Conditioned to take the hit…

…and move on!

Greetings Conquerors,

Welcome to this post where we want to discuss taking the hit and rising up to go forward. The art of moving on is a subject that rubs heartbroken or grieving souls the wrong way most times. People are not usually ready to accept that things have changed and so the very reality of moving forward into an uncertain future becomes offensive in thought and in any conversation with loved ones.

Taking the hit means being the receiver of a bullet meant for you or another. One is going to be wounded and if they must move on, they have to riseUP. After rising up, one will either be stuck in the past or brave it to look ahead and embrace the future. Being conditioned for the hit is a warrior mindset. It is the ability to discern battle (danger or the possibility of it) and taking up arms to defend territory. In life, taking up arms is consistent with fighting to preserve whatever is there in that moment or is left and this is where the bone of contention is.  Sometimes arms are to be applied in picking up the pieces and moving on. The wisdom to moveon and how if danger strikes is something seasoned soldiers can do. In Shona we say, “Mbwende hadzikundi!” This means cowards or weaklings will never win. People normally find it difficult to pick themselves up after experiencing traumatic events or encountering curve balls.  This is because they only ever trained themselves or where trained by their keepers for comfort. Resillience, rising up and soldiering on becomes the result of preparedness and the courage that goes with taking the hit.

What we will discuss today therefore is a work that needs to have been oncourse before the hit as generally when one is already hit and they are clueless rising up tends to be a difficult task though not impossible. In anycase, this work can be done after the fall with emotionally rewarding results too. How does one take the hit and move on? The thing about traumatic events or heartbreaking episodes in our lives is that it always invites a lot of questions to self which becomes breeding ground for buggage/rot (negative energy or bad thoughts, feelings, emotions and then negative actions or behaviour) in the innerman. Self that took the hit unarmed will obviously have no reservoir of answers, tips or strategies to move on. The persistant urge to get answers from nothingness can be an emotionally wounding and heart-rending experience. However, where there is wisdom, this can be a defining moment, a moment of truth and infact a turning point for some.

Now one can only move on if they are self-aware and have a clear understanding of who they are and the situation they find themselves in. That awareness must be true and not false. An awareness of self that is based on the world is consistent with flesh, the body, the senses and basically a deathlane and therefore false. However the person who is self-aware in the spirit and not world is on a lifelane and being based on Christ tends to have wisdom for the next move. While the latter is conditioned to take the hit and move on, the former will formulate one or other copying mechanism which will come back to bite them when they least expect it.

So, everyone has a false and true identity and moving on becomes successful when one can differentiate between the two, kill the false and awaken to the true identity. Lets take a look at these identities below.

1. Discovering your False (Old) Identity in the World

As humans we operate on 3 levels viz the body (world, flesh), soul (will power, mind, emotions) and spirit (the God part, breath). To be self-aware is to understand how these work and more importantly to activate unity amongst them, each part playing its rightful role well. Conflict in the whole self brings confusion to the individual and therefore a false identity i.e lack of self-awareness in truth. You can read more about conflict in the body, soul and spirit here. When there is conflict, one will pick up gabbage in the innerman in that space where God desires truth. The enemy of progress who is the enemy of mankind knows how important that space is and targets it also to activate flesh (falsehood) inorder to amass rot in that same space where God desires cleanliness. This leads to conflict in the tripatite (3 part) being, confusion and therefore false identity. To discover ones false identity means to evaluate what one has become as a result of the their past. The idea is to establish open doors or antennas that are sending waves to the enemy camp and attracting him to come to you, torment you using that which is in you that infact belongs to him e.g rejection, heartbreak, pain, unforgiveness, bitterness, unresolved anger, rebellion, sin, pride etc (whereas the opposites belong to God as seen in e.g Galatians 5:22). Our anchor scripture is Psalm 51:6. If that innerspace can be clean, the Lord himself will put wisdom in it for your victory, peace and prosperity in all things Joshua 1:9

a) Self-Introspection

NB* Please do seperate yourself when doing this work. Its not a random job that one can do while doing other things. You have to take the time out and focus. You will be revisiting some of the most painful episodes of your life. You will cry and when you do, cry unto God not empty space (If you do not direct your tears to God, the opposition awaits them with counterfeit forms of comfort and support). Reach out to God, him who resides in you and is your comforter. You are encouraged to journal/write down your points as you do the work. Writing equates to offloading the buggage and emptying yourself. Again deliberately offload and empty it to Christ so that you can recieve true wisdom (to replace the offloaded rot) and not the counterfeit.

