Move on part 4: The Principles

Dear Conquerors

In the preceding parts of this series, we have discussed the complexity of moving on, the concept and mindset of it and the questions that often must be answered by oneself in the midst of adversity or inevitable change to prepare the mind to move on. You will find out without doubt that at the core of the concept of moving on is the Spirit of Rejection. Rejection denotes being denied access to something, someone or an expected outcome leaving one with an overwhelming sense of worthlessness, emptiness, woundedness and hopelessness. The picture above summarizes it and you can read more about it here. So while in the physical realm, one must look within to answer some real questions pertaining to the way things happened, there is also the spiritual realm of questions that bombard the hurting soul that may seem to have no answers for the natural senses. Today we close off the series by looking at these questions that define the Principles of moving on. Once this knowledge is in place, a willing soul should be able to forge ahead and forever move on!

The Principles: Questions about Divinity

When the unfortunate happens,  people find themselves questions about divinity because of all the unknown and unseen stuff. It is at this point that people struggle to get up and carryon with life when things have changed. Inorder to make way for the Principles of moving on, these questions must be answered e.g Does God exist? Does God know all things? Why does he allow evil? If he knew Satan will be evil, why did he create him? Why did he give us free will if he knew we could choose wrongly to our detriment? Does he enjoy watching us suffer?

Let us delve into these

Does God Exist

The 1st principle is to acknowledge the existence of God the Creator and maker of all things and to whom all things belong. The existence of God is not a matter of debate. Everyone believes in a superior being but some people fail to come to terms with the fact that -that being is not themselves.  They have somehow come to regard their own selves as the ‘most intelligent being’ they know and cannot pay homage to another or worship another. If one cannot accept that they did not just exist without being created, then they cannot open their heart to the  concept of the existence of a creator. One chooses to believe first and then God reveals himself through the scriptures as one seeks him and grows.  To accept the unfortunate event (s) is infact to honour God who oversees all things. God (the potter) is Sovereign and you (the clay) are at his mercy to follow him. Understanding that the Lord is indeed omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent and these attributes cannot be proven by what a  human limited to 5 senses can see, hear or feel is imperative.  If God allows it to happen, he knows better and that’s final and uncontested.


Does God Know all Things?

The 2nd principle is God knows all things and as human we simply do not. He is indeed omniscient and if you are not qualified to understand the events happening around you, then you cannot possibly begin to judge or try to understand a Supernatural Being-God. Tuck yourself in his hands, hide there, be fully assured & face the future with boldness knowing that he is with you. You will not get all the answers you need as that is simply impossible but you can trust that he has your back. We know only a tiny bit of the whole truth. He knows all of the truth and so we can trust him and his judgement even if we do not understand it. Trying to force an understanding that is simply not possible is a level of foolishness that will simply lead one to self-destruction. To moveon means to trust God with your future that he owns. You Move-On because He Knows and not because you know.


If God is Love, why did he create the Devil?

The 3rd principle is to mind your own business. The devil is about his own business and will not stop as long as there are opportunities for him. Did you know that the devil wasnt always evil? He was a loved and cherished being who then thought to be like God and rebelled with a 3rd of angels with whom he was thrown down to earth from heaven. As a cursed for eternity rebel, he has his own mission and you have yours. STAY IN YOUR LANE. The difference is that humanity can be redeemed but the devil is doomed. Our focus should be on our own business- the worship of the one who owns all the evil not the fear of the one who has some of it.  In Genesis, there was darkness before light. God then called forth light. Its the same here-by the time you were born, the devil was already in this earth- a place given to him to carryon with his rebel business. You too like God should be in the business of calling forth light daily out of the darkness that is already there and being actioned by the spirits of wickedness.  If there was no darkness, why would there be light? It is because of darkness that we know to need light or call for light. Light is good but cannot function alone even scientifically without darkness. Again, God is Love because He is and not because of human experiences or perceptions in one tiny corner of a whole bigger picture. The devil is not by any means the beginning and end of evil on this earth. There is more where his own evil came from however God the Creator and the owner of all things including the devil has greater wisdom in using what the devil things is his own art -evil. If there is any evil to fear, it is God’s own. You cannot believe God and then think that the devil (his created being) can outsmart him. As the beloved of God, we are not to fear evil for God promises to make all things workout for our good. Negative experiences therefore do not redefine God. He remains God and he remains Good. He remains Love too. Submit, humble yourself and lose control to him. Thus, the devil is what makes us know that there is a good. That good is God and if we draw to goodness, goodness will prevail. If we focus on evil, we are defeated because we fall from the plan of God.


