Conqueror Tuning: Introduction

Greetings Conquerors!!!!

I trust these greetings find you conquering and moving on in victory.

Today i am on to the subject of Conqueror Tuning. In this subject we will what being a conqueror means and faith plays a pivotal roll in the alignment of victories within the whole self

Conqueror Tuning is the process of strategic thought management which brings alignment in the human self so that body, soul and spirit are in insync thereby facilitating victorious living. I dedicate this season to all those who are interested in spirituality and those who find themselves confused about religion. Let me just say this- In conqueror-talk, religion is key! Everyone has some what a religion that propels them directly or indirectly. I say this because we have a generation or class of people who hate the word religion and claim to be non-religious. However the human person locked inside the body we see is very much religiously oriented being spiritual, originating from the unseen and therefore spirit. So when someone says they are not religious what they are simply trying to say or do is that they are their own god, running their own show. Nothing else is good enough or worthy of that trust so they will give it up for self and self alone. To me, that is still religion!

Religion is basically what we believe for guidance, protection and sometimes even gifts of a spiritual or physical nature. For most ‘religious’ people the belief is centred on another being or power believed to be powerful or higher than self. To the ‘non- religious’, all this trust is put on self and they navigate life based on that belief in self. This is also refered to as faith. Now faith is a matter of personal convictions, opinions, mindsets and experiences put together. Its how one chooses to interpret their surroundings and decode information coming in through the senses – touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste. That information is used to form personal templates for life as it concerns those experiences and like ones that may follow. One therefore prepares themself for what may come.

What is a Conqueror?

A conqueror is one who overcomes or wins in battle. Usually this comes with taking territory by use of arms or superior weapons. Now if you have been in this life long enough to be reading this, you will know that life is about survival and survival of the fittest. Survival goes beyond breathing. It encompasses living well, being able to get ahead in your domain. As it were, life involves many battles for survival- Can you eat? Can you feed your own? Can you make a home? Can you move from point A to point B? Can you rest? Can you build and sustain relationships, establishments, endeavours etc etc. All these are questions (battles) that must be answered (fought) daily as we need to replenish our armoury (physically or spiritually) and stay standing. This is what conquering is about. May i mention here that because we are human and learners in discovering the earth we didn’t create, even conquerors will lose sometimes. However the difference between a loser and a conqueror is that the conqueror loses victoriously. This is because conquerors will have trained themselves to RISEUP after taking the hit and move on !

Virtues of a Conqueror

There are certain virtues that will separate conquerors from losers. These are defining attributes and characteristics. While it is possible to have all of them, life is basically the battle of putting them on at all times. Most people possess a little or all of these attributes but seldomly ever manifest them and this makes them losers. Knowledge doesn’t help anyone except when applied. It is the discipline of practicing and applying these virtues that will grow your conqueror bar and ensure more victories for you in your battlefields.


Love is a biggest virtue and attribute of a conqueror. A conqueror loves, loves and loves. A conqueror does not discriminate or make choices against others because of religion, race or tribe etc. It is as simple as One Love and that’s just the way it is. I have been honest from the beginning that The Conquerors Channel is for all. I am proudly and confidently Christian. In the language of One Love, i accept and respect brethren from across religions as i expect the same love and respect back. The business of judging is the creator’s own. Ours is to love!


Conquerors are joyous and joyful people. They seek happiness and pursue it, loving environments that promote freedom of expression. Expressions come in all sorts of ways from music and arts to work, philanthropy and ministry. The things we spend time doing should bring emotional rewards with them apart from physical benefits. In that is the virtue of joy! However in the world we live in, joy is never left unchallenged by sadness. This negative force can often ride on wrong decisions, wrong friendships, wrong thoughts amongst other wrongs and errors or even misforunes of life.

A conqueror then standsout by learning from what went wrong and acknowledging it’s rightful place in their life not as a bitter memory but as a turning point towards real wisdom which brings joy. As a conqueror, accepting that life is not always about getting what we want and how we want it is priceless wisdom! Knowing when to celebrate defeat, when to close a door and when to walk away can often be the most silently joyous and victorious moments!!!!

Peace & Temperance

Conquerors are peace lovers. Peace brings joy while the spirit of love actually fosters peace. Although conquerors are fighters and always on the battlefield, there are not out to destroy others, property or community. They build! They shun disorder and violence! They are not temperamental and their battles are more fought on the spiritual front. It’s an understanding that they have of the laws governing existence- which knowledge everyone must seek and find and unfortunately not everyone has.

Longsuffering & Meekness

Longsuffering is an important virtue that conquerors must have. It is the ability to tolerate the excesses of those that oppose, offend or cause havoc in one’s domain. It goes along with the gift of meekness springing also from an endless well of forgiveness. It calls for a high level of patience which comes with deliberate and intentional practice in pursuit of victorious living. While losers thirst for vengeance because they don’t see beyond their pride and pain, conquerors on the other hand understand that what goes around must surely come around so they don’t soil their hands with revenge. In their meekness, they leave it and wait for the laws of existence to bring justice.

Gentleness & Goodness

Conquerors are not rowdy, rough people. The love, peace, patience and joy backing them makes them gentle. It is difficult for conquerors to upset others intentionally. If it happens (as conquerors are human) humility that goes with ‘one love’ pushes them to admit wrong and make things right or attempt to, the other side permitting. Walking away may sometimes be the most reasonable thing to do for conquerors. It is not an act of cowardice as some may often think it is. It may be the only way to preserve peace in one’s life in the face of repeat offenders.


Last but certainly not least is wisdom. Wisdom is the guiding knowledge and prudence that Conquerors possess. Conquerors have a great thirst for knowledge coupled with a deep willingness to learn. They are prepared to learn something new anywhere, anyhow and through anyone. Because they are not discriminators, they dont judge the book by its cover ever! With wisdom, conquerors are in the right place at the right time doing the right thing and getting the rewards of all that- CONQUEST!

Therefore, when one pursues all these virtues that push towards goodness as they themselves pull from goodness, they begin to conquer in their battles. Ideally everyone wants to attain this state of mind. Its like tuning in to the right frequency for a radio station. If you dont get it right, you will not enjoy anything that radio has to offer but its there. While some have come across the wisdom needed to get ahead, they simply don’t manage to apply the knowledge because of personal lusts, selfish desires or absence of virtues. Others can’t be bothered to ask questions or look for answers and simply take bullets unawares on the battlefield they don’t even know exists. Sadly too, there are yet others who come across ill-knowledge that fights all good but is wrapped up in solutions for self then they end up in ruin.

So in this season of Conqueror Tuning, our aim is to bring an awareness to the need for virtue in mankind so that we all live victorious lives in peace and joy. There has to be unity ‘within’ the whole self to enable victory ‘without’. When everyone is out there fighting physical battles because of how they see the world, one’s good can easily turn out to be another’s evil and when every one is seeking revenge or retaliating, then we have chaos and a bunch of self sabotaging losers. With wisdom and virtue, losers may be transformed into conquerors both self aware losers and those who pridefully walk around as conquerors when they are just bullies.

That’s it then for today,

Join me again in the next post as we start the first episode on Conqueror Tuning- Who am I?

Till then

One Love

Ester H.

Remember falling is not the problem but failing to riseup is!!!


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