Trusting God Part 1: Trust Nothing…Trust No-one!

Trust is the absolute confidence and belief in the reliability of something or someone. It is that confidence that rests our heart and gives us the peace we need for our mental well-being and existence so that our lives are meaningful and worth living.

There are so many aspects of walking the journey of faith in God but trust tops them all. As relational beings, thriving ofcourse on the relationships we make or find ourselves in, trust plays centre stage. In Strategic Thought Management, trust is a major because when we choose to accept Jesus as Lord and saviour, it means we also choose to trust him with our lives. This trust overules trust in fellow human beings. It does not mean that we go around suspecting and distrusting others- for this would be toxic! It simply means that we observe a higher power governing those relationships so that trust in that source of livelihood superimposes any trust in the earth realm. In that way, we can be sure that the earthly relationships we find ourselves in are governed by a higher power who we put all our trust in for the peace and prosperity we need in those relationships. Today i want to discuss trust and look at ways of ugrading our trust in God as we journey on the faith lane.

Our Past

We are who we are today because of the sum total of our experiences and memories from our past. If we are not making decisions similar to our past to maintain those good experiences and memories or activate other good ones using those same decisions that brought about these memories, then we are working hard to avoid those decisions that created bad memories and experiences in our past. It goes as far as either maintaining the people or dropping the people that participated in the good or bad memories. In some instances individuals may be blacklisted from one’s book of friends or deleted from their social circles as a-never-to-be-interacted with or associated with character  again. Need i say more for characters that may be seen to be possessing like traits as those of betrayers, haters, users or heartbreakers from the past.

So our past is what we have trusted thus far -hanging on to what worked and running as far away as possible from what didn’t

Our Present

Our present is where we are now in the journey of life and therefore that of faith. The past happened and while time certainly flies from it, we carry those experiences into the present and future. People usually say past is past but as long as past happened past remains with us in its own way being a reality that can’t actually be erased from history. How we carry the past determines our success in the faith journey.  The present is consistent with the current state of our mind and beliefs. As a christian now, the present should now be informed by the Word of God and not the past and its experiences. Where as Christians we allow our thought system to be intermingled with the memories of the past, we actually lean on our own understanding of life thereby disregarding the instruction of the the very word of life we profess to now live by. Scripture says in Proverbs 3:5
Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. Thus the word of God is true and final and the duty of every christian is to inquire of it for decision making on every and any matter.

So our present is the result of our trust in whatever is instructing our life now- Usually it is the past experiences but must now be the instruction of the Word of God once one’s life has been surrendered to him.

The Future

The future respresents our aspirations, our dreams and our wishes. The future carries our desires just as they are from our perspective but also the actual plan and purpose of God as he would have it. When we embark on a faith journey, we must be prepared to drop the past as a reference point while yet being wise enough to accept all that has happened in our lives or to us thus far. We must have the wisdom to accept our present while yet activating the faith we need to embrace the desired future. We must be bold enough to understand that one who is all-powerful and all-knowing reigns and rules over our lives to the point that we can only achieve anything and everything by him- God. Is it health-mental or physical? Is it prosperity? Is it relationships? Yet it is only God who will accomplish it for us. Now this one is the hard part. In a world where seemingly godless people prosper without any atom of belief, christians begin to waver in their faith. It must however be understood that trusting God should never be reduced to a game of ‘trust and get’, ‘believe and receive’. Although receiving may yet require believing, that is not all to it for God loves all to bless even the wicked with rains for his crop! We have never seen the sun rising only for believers- that is how good God is. That is yet how blessings will not depend on faith. What God needs is relationship, fellowship and true worship.

So our future is a forecast of our trust in God as we proceed with our lives after accepting Jesus as Lord and saviour. For the unbeliever past continues to inform their future

In conclusion,

As humans we are challenged by a very vocal past with experiences that a invasive, even intrusive or pursuasive in informing our decisions for the present and the future. However as Christians and believers of the Sovereign God,  we must have absolute trust in our maker for direction. To trust God is to trust nothing or no-one else but Him and to possess the ability to manage one’s thoughts around hope deffered or hope lost in the confines of His Word, the Truth.

Join me in Part 2 as we look at the role of prayer in building trust in God.

Till Then


One Love

Ester H.

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