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Hello Conquerors!

I hope I find you well. If you are reading this post you have probably been tracking from the battle for survival. If not please make a point to read it otherwise welcome on board Friends if the powers that be, have permitted you to read this one – congratulations! I do not need to remind anyone how important it is to make your life worth the while and make sure you are celebrated when you pass on! One of the reasons why we have to fight is because right from conception, the war begins. While some make it through pregnancy to birth, some are aborted, miscarried or die at birth. Some are rejected while in the womb and by the time they are born, everything around them opposes their very livelihood and they strive with virtually anything and everything around them. Interestingly, when a child is born, they are aware of good and bad, that is why they can cry if things are not right.

The war against us is simply a war to derail us from the purpose for which we were created and once our mind has tuned in to that world of impossibilities, everything becomes worthless or pointless. The concept of good and evil is not new to the arena of life. The author of this war is the devil, our enemy. He is our enemy because once upon a time he was in heaven as an Angel called Lucifer, loved by God. He however became prideful, wanted power and rebelled against God and so was sent packing from heaven and thrown here on earth. He left with a bunch of followers called Fallen Angels and from then on they began the war to turn every living soul against the one that punished them – God Almighty. Their expulsion from heaven came with the judgement that they will be punished with fire at the end of time. No-one knows the end of time and when it shall be, but friends the devil, his angels and followers here on earth are at work to make sure they do not get punished alone. This is the reason why their forces are working tirelessly behind the scenes to convince mankind that God doesn’t exist and that other gods can have a final say on their lives – which God created single-handedly and without help.

Anything that is being worshipped, that is being consulted concerning life and is not God himself is a god/idol and that amounts to IDOLATRY. Idolatry is so rampant today because man was created to worship and is always seeking something to worship. The Spirit within yearns to worship and when it is made to worship other, and not its maker, it becomes perverted and corrupt. This is because of the seed of rebellion that was planted in us by the enemy. The enemy knows God more than us today, he once dwelled in his very presence, serving and ministering to him. He fears that if we ever had a clear awareness of God like he used to, then we will be fruitful, we would turn all his impossibilities into possibilities and therefore he will have lost the battle. All he needs is for us to live in the dark, never come to the knowledge of the truth and so fail to access our original purpose and promises in God. He is a liar and the very father of lies. If he can feed us with his lies then we are well set for failure.

My question to you today is, are you going to let him? Will you watch your life sail on in the wrong direction or will you fight the good fight of faith and conquer in spiritual battles? Spiritual wars determine the course of life in the physical world. They are governed by spiritual laws which the enemy is well acquainted with. He then manipulates our own lack of knowledge on these laws to further his evil agenda. If you understand this, its time to get back on track. Back to basics, back to the original plan and purpose, back to Victory! It is not a one day thing but you are better of starting. Commit to building your life today on Godly principles. Sign in to Battle. Fight for your life. A crown awaits you when you pass on from this world. Let it be a crown of life. The Crown of eternal life is what awaits everyone that dies in the Lord.

Join me again in the next post as we talk about how Christ comes into the equation of religion and how to signup for the inevitable battle.

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falling is not the problem, failing to riseUP is!!!!

The Battle for Survival

I hope I find you well. So we are now getting ready for a new farming season at our lovely farm in Goromonzi. Good soils, good rains, a good labour force & good management and we are set for a bumper harvest next year! The question is, is this land ours for real? Well yes on paper it is but when we arrived here on earth the land was already there so we can’t exactly claim ownership now can we? That means we do not actually have the final say on what happens on that land! The same goes for the weather. It does not belong to us too and we have no control on how it affects our crop. Also, we can own the labour force by employment but I heard the wise one say, “you can take the donkey to the river to drink but you cannot force it to drink.” I guess you can employ someone but you can’t force them to work hard and can never know what sort of result they will produce until it’s in your hands! So what is it then??

