Trusting God Part 2: Conversations with God

The Role of Prayer in Building Trust

In Part 1, we saw the role of physical things and experiences in informing our level of trust in God. Today we go spiritual in the confines of prayer. Prayer is communion with God. When learning to trust God, one must learn to have conversations with God all the time by reading His word, hearing him speak in between those pages and answering him back in word of prayer. The voice of God is his word. When you read it, take it because he is speaking to you through your reading at that moment. Honour that voice and act on what he says right there and you will build on your trust. It is imperative to remove the whorish mindset of wanting to gain something from that love relationship. He is not a prayer/answer ATM and certainly is disgusted by that attitude too of wanting, wanting and wanting! Afterall he is God and the sooner one realises he will only do what he has purposed to do the better. It will only happen when and how he wants it. You can pray and fast, yet he will still be the one to decide what happens afterwards. Prayer is not God and things do not happen just because you have prayed. Prayer is not the answer. God is. Prayer builds relationship and fellowship. Then God at his appointed time does what he seems fit in his will.  Prayer is conversation with God. Its how we get to know him and build a relationship with him. In prayer we bond with God and build our trust in him. We focus on God and reduce our focus on the world and people. Through prayer and focus on God, we can affect the will of God in that he may end up giving us that which we want as we praise, worship, reason with him, negotiate with him and honour him in it. In MATTHEW 15:28 scripture records,

Jesus gave in. “Oh, woman, your faith is something else. What you want is what you get!” Right then her daughter became well. (MSG)

This is the reason for faith. He can just do it and because we do not know his mind, we have to keep trying by faith and trust in his wisdom, power, ability, goodness and faithfulness.

Trust Compromised

I have encountered some desperate situations in a row over the past few years and one thing i learnt is that Acts 17.28 stands- in him i move and have my being! In him i move and have my victory. In him i move and have my access! In him i move and have my health! In him i move and have my all! I  realised that for the longest time, i was in a rush and the one that was going to do that which i was rushing for was not in any rush at all. By the continued look of things, he was relaxing and i was racing and panting unnecessarily as if i could accomplish anything. If i cannot do it, why am i under so much pressure. Well the pressure was coming from deadlines and plans and all of that stuff that had to be done. From earthly agreements or contracts needing fulfillment, some made willingly by faith and some made in situations that called for them. So we get into all this earthly stuff then try to force the heavenly courts to expedite matters on our behalf and when it doesn’t seem to work because God will only do his will, we think he is not hearing us and our trust or faith is compromised.

So one day i heard a small voice inside say,

“So do you actually think the Lord cannot do this?

I said,

“I know he can but i am having trouble believing that in this case he will do it…

For 1: My mother died on his watch- we prayed, declared, cried and did all we could to save her life. He was able to heal (if it was healing needed) able to deliver (if it was deliverance needed) able to provide (if it was financial provision needed or anything else) but he chose to take or allow to be taken (as he has the final say) even when he knew we still wanted her…how then can i trust him to do this one.

For 2: My nephew Mukundi (MHDSRIEP). Oh dear! Did we not plead for that little life even for ressurrection itself. A blessing celebrated after many years departed within 3 months of birth. So Jesus, the Lord is the resurrection who would not manifest himself when he knew we desired it desperately.”

Aaaa i could see that trusting God was becoming a challenge for me who speaks highly of it. I was quickly reminded by that voice inside of the principle of “Divine Rule” and the Sovereignty of God:

“There is something about your mother’s death and yet again your nephew’s death that is not revealed to you that makes it alright in the wisdom of God for he yet permitted it at that time because he is wise!”

As much as i always fail to comprehend why he would not simply overule all, i must humble myself to his will and fully accept that he could not simply overule himself for me. For who am i in all of this? I am nothing. Again i am nothing without him and it is him i need the most not anyone else! After the depature of my beloved, i still have him and that matters for he saw it fit for it to be that way.

Now, conversing with God requires humility and the attitude of brokenness (nothingness) before his throne. One must come naked and unashamed. Stripped of all supposed knowledge, power, title, accolade or position and just that soul God created for communion. Often times people confuse the power granted them in the word for that which they can flaunt before God in prayer. A big No! How can we show off what we do not possess by ourselves to the one who gives it? The more we talk with God, the more we are exposed as nothing and humbled. This nothingness has nothing to do with who we are as individuals but what we are before God and compared to God and realising that we are beneath God and the gap between us and his greatness is immeasurable. The more we reduce ourselves and let him increase means we grow spiritually and that is the more we become one with him. The more we blend with him, the more the earth bows to his presence in us. This is how we then rule with him, being in him and of him. Even at that, as in the person of Jesus- he was God but did not equal himself to him while on assignment. He even accepted to be humbled by death on the cross, being spit at and clapped in public. If prayer does not teach you to go down, it will be very difficult for you to go up!

What’s more- the key of Peter in Matthew 16.19

-“And that’s not all. You will have complete and free access to God’s kingdom, keys to open any and every door: no more barriers between heaven and earth, earth and heaven. A yes on earth is yes in heaven. A no on earth is no in heaven.”

Now if there was ever a reason to trust God, this is it! The key gives all access to the believer. Remember that prayer facilitates being one with God so that he as the bigger light and supreme being is more visible and vocal than us in everything. It is in this enlightenment or state of being that even the surroundings which are infact his creation bow down to their maker granting the host free passage in all things. It is God that moves and does things in the body that has made way for him so that, the body enjoys all access having no barrier between heaven and earth. So, a No in his presence is a NO in heaven being qualified by his omnipresence while a yes is a Yes in the same vein!

In this state, one can only trust God as infact they are in a state of oneness with him. This is made possible by communion with him.

Thats it then Conquerors. Join me in the final part of Trusting God- Part 3 as we close by focusing on God and nothing else and that God is Good.

Till then

Remain Blessed

Ester H.


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