Take an ‘inventory’ of your life since childhood as far back as you can remember to see

i) pain areas
ii) regrets

iii) anger points

iv) disappointments
v) anxieties-fears
vi) sinful or occultic activities of self or by association…, disobedience to the word, rituals, covenants, spiritual objects or regalia etc

A look at the above list will reveal your identity or what you have become because of what you have gone through, done or believed. This is your false identity. To transition from this false identity one needs to forgive, repent, forget the past and move on by embracing the future.

b) Forgiveness

The above are consistent with events and those events have people attached. The next step is to make a list of the people involved. After this, forgive yourself and forgive the characters in the book of your life thus far that offended you. If you find it difficult to forgive, put a star against the name and move on with the list. You must revisit this later amd make things right with God whose law it is to forgive. It is highly likely that God was blamed too for all the bad things that happened. In this way, you also need to forgive God…not that he needs your forgiveness but that you blamed him. This way, you can open up your heart to trust him again as you take responsibility for your actions.

c) Repentance

After dealing with other people’s wrongs, it is time to face and deal with your own wrongs. Where you yourself offended others or God (forgive us our tresspasses as we forgive those who tresspass against us), you now have to repent. This means submitting to God in asking him for forgiveness for sins committed against others or self, thereby offending him as the instructor and God Almighty. This may also involve destroying or casting away covenantal objects or anything you possess that tied or connected you to idolatry or other gods so worshipped. Maybe it wasnt worship but help sought from occultic priests and seers. Repenting means withdrawing any sort of belief in these, asking God for forgiveness and sometimes even on behalf of the entire bloodline. It is certain that the idolatry of our ancestors will always have waves reaching out to us if we ourselves do not have a firm standing in Christ. Apart from the possibility of being dedicated to these spirits of falsehood as babies or children, the covenants, rituals and spiritual promises of our predecessors will always hover above our heads to seduce us into following the same path. We therefore owe it to ourselves amd generations that follow to act differently and let the curse(s) end with us.

d) Forgetting

Now that unforgiveness and unrepentance are out of the way, you are now a new creation. ‘Old things are passed away and all things are become new’ (2 Corintians 5:17). Make peace with the past (which is unchanheable) and move on to the future (you can affect). Forget doesn’t mean literally forgetting because its impossible to forget what actually happened. It means from today onwards, your errors, what & who affended you and what wounded you ceases to be called up in conversations and particularly decisions and actions going forward. You now act according to the word of God and it’s a deliberate choice you have to make always. Christ whom you invited into your life now inspires your views and perceptions about life. He is now the filter in yoir ears and the lense in your eyes. Therefore, let him arise and affect your decisions.

2. Discovering your True (New) Identity in Christ

After accepting the past, realising that with full assurance in Christ, the future offers so much more than the past, one is set to move on.

a) Journaling

Journaling is the art of writing. It is a gateway that can help in sorting out thoughts, feelings and emotions before they are translated into actions. It is a deliberate effort to interpret happenings and align actions with the instruction of the word of God. Through journaling a christian becomes spiritually self-aware in truth and it gets better everyday with new wisdom gained from the holy texts. Ps* where one put a star in unforgiveness, more knowledge of God should enable one to forgive totally by understanding that holding on to God is better than holding on to a wrong or wrongdoer.As recorded in Proverbs,”But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.

Proverbs 4:18

How to Journal

1. Come naked and unashamed to God. Write and express your raw thoughts with all due reverence and respect for his holiness. Don’t pretend to be holy because he knows everything. This way you can lay your heart bare before his throne.2. Look at these thoughts and convert them into prayers. Talk to your father about the way you feel and why. Again unashamed, let him know what you would want and what your expectation is from him.3. Now go into the word and seek answers to each prayer/issue. This means you ask what the word teaches about each issue. This way you are asking for God’s own opinion on what you have reported to him about your experiences or others and what you yourself want. As you hear him speak (through reading his word) relay the message back to yourself as the final say.4. Now that you know word requires and have acxeoted it, its time tonask for help in observing the finality of the word of truth. Re-align your thoughts with the word. If God says it, every contrary thing is a lie and must be cut off instantly…do not negotiate with Flesh when God has spoken. This part demands that you spend time with God in his word. If you do not know his word, you will not know how to re-align with him and that means your life will not change. It will also be difficult to believe him or forgive. You can only do what God says if you believe him and can only believe him if you know him. The more you know him, the more you can trust him well enought to obey him. The light only shines brighter as you transform into being like him. He is the light!5. Meditate on new thoughts. Chew on the word until you feel it in your system. Let the fire of the Holy Spirit awaken you as you pray about ut all. Superimpose truth of the word on self or demonically imposed truth which infact are lies. Declare the truth without ceasing, praising and thanking God for release from lies to freedom in truth. This becomes your lifestyle going forward.6. Be principled. Do not go back to the vomit like a dog! Keep walking and do not look back except for purposes of teaching others or giving testimony. Celebrate truth and continue to impose it. This way you can gracefully expect things to change.

