Joining The Army Part 2: The love Affair

Welcome Conquerors!

Today i want to talk about joining the army of God with a particular emphasis on the love affair. Having dealt with the mystery of Christ in the preceding post, i felt it necessary to go deeper into this mystery of love. So God the author of love put his seed in us that one day our hearts would beat with love and we would respond to that feeling on the inside with a deep hunger for him. Conquerors, this love affair is not for cheaters, players or liars. It’s for those who can stay true to the battle for love, the battle for life and the battle for the soul and spirit. Anytime you enter into battle, someone has got to win. In order to win your battles of survival, you need to be on the winning side. This is the side of God your creator, to whom you are answerable…The LoveAffair between God and mankind is no different from what we see on the natural radar. Love is making the world go round everywhere. Isn’t it amazing that every human being, those who like to call themselves believers and those who act like they don’t believe, call on God when disaster strikes! That inner heartbeat that connects them to a supernatural being, a higher power is the seed of faith that was deposited in every single one of us at creation. It connects us back to our maker. That my brothers and sisters is the signal of love at first sight. We all know the story! So first God sends his Word to ask you out and for this love story to workout, both parties have to work for it after all love just doesn’t happen.

As in the natural, this love is worked and developed through stages:

  1. Attraction/Fall in Love: the attraction is there already, being seeded as faith by God himself. All manner of creation knows that there is a higher power – that is God. That inner voice that makes you responsible to an invisible higher power is the initial attraction.
  2. Believe the Mystery of Jesus: This means to activate your belief system to accept the ‘unacceptable’ and believe the ‘unbelievable.’ If you are reading this you have probably heard about how Jesus was conceived. To accept that as truth means defying the odds of logic! To believe it is a giant step of faith! When you believe with the heart that Jesus is Lord unto righteousness and confess with the mouth that he died and rose again unto salvation you become BORN AGAIN. You become a new creature, a new life, a new mindset and you enter into eternal life. This is the entry point of spiritual warfare. Joining the Army of God means believing in Jesus – The Christ.
  3. Courtship/Dialogue: Now comes the part where love is nurtured, cultivated and waterd. This is going into his presence, talking to him and hearing from him. We enter his presence through his Word (Jesus), which we can find in the special book called the Bible. This is where you get to know him better, see him in action and pour out his love to you. As a bride you keep yourself clean, tell all the other gods to leave you and stop seeing them. You prepare yourself for an eternal committments by preserving yourself for this new found love.
  4. Taking it to the next Level/Marriage: This commitment part actually happens in two stages. First in the natural life by getting Born Again then secondly at death by Resurrection and meeting with the object of our affection – God. Unlike in the natural, this marriage signifies a union with God through Jesus. This is the only marriage that will not end because of death, infact after death it becomes perfected. As you enter into this marriage covenant, you become one, you move in with him and have your entire being in him while he takes charge over your life, protects you and provides for you. You begin to walk together, plan together and do everything together acknowledging his pre-eminence, omniscience and allmightiness in your life.

To help us, God spoke in old times through prophets and inspired prophets and apostles to write his Word. When it was assembled the Word became what we know today as the Bible. He did this to give us a manual for life. The Word of God is our reference point today of who God is, what he wants and expects from us. The Word of God is like a magnifying glass in our life and it contains anything and everything that we can ever go through on this earth, how to go through it and how to be victorious. It is the book of life that clearly outlines the way we should take. Once you begin the habit of reading the bible, very soon the Word will start becoming real, it will begin to apply to your everyday life. There is a lot to God and we can never touch everything on this platform. Even the bible could not contain everything! I encourage you to read the Holy Bible and familiarise yourself with God.

Moreover, therein are the depths of knowledge and wisdom about life yesterday, today and tomorrow. The Word is tried and tested and has been proven to be true! Personally I have had my own experiences with the Word and today I can testify without a doubt that the Lord Liveth! Believing in the mystery of Jesus will protect your mind and your entire being from deception. If the enemy can convince you to deny Jesus, then he can keep you from accessing anything of God. Of course people will argue about why there are successful sinners and unbelievers. Well God is LOVE. Remember he is the author of it. He first loved us when we were yet sinners! He operates in the highest level of love and mercy. For this cause he sent his only Son to die for ALL on the cross!

The cross signifies repentance and the forgiveness of sins, which is why we are called to come as we are no matter how bad we have been! So much love! God is also very patient and faithfully waiting and giving everyone a chance to know him, choose him and return back to him. If only we can believe, then the rest of the questions will become clearer and clearer as we walk the walk of a believer. Your walk is not going to be the same as mine so never compare yourself with the next person. You will struggle with some concepts as you go but if you take heed to Gods Word and instruction and make it the final authority and final say in your life it will all workout for your good.

Be vigilant! Some days will be harder than others. This is the good fight of faith. This is spiritual warfare, where many spiritual battles are fought and if in Christ won! Picture the battlefront in war. Fire, bullets, injuries, rescue teams, cries and victories…etc etc. That will be your life. The only difference is that whether in life or death, victory is certain. Yours will be a story of victory. You will win every battle in Gods way. Sometimes you will have to understand that your losses will be Gods victories and later you will understand that they were your victories in the first place. If you are interested in joining Gods Army today, get on the love train, start your own LoveAffair with him, sign into battle by saying this prayer:

Lord Jesus, I confess that I am a sinner, I believe that you are the Son of The Most high God, I confess that you died for me on Calvary and rose again. Come into my life and be my Lord and personal Saviour.

Friends if you have made the above confession, it means you have now been born again. You are now a member of the family of God. You are now a Christian. The Angels are rejoicing in heaven because of you. Congratulations!! I am so happy for you! If you need help on what to do next, get intouch on

Join me again next week as we talk about the armour of God and the weapons of our warfare, otherwise keep growing this LoveAffair to greater heights!

Till Then

One Love!

Ester H.


falling is not the problem, failing to riseUP is!!!!!

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