Return Soldier: How to Surrender the War Part 2- Surrender Dynamics

Greetings Conquerors!

In Part 1 we looked at motives in the journey of soul searching and discovered that a motiveless inquiry is as equally bad as a negative motive. Moreover having a good motive without knowledge of who to ask is just as bad, for nothing will come out of it. However if one decides to ask questions, there is an element of accepting that they have personally failed and do not know the answers to their challenges. If they knew them, they would not be seeking answers but instead applying them. Seeking answers makes one vulnerable to the object of their inquiry. Clearly, there is an element of spoken (full surrender) or unspoken surrender (partial surrender). Today we want to look at some surrender dynamics as taught in the word of God. Before we do so, it is important to first establish why we experience conflict internally in the first place. As human beings we exist and operate on 3 levels which must be insync if things are to work. Genesis 1:7 reads, “And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul

Body (Man of Dust)

The body or flesh is the visible part of our being. It is the shell that we see. We all know the Adam story- this part is made of earth and belongs to this world . This part answers to this world and what happens in it. It feeds on the earth (foods come from the earth).

Spirit (Breath of Life)

This is the God part of our existence. The antenna that connects us to our creator. This is also a body living in us and it feeds on the bread of life being originated from God himself and of God. It is the light in us being of the light of life.

Soul (Living Soul)

Lastly is the soul which comes into existence when the spirit and the body come together. The soul is what seperates one individual from the next. The internal uniqueness of each human being. The soul is the decision centre made up of the will, the mind and the emotions. The soul being caught in between spirit and flesh feeds from either of them for good or bad, life or death. As mentioned earlier the tripatite (3) part being must be in unity to avoid conflict. ALL 3 cannot self exist and need each other at every point to bring positive results in both the earthly and spiritual experiences. The success or failure in the spiritual experience then determines the success or failure in the physical experience.

  • The body needs the soul and the spirit.
  • The soul needs the spirit and the body.
  • The spirit needs the body and the soul.

Now from the above, if the soul feeds from both the body and the spirit at the same time, there will be conflict. These 2 entities do not see eye to eye and want different things. For the flesh lusts against the Spirit, and the Spirit against the flesh; and these are contrary to one another, so that you do not do the things that you wish(Galatians 5:17). Since the body is earthly and experiences earthly lusts, wants or pleasures, to fulfill these it puts pressure on the soul or persuades it to make decisions that will satisfy these. Unfortunately, the Soul is under instruction to take instruction from the spirit-the God part. The soul knows the rules and the consequences of disobedience on both itself and then the house (body) to which it is assigned. This is a spiritual principle and even if one is not a believer in God, the soul itself believes and knows where it came from. Unfortunately, the spirit does not feed itself. The spirit is a visitor in this world and It relies on the soul making the right decisions and moves to feed it with the Word of God- its only food. If the soul does not look for food for the spirit, the spirit will become sick (malnourished) and fail to feed the soul back to equip it with the right decisions. This will give the body and upper hand (naturally as the landlord) and bring trouble to the entire being. The soul fails when it decides by its own will to choose the body and resist or ignore the spirit. This lack of divine order and agreement sows discord amongst the 3 entities and is the root to all the problems we find ourselves in as human beings. To read more about this click here.

Surrender Dynamics

Since problems are a result of conflict in the tripatite being, surrender is when the body and the soul both yield to the spirit (God part). However an empty, hungry and weak spirit will not do anything. It is not that the spirit is dull. The spirit being the God part actually knows everything and is fully equipped with all of God (Divine Knowledge). However in the physical world, the spirit must also submit to the laws therein so it waits for the Soul to exercise free will by choosing to feed it and then submit to it. This becomes the awakening of the Spiritman! There has to be absolute order and organisation for this system to work. The soul must acquire food for the spirit while the body waits for instructions that only come via this route. So, the decision centre has to take its part 1st and perform its roles with dilligence. The first major decision a soul must make is to surrender to God. He then begins to build up one’s life by doing new things and restoring peace. Thus, in the art of surrender one must understand these 3 dynamics (i have added a few supporting scriptures for each dynamic)

