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Welcome all and thank you for visiting my blog. To all my TheBattleAxe fans, my Axes, we have moved from thebattleaxe.org to riseupconqueror.com. RiseUp Conquerors!!!! Yes thank God for the transition in wisdom. I am loving this new space and i trust you will too. For re-cap sake we will be migrating all our posts from thebattleaxe.org and will post them here and there. For now heres what to look out for:

wisdom nuggets:

  • wisdom for marriage
  • wisdom for parents
  • wisdom for spiritual warfare

and so much more…


Ester H.

Team RiseUpConqueror

#Falling is not the problem, Failing to RiseUp is!!


Seasons Greetings all and complements of the new year. In life certain events influence certain decisions and name change is one of them. I am pleased to announce that after much thought and insight and due to the turnout of events, we have moved from battleaxe.org to riseupconqueror.com. It is by Grace as always and all your support and readership that we continuously covet. We will migrate all the posts from that website to this one just so they remain available for those joining us for the first time and also for re-cap purposes. As we continue in 2017, may you RiseUp from Axes to Conquerors! May the bones receive life! May the faint get strength! May the weak say I AM STRONG, May the poor declare riches. May you eat of the fruit of your mouth and may that fruit be good and may it remain! Glory to the one who gives and enables, who hails from above in Jesus Most Holy Name, IT IS SO!!!