3. Moving on, the reality…

Every step discussed above from forgiveness, repentance and forgetting to journaling looks easy on paper but can become very complicated and unrealistic when it comes to actioning it especially after a hit! It can be likened to a situation in which one is diagnosed with a growth that needs to be removed surgically. If this growth remains, it continues to grow and cause havoc or interfere with other body parts/functions and the worst case scenario is death. If it is removed, the person is saved and other body parts will be able to function normally again. Lets take a look at the aftermath of surgery as compared to moving on after taking a hit…Let us consider that the work of discovering the false and true identities, through self- introspection and journaling is infact the consultation with the doctor, the diagnosis and surgery that follows culminating in the removal of the growth (gabbage built up in the innerman e.g unforgiveness, unrepentance etc) and the healed self will be the result of discovering the true identity.Next, considering that Surgery involves sharp tools, injections, cutting, piercing and strong medications…Life will not be back to normal for some time and healing will definately be a process. Knowing and Understanding what is happening as well as being patient to heal will make things easier.After beginning this work, intimidation is going to set in as the past begins to unsettle the individual. The pain or trauma in revisting the past to outst it will be e messy affair too (cutting, piercing, sewing). Most people even dread to start and those that do may give up when the ‘after surgery’ pain kicks in and they get confused. Now after surgery,

  • Patient has painful wounds/scars with the risk of infections that can even be toxic or life threatening Dealing with Past is Painful
  • The patient has to be on medication. Meditation, Prayer and Worship all bring Healing
  • The patient is given instructions and precautions for selfcare afterwards. Obedience to the Word of God stops Infection
  • Pain and sometimes sleepless nights including painful memories of experiences leading to the surgery, the surgery itself and now the healing process Trauma, Flashbacks, Visions, Sounds or Voices from Past are part of the Healing Process.
  • the growth is destroyed or burnt never to be seen again After casting of Burdens to Christ, It is Finished.

The scars or wounds are like a seducing spirit. Its like, they are your identity and define you. They persuade you to keep living in them because that’s who you have been thus far and the marks testify. This way you are not focused on cleaning them as with the salt water (word of God-Jesus the salt of the earth) or medicine may hurt or cause discomfort. You also feel like its that part of you that you can never part with yet you more than everybody else knows how it upsets you and draws you into negativity instead of positivity. As it were, infection will make the pain worse! Treat the wound! The past happened and cannot be forgotten. When we say forgive and forget, its becomes a great misunderstanding in that we can never ever forget what truly happened. Infact the attempt to enter a zone where we nolonger have these painful memories and the realisation that they just can’t be erased is what makes the journey of forgiveness, repentance and or moving on painful because we then wonder why we can’t seem to forget! Sometimes the images of the surgery itself and/or sickeness (self-introspection and events) leading to it (e.g rejection, dying loved one, accident, physical abuse etc) keep flashing in our minds and threatening our sanity. Yet we must forget and move on they say! How? Well yes, it is unrealistic to forget what actually did take place. Sometimes it repeatedly took place too! Rejection upon rejection, frustration upon frustration, failure upon failure, sickness upon sickness or loss upon loss etc etc. However as with surgery, the procedure introduces more pain because of the wounds. Then the trauma of events that caused the wounds may cause flashbacks and sometimes hearing of voices or visions. Looking at the wounds and picking them constantly without applying medication or cleaning them will just lead to infection which can be lethal. However, with medication and following precautions (meditation on the word, worship and prayer) one will be totally healed and free from the pain overtime. It is important to note that after surgery, the growth (gabbage) taken out is destroyed never to be seen again and this is the idea behind forgeting. Yes you know it happened but its nolonger a part of you now because you have removed it by surrendering all to Christ. “Forget” is that once you have forgiven yourself and others, the past has to immediately stop being a part of your future mindset, self and decisions going forward. Given that the past is destroyed after surgery, attempting to go back to it is like madness as there is nothing there in essence. Christ now owns the past amd he says “it is finished”. It is now off limits to you. Consequently after surrendering the past, people who find themselves going back to that vomit are likely to encounter challenges in their mental health if they do not command themselves to order in the word. In moving on, you ‘forget’ the past when thinking and responding to those same people (or even others or God) now and in the future. Its like you don’t hold theirs or your past actions against you anymore because like Christ you actually say “forgive them Lord for they don’t (didnt) know what they do (did)’. Its like you now understand that something had to be terribly wrong with them or yourself internally to exhibit or experience those manifestations or expressions in that past that derailed you. As you become a better person yourself, you actually plead with heaven that they do not continue like that for the sake of their future and others around them still. The same applies to your view of self (interms of e.g regrets or disappointments) or God (e.g for not blessing you the way you would have prefered). The unity you now have with Christ means they can no longer affect you in that same way now so you do not need to fight so hard to protect yourself. God is faithful to preserve you now if you are faithful to be obedient to his word.Therefore, everyone will take the hit at somepoint in their life. Are you conditioned to take the hit?? The journey of discovering your false identity and then replacing it with your true identity can be a painful experience. As with surgery, it is needful and when one understands what is going on and is patient and obedient to walk the journey of healing, the rewards far outweigh the comfort zone of copying mechanisms and not dealing with it and moving on.

That’s it Conquerors!

Till then

One Love

Ester H.

NB* Please note that to embark on this journey one first needs to be born again. This is the act of surrender to Jesus Christ by accepting him as personal Lord and Saviour. One needs to believe first that he is the Son of God and that he died on the cross to redeem them from Sin.For more information on this do email

remember falling is not the problem, failing to riseUP isriseUPconqueror!!!!

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