1. Organize your spiritual relationships- Spirit (Mathew 22:37-38;Isaiah 45:5; Isaiah 48:17; Joshua 1:8; Proverbs 18:14; Phillipians 2:13)

2. Organize yourself within yourself -Soul (Proverbs 4:23; Matthew 12:34; James 1:26; Proverbs 23:7)

3. Organize your earthly relationships- Body (Galatians 5:13-26; I Corinthians 13:1-13; Colossian 3:5-16; Proverbs 18:21)

One cannot surrender unless they submit and trust the one to whom they are giving up to. In anything we do in life, submitting to God entails humbling ourselves before him and acknowledging his Lordship over our lives. Accepting his superiority means emptying ourselves of all the knowledge we think we have on life and starting afresh to get the truth from him. This means inquiring from him, understanding that he knows, believing his side of the story and trusting him to create a better place for us compared to the one we find ourselves in. Its like formatting a corrupt harddrive in the world of ICT and rebooting. God is still in the business of creating, he is the founder of wisdom, he is pre-eminent, omniscient and omnipotent. By him all things consists and in him we move and have our being. Without him, we are absolutely nothing and can do absolutely nothing too. This ugly situation we find ouselves in that we dont like- we have played a part in it thus far. We may not have originated it especially when we are born in it. However when we come to the age of making decisions, there is something we can do about everything we have gone through to get the progress we seek. As we submit to God and open our hearts to his wisdom, we will also find out that God equipped us for those misfortunes and trusted us to go through them having known the plan of the evil one before hand!In conclusion therefore, the soul is the one that was given the law and rules governing it’s existence on the earth in the body via the spirit. The spirit is equipped with divine knowledge but cannot override the soul in the earth. The body is made to fit into this world but its activities must be governed by the soul as it submits to the spirit. The soul is the one to whom blessings and curses have been promised as its concerns its choices. Therefore the soul must take up the lead, give the button to the spirit who in turn will riseup with fire to consume the lusts of the flesh and fulfill the kingdom mandate via the soul. When the soul is obedient (life), it puts to sleep the works of the flesh in choosing life (spirit/word) against death (body). When it operates in disobedience (death), the flesh is awakened i.e left to its means and causes problems for the human being (death cycles). In other words, the body obeys the soul which obeys the spirit. However, if the spirit is empty (unfed), it cannot guide the soul and the body takes over leading to failure.

I trust that this post has been helpful in understanding the source of our problems and art of surrender.

Join me in Part 3 as we conclude the series dedicated to all ‘Return Soldiers’ by taking a look at the positive efforts we can put to bring our lives back on track.

Till then,

Ester H.riseUPconqueror!!!!!

Falling is not the problem, failing to riseUP is!!!!

Return Soldier: How to Surrender the War Part 1- Motives

This post is dedicated to all the wounded soldiers out there. The people that have been to hell and back and still can’t understand what the hell is wrong with their lives. The people that have done all they know to do to solve their problems yet things got worse and worse to their despair. They have gone up and down to find answers and got none, journeyed far and wide in the spirit and still found themselves stuck. Yeah i’m talking to those that have joined one religious movement or other, hoped from church to church, maybe even started their own church- Yet things got worse if they didn’t stay the same! Welcome to this post my return soldiers!

