Conqueror Tuning: Part 1- Who am I?

Who am I?

Greeting Conquerors and welcome to Episode 1 of Conqueror Tuning. In the introductory post, we defined Conqueror Tuning as, “the process of strategic thought management which brings alignment in the human self so that body, soul and spirit are in insync thereby facilitating victorious living.” To be in existence and be denied rights to the goodness of life e.g love, peace, joy and hearts desires is to be dead while yet living. That is infact being a loser. Nothing works! Nothing materialises! Nothing grows! Failure all around…no-one wants this. We are created by good (God) and coded with good and so anything in our lives that opposes good, upsets the balance and causes internal conflict. Internal conflict is the breeding ground for more death cycles and failure. At this point, Conqueror Tuning becomes a necessity to redeem one from destruction in the confines of the spirit of redemption himself. It is the journey of transitioning one’s mindset from loser mentality to conqueror mentality. Now, it would be impossible to embark on any journey and make it to any destination without a map. The map not only gives a clear picture of where one is going but it also takes that picture from where one is coming from including where they are. To tune self into a conqueror successfully, one needs to know their self map. The self map is made up of one’s past, their present and their future. Obviously the future for most of us who are not prophetic is not known. However we have an idea of who we want to be and what we want in life and that should direct our endeavours. Below we will look at the Strategies of thought management. Today we begin with the self-map. In upcoming episodes we will delve into, spirituality, then body, soul and spirit.

THE SELF MAP (Past, present & Future)

In Conqueror tuning, thought management happens at 3 levels- the past, present and future. The past is the biggest game player. Our past is crucial to knowing who we are so that we can better understand our present and tune ourselves into the conquerors we want to be. The past is the sum total of memories (good and bad), traumas that have left a mark and experiences, disappointments etc. For this work however we zone in on the negative stuff that impacted our life and therefore our thought systems. The reason for this is that as mentioned earlier we are created by good and coded with good. We want all the good stuff so it is the bad stuff or the negative stuff that upsets us and must be dealt with. There is nothing else to do with the good stuff than to enjoy it and cherish the memories. So the past holds everything about us that was and that should have been. This part of our self-map is where our personal knowledge about life thus far is contained. As humans we are in fact what we have believed. What we believe about anything, the personal truths we have formulated while interacting with our environment over the years makes up who we are internally and how we manifest those beliefs in the outside world. As we go about life daily (in the present), we form opinions about everything and everyone our five (5) senses are exposed too. These become our templates for daily living and future response to like stimuli and therefore our personal truths. You can imagine that if your truths have been intercepted by deceit, confusion, frustration, lack, stress or trauma or even overzealousness, pride and lack of wisdom- they would be erratic. For this cause, conqueror tuning helps to identify actual truths and seperate them from personal truths. It becomes imperative to know the real truth versus the personal truth and to transition form those erratic truths (past) that have impacted the present to the winning truths (desired present and future).

You will remember that our aim is to bring body, soul and spirit into alignment. As such it will be impossible to attempt to understand one’s present without referring to their past or attempting to forecast a desirable future. The soul having been in existense well before we (the body) could understand our environment as babies is the main participant in the past. The body’s main domain is the present as it seeks to be a conqueror now rather than later. The spirit is the future as winning depends on our awakening to the spirit. We will deal more about body, soul and spirit in upcoming episodes. As humans we are relational beings and thrive on the relationships we have or those we are able to make. Consequently failed efforts affect us negatively and affect out truths. As we deal with the past and as we try to understand our present self, we focus also on the people that participated in forming those experiences and memories that left a mark in us. The unfortunate thing is that in loser mentality, shutting down the negative or painful past is a way of blocking it or a copying mechanism. If the offenders can be blocked too, even better! If not, yet relations will be based on avoidance or other negative, punitive ways to deal with them like being spiteful, moody or provocative or fake when around them. This means that in their blocked state, past experiences and the characters in them are participating in how the present is shaped or what happens in the ‘now’ of one’s life. A conqueror has it together, commands the past to order and looks ahead while experiencing victory in the present. This is a mindset that is practiced and nurtured over time. Answering the question, “Who am I? becomes the bridge between losing and conquering. Below we look at the journey of finding the answer (s) via inquiry into the self-map.

Who am I?

Now to answer the big question- ‘Who am I?’ There is need for self-introspection. This involves checks in five (5) areas of ones life which will also help in finishing the self-map by looking at the desired future from the past while in the present. These are family, social, educational, financial and religious background. The idea is to know who you are (present), who you have become (shaped by past) and who you want to be (future).

Family Background

We are either born and bred within our blood/biological family or outside of it by extended family or even strangers that become our family by circumstance. Most of our life happens here so most of what should or shouldn’t be is here.

Social Background

These are the relationships we have formed outside family life e.g friends we picked up along the journey of life including enemies or mere acquaintances.

Educational Background

This has to do with our level of self-development in opportunities granted or not granted us by our parents or guardians or benefactors or even by our own endeavours.

Financial Background

This has to do with our access (or lack of) to wealth by occupation, work or business or family accomplishements

Religious Background

As highlighted in the preceding episode, everyone believes in something and when one is not sure what they believe in, there are usually problems of confusion, frustration, stagnancy etc

When looking at each of these backgrounds one needs to first travel into the desired future and define it. When you can see where you want to be, you can then come back and look at each background and find out the who what, why, where, how of what went wrong and why you are not who or where you want to be. The following questions (on each background) can help clarify things or declatter the innerman

1. What pains, upsets me or makes me angry and why? What disappointed me and what are my regrets?

2. How did things go wrong? What are my threats and fears now?

3. Where did the disapointments or heartbreaking episodes happen?

4. Who participated in things going wrong and hurting me

5. Why did these things happen or the people (or self) do what they did to cause you pain.

Finally, decisions must be made on what can and will be changed and what can’t be changed and has to be made peace with. Conquerors do not strive or force matters. It must be noted that the inquistion of a conqueror is never a fault finding, blame placing mission or vengeance action plan. It is a noble quest for wisdom and truth so that victory may settle in.

Thus, as humans we are 3 part beings (soul, body and spirit) existing through a 3 phase life made up of the past (experiences and memories), present (current circumstances) and future (desired life). To seek the good of life and gain access to it is to conquer in life. An ugly past can make an equally ugly present and future if not worse. A conqueror must overcome their past to understand their present and re-write their future. You can not manage your thoughts and experiences for today if the thoughts and experiences in the past are messed up and that means you are not ready for a tidy (organised) future.

That’s it for this episode. Lets meet in Episode 3 as we look at the spiritual aspects of Conqueror living in Conqueror Tuning

Signing out

Ester H.

One Love

Remember falling is not the problem but failing to riseup is


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