing about it. It’s like you have to wrestle your way through various challenges, seasons and phases in your life…like life is a struggle! I have often heard ( and I’m also guilty), “life is hard”, “life is unfair” or “life sucks…etc.” One day it got me thinking and I wondered, Who is life? Where is life? What is life? There was no one to answer me and something got stirred up in me! Life is me. Life is being alive to see the next day. Life is what I make it, yeah that’s right. That’s what they used to say when we were growing up…that, ‘LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT!’

Now If I am life, if I am alive today and I make life, then I am enough to make my life what I want it to be. So I came up with levels to map my life forward. These levels turned out to be battlefronts as follows:

  1. Thought/believe: This is the level of thought. I have to think it (life) first, perceive it in my mind and believe it so that I have a clear picture of who I am, what I want to be, how I will become it and where I am going. Everything that ever happened to anybody was first conceived as a thought either of fear or of faith thus were the battle lines drawn knowingly or unknowingly. I have to be very deliberate about it all or I will never amount to anything. The danger is that if I do not deliberately strategize, life will pass me by. The thought level is the facet of my life that consists of reconditioning my mindset. I must have a winner mindset. This must be birthed out of the mindset of a fighter. I must fight for what is mine and unless I know it I cannot fight for it. I like to call it the chief of all battles because if you are defeated in your thinking system, there is no way you are going to win anything in the natural. This is the first BATTLEFRONT where we fight the battle of the MIND.

2. Speech/confess: This is the level of confession. After I have come up with the picture I want for my life, I move on to the speaking part. Speaking affirms what the mind has been audacious enough to believe. If I don’t speak it soon, it might as well die at the level of thought. Confessing one’s thoughts establishes that which they believe as true. That confession has the power to draw those images from the spirit realm to the natural realm. There is really no point in life to strategizing and planning things in your mind and jump out of there to speak everything negative. It simply turns you into a confused nut, living in a fantasy world that will never become real. A tongue that is not partnering with your belief system will not get you anywhere. You are better off without it! This is the second BATTLEFRONT where we fight the battle of the TONGUE.

3. Action/works: This is the level where action completes the work of believing and confessing. The awareness of who I am and what I want to be can only be effected by works that align with what I have believed. This is how I sign up to real war. Most times the enemy is quite happy letting us do the imaginations and running wild with that. Most times too he could let us wag our big tongues and confess it endlessly. However, unless there is action that is commensurate with the mind and the tongue, you are really not going anywhere with your life. This is how people get stuck in lives they never bargained for because they did not do anything to direct their paths. This is third BATTLEFRONT where we fight the battle of the FLESH. This level is particularly interesting because it is the one fought here in the natural world. Its has such battlefields as: the body, the finances, religion, the family, education, people network etc. Various categories/battle fields can arise to all this but the key thing is to know your enemy and how to fight him.

My heart goes out to those who are in war but do not even know it. Some are casualties of battles they never even perceived they were involved in yet they were on the frontline the whole time. Friends, the truth of the fact is that the enemy is one! His name is the devil. According to John 10:10, he is the thief that came to still what is yours, to kill and destroy everything that concerns you and to eventually take you out! He is ruthless! He is cunning! He is evil! He is wicked! He is a deceiver! He is the accuser! A scheming liar and your adversary, always roaming about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour!

The good news is that a man called Jesus came that we may have LIFE and have it more abundantly. Scripture says in him is light and that light is the life of man. Choosing him means actioning a new LIFECYCLE. Putting off the oldman (you) and putting on the new man (Christ) means that you begin a life of transformation. The journey of transformation is certainly no match for cowards. It is for the brave! Those that have made up their minds that they will be conquerors. It is a work of faith and faith is not for the weak who stumble even when nothing is in their way. It is for those who are determined to find meaning for their lives, make the necessary sacrifices and embrace the victories (I will talk more about these sacrifices in future posts so stay tuned). It is a journey of seeking the one who promised (Jesus) and is the life, pursuing the promises, overtaking and recovering them all to cause life to become, then will it not ‘suck’.

Where once things around you were dying, they start living. They become revitalised, replenished, refreshed and well set for prosperity. Not in a day’s work, do not be fooled but certainly doable! Yes, attainable! Not an easy walk in the park but a journey full of adventure. Brothers and Sisters THAT IS LIFE. If you care, rise up and fight for the life of your dreams! You are the battle axe that will dash in pieces your adversary and make way for your life to be what you have always wanted it to be.

I hope this helped you. Don’t forget to share with your friends, otherwise remain focused till we meet again…

Thank you for checking in and dont forget to share 🙂

Till Then,

Ester H.


Falling is not the problem, failing to riseUP is!!!!

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