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People go to war for all kinds of reasons but always at the core- it is to defend territory under threat of attack/seizure or to take back territory possessed by the enemy. As humans we are spirit beings living a physical life in a physical world. In the journeys of the spirit being i.e the innerman, there are wars fought too for the same reasons. These spiritual wars take place in what are called battles of the mind. Self- introspection, self-inquiry or soul-searching are some of the terms that can be used to describe these wars and battles therein. But why is it that one can put so much effort to get answers and direction but get nothing in return? Why does life have to be so complicated? In some cases people seek and talk to God to the extent that they feel his presence yet in the natural world nothing seems to make sense. This problem affects men of cloth as much as it does an ordinary person on the street. Infact it is the sole reason why some people will never come to church or open their hearts to the ‘church thing’. Yet the means to a place of fulfillment and wisdom is one. Well the answer to this puzzle is simple and yet complicated. In life the wrong effort will never bring back home the right results. Add to that- the wrong motive! It is much like drinking beer and waking up with the same old problems and no solutions. Why? getting drunk will not address the issue ( wrong motive) and the beer is just a drink (wrong effort). So are all the other things people do to try and feel better. Religion amongst other copying mechanisms has much been used as a beer. Yes! That is what most people have done much to their disappointment and failure. In the war, if one doesn’t hit the target they will soon become the victim of the target. The target, who is the opposing force is also out to complete a mission. Dog eat dog! Survival of the fittest! Are you conditioned to take the hit and riseUP like a conqueror?

In my years of counselling, one thing i have found in common with people who come to seek answers is that they sought answers already but didn’t get the ‘right ones’ or at least validation for their opinions. Ofcourse their situation kept getting worse. Then again i observe that they did not get the right answers because they took off with the wrong motive, obviously that led them into the wrong efforts and wasted time. Sometimes people seek a listening ear and thats it! They don’t want to hear anything from you except that you have given them your time and they have emptied their baggage on you. Sad thing about baggage is that it has relatives and even friends and connections in high places. They know where you stay and how to get in your space again as a gang. Baggage also knows and understands where it belongs and specifically that emptying it out of the bin isn’t cleaning the bin or plucking the roots . Sooner or later the roots will shoot up and they will call for friends, brothers and cousins (rot multiplies). They will definately fill up that rotten bin that knows no actual cleaning or maintance and the state of that house (you) will be worse. So what then is the right motive?

Right Motive

When life hits a wrong foot way too long and nothing seems to make sense, its always time to ask questions. There must always be a reason why questions are asked so that one can get clear direction afterwards. Before you ask the questions, you must have a clear picture of why you are asking and who you are going to ask. It could be a self -introspection or a chat with a friend or even professional help with a counsellor.

Some of the most common Reasons for asking questions:

  • …because everything is just wrong
  • …need to understand
  • …answers to problems
  • …nothing is working
  • …things don’t make sense
  • …need a listening ear
  • …theres no progreess
  • …Cycles of misfortune

These motives are unfortunately part of the problem. They are for people going nowhere slowly and eventually people can lose it as frustration and confusion threaten their own sanity. Those that pose these kinds of reasons for their inquiry are not even prepared to know the truth. They are just cowards and usually they look for someone or something to blame because they themselves must remain in control. If not to blame but obtain validation for something they already onow is not the right thing to do but feels right. The truth of the matter is if you are already lost and confused what sort of control do you still have and what answer do you think you will get from yourself? The danger of asking other people is that they are only as informed as their experiences and lives. You are on a different lane and chances are your own experiences won’t match their proposed explanations or solutions. However, with the right motive this can be a good start. Have you ever wondered why in a church full of people receiving the same teaching, you will find people marred with all kinds of setbacks and probably just a handful experiencing the benefit of those teachings. The problem is not the preaching, teaching or the word…it is the mismatch between people & their motives and the preaching. What makes asking questions without a motive and/or a good one bad is that as spirit beings having an earthly experience, our fellow beings on the opposition side are quick to respond to our confused inquiring mind with supposed answers and feelings of comfort from all the crying that so often accompanies such inquiries. We mistake it for a ‘God and Us’ event, no wonder we get unpleasantly surprised that things haven’t changed and the mountain we are trying to level is well over our heads obstructing us as usual from making the progress we so yearn for, getting worse even!

From the above we can conclude that:

  1. Continuous exposure to unanswered questions with no motive is a soul damaging exercise
  2. Knowing what one wants to achieve from the questions will help craft the right motive and shape the right efforts for positive outcomes
  3. The Source of the answers must be determined before attempting to ask.