If God is Omniscient, Why did He Give us Free Will Knowing We Could make Wrong Choices and then Suffer?

The 4th principle is to choose wisely. Life is about choices and yielding your power to his mighty power is the best choice so that one is guided. God gave free will because he desired to see us make right choices in life including choosing  him ourselves. Being all-knowing, he already went into the future with a redemptive plan for all the wrong choices we may make including the ultimate reward of everlasting life in paradise where there is no suffering.  Do not be stubborn, for stubborness is as the sin of witchcraft. Do not force your thoughts, feelings and emotions on your own life. That is infact trying to manipulate your own life. You do not own any tiny bit of it. Accept God’s own wisdom upon your life that he owns as well as the world in totality that is his.


Why does God Allow Evil to Happen, Does he enjoy Watching us Suffer?

The 5th and final principle is to get wisdom. Yes God allows evil but within the confines of his supernatural and undescribable wisdom. He is generally a way maker and in allowing evil- the free will of another one of his creations, he is confident of his ability to make things right ultimately for his own purpose. Some evil may be God challenging us to be better humans (Paul), chastising us for our own evil (David), showing off with us (Job) or assigning us to a divine call (Jesus). God does not enjoy seeing us suffer but is confident in his ability to end the suffering, comfort us and reward us if not in this world, then in that to come.  Adjust your lense & take charge of  how you see, hear or feel. This determines how your proceed. If you can change how you see and hear, you can change how you feel. Use only the lense of the Spirit of God-His Word. Get Wisdom & Be Teachable. Wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord. This fear is not to say that God is this fearsome and cruel being that won’t let us be or that is waiting to punish us. It is the fear that allows you to surrender to him for guidance and mercy on all things. That is not to say he is deliberately placing us in harmsway inorder to be a superhero. No! God is wise and always knows what is happening around us and what he himself is doing. Read the bible and learn new things every day. Growth in knowledge and instruction of the Lord is essential in moving on. Wisdom grows your faith to proceed


In conclusion, the struggle to move on is usually just a stubborn spirit pushing its agenda in a place where God’s wise judgement has clearly overuled. It is a forceful and nagging desire to have things one’s way although that chapter has passed. Days do not stop moving from the time something unfortunate prevails. So as one grieves a failure, a loss, a breakup, a state of being- there is no turning back the hand of time. Failure to yield to what is and accept it is to foolishly force one’s mind to unsee the reality while yet experiencing it and living in it. That is the birthing and breeding of turmoil within. In the event of faith, somethings can turn around as long as there is life but that will be the potter’s (God) decision. Those seeking the hand of God need not suffer turmoil while believing for a turnaround of events as they will be fully instructed, strengthened and led from within. Personally, I have reached a point where I pursue light and peace after a period of darkness or unfortunate events. The statement, ‘God is Wise’ is what has nailed it for me. I have learnt to process the pain and move on, knowing that the Commander of Armies, God Sovereign, He alone who knows it all, sees it all and is everywhere at all times through time is for me! In him i move and have my being. That seals it!


I hope this has been a blessing to you. Please like, comment and share. We love to hear from you.


Till then, riseup and move!




Remember falling is not the problem but failing to riseup is!!!


One Love

Ester H.

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