It seems there is a myriad of factors that will affect the nature of our harvest next year. The seed can hit the ground, but poor rains and poor crop management can all lead to its failure to grow well or yield any fruit. Very soon the weeds can invade the entire farm and choke the entire crop to death. Sometimes it will be a case of poor timing and or even too much rain too late or too soon – all leading to crop failure. There is even the threat of livestock from neighbouring farms invading the crop, leading to loss again.

This whole scenario relates to our lives today. We are the seed that was sown on earth by our maker-The Almighty God but very often as ‘crops’ we find ourselves in uncontrollable bad weather that we can’t yield any fruit. Sometimes the heavens are literally shut over our lives that we can’t experience bounty at all. We find ourselves crying, ‘there is casting down’ when others are singing, ‘there is lifting up’ and that song needs to change. Moreover, many find themselves amongst weeds fighting for survival. Some have choked to death. The weeds come in different shapes and sizes, different colours too.

Furthermore, in our lives today, poor crop management can be likened to bad leadership and unfruitful relationships in our areas of influence. Sometimes the enemy uses fellow brothers and sisters to achieve his evil mission. Sour relationships, enmity, betrayal and backbiting etc can all lead to our defeat on the battlefronts of life. On the other hand the invasion by stray livestock speaks to me of disease and an attack on our livelihood. HIV, Cancer, BP and many other unusual health problems have emerged on mankind literally threatening to wipe out an entire generation. Friends these stumbling blocks are our enemies! Conceived by the enemy, born of the enemy , planted by the enemy, sent by the enemy, dispatched by the enemy with at least one (1) or all of three (3) goals – to kill, steal and destroy! Worsestill, some camouflage and are so like us but are not of us. They come into our lives with an agenda that unbeknown to us destroys us. Sometimes the agenda is not even know to them but the one who is in them furthers his evil agenda through them in different ways.

My question to you today is, What kind of seed are you? The seed that will rise up against all the devices of the enemy and glorify its sower or the one that will succumb to every negative force, bear no fruit and eventually just die? Fortunately we are not like plant seeds that depend on human management, the ground they are sown in and the weather conditions they find themselves in to bear fruit. Our creator, the All-Mighty and All-wise God equipped us with the ability to create the ground that we want for us to germinate and grow well. In the parable of the sower (mark 4:1-20) this is apparent. If we purge ourselves and prepare our ground well, as seeds we may grow to give glory to the one who made us in our entire being and fruitfulness.

Previously, I hinted that it is essential to know the enemy and to understand that you are in battle. Most people are often on the battle front without ever realising it. The following tell-tell signs should be your sounding horn for war:

NB*This list is not an end in itself and these are not the only tell-tell signs, it is definitely a good starting point.

  • you find yourself going round in circles – nothing seems to quite work out and you just do not understand why
  • your spirit-self is dead – you do not have an awareness of your spiritman, his origin and how he should be kept alive
  • you are in constant strife with your surroundings – nothing and no-one is good enough for you
  • you suspect that they are negative forces operating against you but do not know them
  • you have heard about Jesus but do not believe in him – you find the whole concept of Jesus confusing and irrelevant to the world you are living in
  • you have a dead conscience – you can do wrong knowingly and carry on with life as if nothing happened

Friends if any of these or all are consistent with your life, riseUP! Be the battle axe and lets fight the good fight of faith. It is called the good fight of faith because you have to rise up against every negative thing you can see that you do not like inorder to access every positive thing that you can not see that you desire. Sometimes too we have to be mature enough and discerning enough to accept that we cannot always get everything we want. Whether we like it or not we are in war. This life is a battle for survival. Sadly some people are the walking dead. Nothing is alive except for the fact that you are breathing. What good is life if everything around you is dying – your spirit, your finances, your relationships, your visions or ambitions etc. Arise and FIGHT for your life!

I hope this helped you. Don’t forget to share with your friends, otherwise remain focused till we meet again…

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Ester H.


falling is not the problem, failing to riseUP is!!!!

falling is not the problem, failing to rise up is…riseUpconqueror!!!!