It is undeniable that when one reaches a hard place in life, they yearn, long and wish for a time when positive energy flows and things just work. Troubles are heartbreaking and mind boggling. They steal joy and peace to a point where they threaten one’s sanity. Motives/reasons for asking questions such as those mentioned above will not bring peace or joy but infact threaten the very presence of these positive forces in one’s life. Therefore, in a quest to find answers to questions, the motives must be corrected and aligned with the desire to get freedom from bondage, obtain peace and joy and all the good things of life. There’s is a diference between a person that says, “I want to understand why i’m not married or why my mother abandoned me…why me…why is my life like this?” and one that says, ” I want to know what i can do to change my life and get better results, surely there is more to this life than what i see, i have to make it…” Although they may have the same background or unfortunate past, their motives in making inquiry set them apart. One is regressive, past focused and already being driven by negative energy while the other one is progressive, future focused and driven by positive energy and their results are going to be obviously different. May i mention that absence of a motive will result in a default motive being assumed or given by negative forces who inturn don’t waste time in offering their corresponding negative answers. Well there was a vacuum and it had to be filled! So 1) have a motive 2) make sure it’s a positive motive and finally 3) make sure the one you are asking has the answers.

Therefore, it is imperative as a Return Soldier to have a motive and not only that but make sure its the right motive. After that then comes the work of alignment with the right Efforts. Since we are now acquainted with wrong motives or absence of motive, join me in Part 2 as we examine the dynamics of surrender as the basis of right efforts which we will look at in part 3

Till then,

Ester H.


Falling is not the problem, failing to riseUP is!!!!!

Bondage & Breaking Free Part 3: Breaking Free

Dear Conquerors,

Welcome to this final part of the series on bondage. In part 1, we looked at the manifestation of bondage in physical and spiritual realms and concluded that the latter is the root cause of both physical and spiritual bondages as our lives being spirit are lived in physical form. In part 2, we went deeper into the root causes of bondage i.e the spiritual realm and ascertained that belief system, pride and fear are at the core of crafting the assignment of bondage in an individual. We also discovered that bondage is in itself not cast in stone and worms its way into being over time. Thus, for a longtime bondage will be in the making and by the time it actually starts to pinch, it may be too established to outst in a day’s work. That is what makes it complicated. Today we conclude the series by looking at breaking free from bondage.

Before we proceed, Let us recap on the crafting of bondage first. In parts 2 we examined the crafting of bondage on three levels

1. The Belief System:

This is more of the attitude we have of our spirituality and origin and the consequences of violating spiritual rules attached to our choice of worship i.e God versus self or idol expressed in incurred curse and ignorance as the roots of bondage.

2. Pride:

This is the amplified version of self above that which God himself accords an individual thereby sowing discord amongst brethren or fellow human beings again with consequences. Pride is more of the negative mindsets and decisions crafted internally as a response to external forces with the intentions of subduing others or bringing punitive justice on them e.g bitterness, unforgiveness and rebellion. It is an outward expression that is rooted inside.

3. Fear:

Fear is the unpleasant feeling of threat to one’s peace or loss of control. In life losing control is a big issue and so unlike pride, fear is the inward effect of the external threats one experiences. Fear has its expressions in pain, regret, disappointment and rejection

To break free, we need to understand certain facts about bondage. Below is a list of some of the words or experiences that find themselves in the confines of the phenomena of Bondage. A closer examinations shows that these are all direct or indirect offshoots of the belief system, pride and fear. Freedom therefore, is consistent with the standard of the word for each one so obedience is key. As a rule of the thumb, one needs to be prepared to dig deeper into the full instruction of the word concerned with each point. Below i have listed at least one example. This is because personal research and deliberate effort to make inquiry always sets the tone for deliverance from bondage.

