Trusting God Part 3: God is Good

In Part 1, we saw trust from the perspective of flesh. Here, one’s life is informed by what they have experienced (self) as well as what they perceive by their human senses in the circumstances and situations they find themselves in (i.e fellow humans, environment/world). In Part 2, we saw trust from the perspective of prayer and communion with God. We conclude the trust series by focusing even more on God the Sovereign ruler and creator of all things.

Now, it is God we will always have. It is God who inhabits time and is the beginning and the end of time. He will always be there and so we are best off trusting him and nothing or no-one else! There is nothing wrong with having experiential knowledge of God. Good experiences foster faith but bad experiences will fester and cause havok in the faith journey compromising one’s ability to trust God.  We never have to worry about good because we originate from a good God and as he is so are we. It is the bad that rocks the boat and therefore has to be dealt with. If your knowledge of God is based on your understanding of life thus far or experiences you will never trust him fully. The bad experiences will redefine God for you and make so much noise it will be impossible to trust him or walk in faith. Yes you will acknowledge his Lordship, yet you will not trust his  will to do you good. We have to understand one thing- the finality of scripture when it says God is good. This is the final truth against a bad past/ experience or present/situation or even perceived future. In it all and through it all, God is Good!

I had a discussion the other day with some sisters and the question that kept coming up is;

“How does a good God allow so much pain and suffering…?”

The discussion went as far as people not getting why suffering even happens to those who have dedicated their lives to serving this God and specifically why the wicked thrive and seem to make it. It became apparent the level of distrust in the God they serve as believers. Now this is not to judge and say believers can’t think like this or express these sentiments. It becomes an issue of reality versus the word of God. How does one believe the word that says God answers when clearly answers are far from materialising. Prayers going up, church every Sunday and disappointment after disappointment. What is one to do? It is even at this point people start dabbling with the occult in the hope for tangible answers and an actual voice of promise.

The answer remains in that same word of truth. There is no promise of an affliction free life in the word of God and certainly no mention of rains not falling on the farms of the wicked. God loves all and that is why he is a good God. He gives to all the opportunity to know him should they so wish. Bitterness birthed in pain, loss and the troubles of life can only steal away one’s peace and opportunity to trust a good God who will remain on his throne, still defined as good whether he is trusted or not. Unbelief will certainly not strip God of his throne or sovereignty. He remains God Almighty the master planner!

Interestingly, it is people that plot scheme and plan against fellow human beings. It is fellow humans that execute their God-given free will to execute wicked plans spiritually or physically thereby harming or hurting others in the process. God gave man the freedom to choose which way they will take. It would seem that in allowing other people to choose to be wicked and letting them be, the good suffer. Well Jesus suffered for all and when we accept him, there is going to be some sort of suffering in which afterwards like Jesus we are rewarded. So here is the deal-

There is pain and suffering in the world. This makes us run to Jesus but there is pain and suffering there too. The difference- Jesus offers peace in the storm and eternal life. He promises to never leave or forsake and then the cherry on top is eternal life.

Sometimes we get so obscessed with the desires of our heart and trust our judgement on those matters that we forget there is a higher power. This is exactly why in his great wisdom, the Lord God Almighty gave us Jeremiah 17:5-6 –

Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD. For he shall be like the heath in the desert, and shall not see when good cometh; but shall inhabit the parched places in the wilderness, in a salt land and not inhabited.

Trusting flesh is not only about trusting humans but about the sum total of all things associated with them. This includes the things that humans do and make altogther including the earth from which humans are created from. All of this is carnal and trusting this is carnality. We get so wrapped around our fleshly lusts and wants to the extent that as the above scripture rightly puts it, we fail to see when good comes. The thing is all these earthly relationships, plans, contracts, agreements and/or whatever else pushes us against the wall are “arms of flesh” and they will fail us when we focus on them and forget to trust the God who alone can accomplish them for us- the Sovereign God. Sometimes too he will accomplish it not for us, but for himself. We must have the humility to accept his divine rule in denying us what we may wish for against his own sovereign will. My favourite scripture is Joshua 1:5

There shall not any man be able to stand before thee all the days of thy life: as I was with Moses, so I will be with thee: I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee.

Knowing that even in the event of the failure i fear so much or the loss or even death or whatever it is that makes us desperate leaving our faces against the wall, he will be with me! He will never leave me! He will never forsake me! If i go high, he is there. If i go low, he is there. If i go under, he is there. So where will i go that the Lord will not be there? (Psalm 139) If he is there always, therefore shall it be well with me because God is Good. He is the everything i seek. He is here and that is enough for “In him i move and have my being…”

To know this is to trust God. I hope this series has been a blessing as it certainly has been to me just putting it down!

That’s it Conquerors

Remain Blessed


falling is not the problem, failing to riseup is


Signing out

Ester H.

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