Versus Progress (Psalm 1; Isaiah 10:27)*

  • Stagnancy
  • Stuck in one place
  • Regression
  • Going round in circles
  • Imprisonment
  • Lack of freedom
  • Curse (sin)

Versus clarity of vision (Psalm 37:23-24)*

  • Confusion
  • Regret
  • Frustration
  • Indecisiveness
  • Unbelief
  • Hopelessness
  • Ignorance

Versus peace of mind (Romans 12:19)*

  • Anger
  • Stress
  • Distress
  • Worry
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Disappointment
  • Despair

Versus a clean heart (Psalm 51:6-10)*

  • Anger
  • Pride (Why me?)
  • Bitterness
  • Unforgiveness
  • Rebellion

Versus well being (Matthew 11:28-29)

  • Pain
  • Rejection
  • Imprisonment
  • Depression
  • Mental health challenges
  • Suicidal

NB* There are many other revelatory and guiding scriptures for each point.

Bondage is a negative force

The above points show that bondage is a multifaceted evil in our lives. All of the above points are negatives forces that actually act as doors into our spiritman. These doors open us up for spiritual torment otherwise known as demonic torment. This is not something for christians only although the terminology may be used mostly in christian circles. Negative forces respect no religion, race, spiritual/financial/physical power or geographic location. Infact they are masters in the art of comouflage and deception which is why they can be resident in a person without one’s realisation or knowledge. This is why a poor person can be prideful or a rich person can operate in poverty mentality. You have probably heard of rich people caught stealing or pastor’s kids caught up in all kinds of perversion. Yes they had a good/sound or well grounded upbringing but a door opened at some point! Noone took notice! Thats why! As for those that thrive in victim mentality, the ‘why me? activists- bondage has no atom of care or mercy! This evil stronghold doesn’t care that you are an orphan, unmarried or poor or unemployed. Infact the more you are wrapped up in pain, disappointment, regret or rejection, the more bondage will have a high rate of success in taking you down or out. Any sort of circumstancial disadvantage from birth will not waiver the dues that bondage demands ro itself. No amount of entitlement to pity or mercy will cause bondage to back off. The more you register the negatives, the more bondage finds a house in you!!!

Bondage comes in all shapes and sizes. It comes in all kinds of forms too. Lets just say whatever space you find yourself in and you feel stuck, that is your bondage. It cannot be compared. How ever you perceive your bondage, it is bondage to you and must never be looked down upon. In turn we must also never look down upon some else’s bondage as to belittle it or compare it with others. It is theirs and for them, it is a big issue. While bondage for some people is a feeling like they are sinking, drowning or losing their breath or choking, others feel like they are going round and round in circles. Others just get stuck in a web of tormenting dreams and it may even get worse and worse as to see visions or hear voices! Then there are those that simply decide they don’t actually have the energy to look at things a different way, they want to wine and pine in self pity and still blame God and every one else involved.

Thus, in the world of bondage any negative force, challenge or disadvantage has the ability of developing into bondage by itself or attracting other negatives that can create bondage and before one knows it, they have lost their map for life, can’t figure a way out and the worst case scenario becomes a threat on their wellness of being. You will often hear people say, “I feel like i’m losing it.” Bondage has mastered the ability to take root and establish itself overtime without being noticed and then erupt with full force one day and cause havoc, pain, destruction and all kinds of negative things impossible to fix in oneday.

How to break free

First and for most, as in medicine, prevention is better than cure. Preventing bondage is a lifesyle of goodness to self and others. Treating others as you would like to be treated. That’s it. Trying to cure deep seated bondage is a mission. The good news is that it is very possible with commitment, to break free from bondage and experience freedom once again.

Breaking Free: The Steps

The major theme in breaking free from bondage is love. The school of love is seen in 1 Corinthians 13. One has to die a lot to flesh to activate this standard of love. In preparation for the spirit of love to take its place in one’s innerspace, humility, faith, courage, surrender, hope and committment play a major part. One must be willing to put these in place. The more one operates in authentic love, the more of God they have, the more bondage breaks off and one begins to experience peace and freedom. The first step to embracing your freedom from bondage is humility. This is the attitude of acknowledging a higher power God, reducing and placing yourself under his authority before anything else. It matters just to know that you are nothing and can do nothing without him and he is everything (John 15:4-5; Galatians 6:3; Phillipians 2:13) This way you can prepare your heart to listen and hear from him as the higher and superior power. Humility breaks the back of pride and unbelief at the same time thereby addressing the problems created by the belief system and pride in the crafting of bondage. Humility opens the heart to faith. One can begin to see the possibilities of a brighter future. Once one acknowledges a higher power- God, they are in a position to face the lion as he (God) goes before him. Its takes courage first to follow an invisible God and then to trust him to lead the mass destruction of all the mountains one has tried to level on their own. The courage to walk with a superior power one does not see should also make way for total surrender. Again its a statement of laying one’s guns down in humility. Total surrender bashes the spirit of pride, unbelief and fear at the same time. That fear of losing control is dealt with as one surrenders all the control to God who then takes the driving seat to freedom in his mighty wisdom. What remains is hope and committment as one pursues freedom without looking back and continuously reminding themselves that the one who is in charge now is able!

In conclusion therefore, bondage is a case of misplaced faith gone bad, a failed mission of self protection from the ‘wicked world’ culminating in the sickness of the innerman expressed in the physical mildly as episodes of worry, stress, frustration and/or confusion and on the severe side as anxiety, distress, despair and/or depression. Love is the answer & Obedience is key! Never be intimidated by the seeming mess or difficulty in sticking to new rules and ways of thinking. Rome wasn’t built in a day but they built it because they pursued it without giving up. When you fall, remember failing to riseUP is the actual problem. Falling is not the hindrance. Always shake the dust, riseup and keep moving!

That’s it from me

Ester H.

Remember fallibg is nit the problem, failing to rise up is!!!


Bondage & Breaking Free part 2: The Crafting of Bondage according to the bible III

Lovely Day Conquerors, i trust i find you well. Welcome to this final part of the Crafting of Bondage according to the Bible. In preceding parts, we dealt with the belief system and pride as the battlefield of bondage. Now we move on to fear, the culmination of the assignment of bondage.

Section III: Fear

Fear is a negative emotion we experience when we percieve threat to our peace, safety, and wellness etc. The feeling is unpleasant and can be so bad as to cause panic which can also lead to bad decisions or even sickness. Picture the scenario of coming face to face with a bee or a dog. One is said to be safe if they relax and take it easy. However in most case, people panic because of the fear of being bitten- the moment they move, run, jump or scream, their opponent also perceives danger and strikes. Sometimes fear is used in the category of honour as with fearing leadership, elders or God etc. In this case it is the threat to peace, safety or wellness etc that can be caused by violating the laws of honour. Fear of negative consequences or punishment then can equate to fear of those one is answerable to. Fear is either activated in the physical realm (tangible things e.g by other people, events or objects that can be seen by the eye) or spiritual realm (intangible things e.g emotions, feelings, spirits or losing control etc). Either way, the spiritual entity of fear is at work to intimidate individuals into regression as opposed to progression. It is important to note that fear is a very natural response to negative stimuli but when it comes to the crafting of bondage, the crunch of the matter is how the fear is handled. Now just like pride, fear happens at different levels and manifests itself in different expressions all crafting the work of putting one in bondage overtime. Fear commands pain, disappointment, regret and rejection and can be activated by any if these entities itself.


Pain is a highly unpleasant feeling experienced physically or spiritually. Physically, pain affects the flesh e.g injuries, accidents, physical abuse, sickness etc. Spiritually, pain affects the innerman e.g heartbreak, rejection, hurt, verbal or emotional abuse etc. Pain is inevitable in life and can just strike without warning. Pain that happens on the physical can also have far reaching effects spiritually if not handled properly. In the crafting of bondage, pain plays a pivotal role as the centre-stage of negative emotions one can experience.

Now pain is not something anyone looks forward to and can easily become something to be dreaded based on past experiences of self or others. This trauma can naturally calibrate one’s perceptions of life or the future with fear of the unknown or the foreseen e.g fear of history repeating itself (Job 3:25). The negative emotions that are left unresolved become magnified as they create good ground for disapointment, regret and rejection again furthering the agenda if fear itself.


This is when things do not take the expected or intended course leading to negative outcomes. The obvious response and decision afterwards is to work hard to avoid future occurence of the same unpleasant feeling by the same kind of scenario. Disapointment works by planting seeds of doubt and belief in any good. Once disapointed, a person’s ability to have faith in that area is tempered with. The more one stays in the zone, the more the mindset is settled in being pessimistic and negative and this translates to every other thing that concerns them as little other disapointments trickle in (James 1:6-7). Once the work of unbelief has been solidified in the innerman, it becomes difficult for a person to recognise the presence of God or that he even exists. If at all there is still an atom of belief in his existence, yet they will move into a zone where they believe he is not for them but for others. Disappointment left unresolved will always activate regret as it makes way for rejection eventually agaim solidifying the presence of fear in one’s life.


Naturally, disapointment causes one to trace their map back and forth to establish the cause of their unfortunate circumstances. This emotional refusal to accept current circumstances ushers in an unpleasant feeling of regret. Regret is basically wishing things had never happened the way they did. Consequently in an attempt to press the undo button continuosly in one’s mind and realising that in real life it is not happening, negative roots of worry, frustration, confusion and stress begin to build a castle in the innerman. The more the castle is established, the more the negative emotions build up into more stronger ones like anxiety, distress and depression. The worse case scenario here is a threat to mental wellbeing. Too much pressure on the mind with no answers is a recipe for disaster. Thus, bondage will be reaching for the top!


Now the culmination of the work of bondage is rejection. Rejection is the experience of being denied access to that which one feels they deserve. In part 1, we discovered that bondage is a state of imprisonment or being tied down. When it comes to spiritual bondage and the crafting thereof, rejection becomes the icing on the cake because of it isolative capabilities. From pain to disappointment and regret, the move is to squeeze a person of all known hope and faith in good until they find themselves choking i.e alone- no God, no family, no friends, no fortune, nothing good at all. If anything, at least they do not feel it or see it. They could be with family bit feel so alone and cold. That is the point. In the zone of rejection, people always feel like the world is against them. They are overly supicious because of the overmuch subjection to pain, disappointment and regret. In trying to manage their fears and protect themselves from further pain, they reject in advance so as to make sure they are not rejected. These rejective characteristics of theirs pervert their judgement and mislead them into treating others unfairly without noticing it. The evil of the spirit of rejection is therefore that where people reject in advance or counter reject, they do not realise how these actions bite them more than their ‘victim’ others. Infact they are not aware of their negative action obviously potrayed to self as self protection. Rejection is consistent with victim mentality too. The feeling of being left, being dumped, being undesireble, being unfortunate, being alone or lonely, being poor, being broke, being unfairly treated and denied access to all kinds of desired things…well riseUP!!!! Bondage doesn’t give a hoot about your perceptions of disadvantage!Infact bondage loves victims!!!! Soon enough too, sickness begins to creep in. If not high blood pressure, depression, cancer or anthritis then mental health issues, hearing of voices and a possible threat on one’ life as in suicide.

Thus, fear is a highly intimidating spirit that worms it way into a person’s life using the platforms of pain, disappointment, regret and rejection. Each of the giants can also in some cases operate as the root cause of fear or even cause one another in the process of the crafting of bondage in a person’s life.

Join me in part 3 of bondage as we conclude this series by looking at breaking free from bondage.

Thank you for reading this post.

Signing Out

Ester H.


Falling is not the problem, failing to riseUP is!!!!

Thats it

falling is not the problem, failing to rise up is…riseUpconqueror!!!!