Bondage & Breaking Free Part 3: Breaking Free

Dear Conquerors,

Welcome to this final part of the series on bondage. In part 1, we looked at the manifestation of bondage in physical and spiritual realms and concluded that the latter is the root cause of both physical and spiritual bondages as our lives being spirit are lived in physical form. In part 2, we went deeper into the root causes of bondage i.e the spiritual realm and ascertained that belief system, pride and fear are at the core of crafting the assignment of bondage in an individual. We also discovered that bondage is in itself not cast in stone and worms its way into being over time. Thus, for a longtime bondage will be in the making and by the time it actually starts to pinch, it may be too established to outst in a day’s work. That is what makes it complicated. Today we conclude the series by looking at breaking free from bondage.

Before we proceed, Let us recap on the crafting of bondage first. In parts 2 we examined the crafting of bondage on three levels

1. The Belief System:

This is more of the attitude we have of our spirituality and origin and the consequences of violating spiritual rules attached to our choice of worship i.e God versus self or idol expressed in incurred curse and ignorance as the roots of bondage.

2. Pride:

This is the amplified version of self above that which God himself accords an individual thereby sowing discord amongst brethren or fellow human beings again with consequences. Pride is more of the negative mindsets and decisions crafted internally as a response to external forces with the intentions of subduing others or bringing punitive justice on them e.g bitterness, unforgiveness and rebellion. It is an outward expression that is rooted inside.

3. Fear:

Fear is the unpleasant feeling of threat to one’s peace or loss of control. In life losing control is a big issue and so unlike pride, fear is the inward effect of the external threats one experiences. Fear has its expressions in pain, regret, disappointment and rejection

To break free, we need to understand certain facts about bondage. Below is a list of some of the words or experiences that find themselves in the confines of the phenomena of Bondage. A closer examinations shows that these are all direct or indirect offshoots of the belief system, pride and fear. Freedom therefore, is consistent with the standard of the word for each one so obedience is key. As a rule of the thumb, one needs to be prepared to dig deeper into the full instruction of the word concerned with each point. Below i have listed at least one example. This is because personal research and deliberate effort to make inquiry always sets the tone for deliverance from bondage.

Versus Progress (Psalm 1; Isaiah 10:27)*

  • Stagnancy
  • Stuck in one place
  • Regression
  • Going round in circles
  • Imprisonment
  • Lack of freedom
  • Curse (sin)

Versus clarity of vision (Psalm 37:23-24)*

  • Confusion
  • Regret
  • Frustration
  • Indecisiveness
  • Unbelief
  • Hopelessness
  • Ignorance

Versus peace of mind (Romans 12:19)*

  • Anger
  • Stress
  • Distress
  • Worry
  • Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Disappointment
  • Despair

Versus a clean heart (Psalm 51:6-10)*

  • Anger
  • Pride (Why me?)
  • Bitterness
  • Unforgiveness
  • Rebellion

Versus well being (Matthew 11:28-29)

  • Pain
  • Rejection
  • Imprisonment
  • Depression
  • Mental health challenges
  • Suicidal

NB* There are many other revelatory and guiding scriptures for each point.

Bondage is a negative force

The above points show that bondage is a multifaceted evil in our lives. All of the above points are negatives forces that actually act as doors into our spiritman. These doors open us up for spiritual torment otherwise known as demonic torment. This is not something for christians only although the terminology may be used mostly in christian circles. Negative forces respect no religion, race, spiritual/financial/physical power or geographic location. Infact they are masters in the art of comouflage and deception which is why they can be resident in a person without one’s realisation or knowledge. This is why a poor person can be prideful or a rich person can operate in poverty mentality. You have probably heard of rich people caught stealing or pastor’s kids caught up in all kinds of perversion. Yes they had a good/sound or well grounded upbringing but a door opened at some point! Noone took notice! Thats why! As for those that thrive in victim mentality, the ‘why me? activists- bondage has no atom of care or mercy! This evil stronghold doesn’t care that you are an orphan, unmarried or poor or unemployed. Infact the more you are wrapped up in pain, disappointment, regret or rejection, the more bondage will have a high rate of success in taking you down or out. Any sort of circumstancial disadvantage from birth will not waiver the dues that bondage demands ro itself. No amount of entitlement to pity or mercy will cause bondage to back off. The more you register the negatives, the more bondage finds a house in you!!!

Bondage comes in all shapes and sizes. It comes in all kinds of forms too. Lets just say whatever space you find yourself in and you feel stuck, that is your bondage. It cannot be compared. How ever you perceive your bondage, it is bondage to you and must never be looked down upon. In turn we must also never look down upon some else’s bondage as to belittle it or compare it with others. It is theirs and for them, it is a big issue. While bondage for some people is a feeling like they are sinking, drowning or losing their breath or choking, others feel like they are going round and round in circles. Others just get stuck in a web of tormenting dreams and it may even get worse and worse as to see visions or hear voices! Then there are those that simply decide they don’t actually have the energy to look at things a different way, they want to wine and pine in self pity and still blame God and every one else involved.

Thus, in the world of bondage any negative force, challenge or disadvantage has the ability of developing into bondage by itself or attracting other negatives that can create bondage and before one knows it, they have lost their map for life, can’t figure a way out and the worst case scenario becomes a threat on their wellness of being. You will often hear people say, “I feel like i’m losing it.” Bondage has mastered the ability to take root and establish itself overtime without being noticed and then erupt with full force one day and cause havoc, pain, destruction and all kinds of negative things impossible to fix in oneday.

How to break free

First and for most, as in medicine, prevention is better than cure. Preventing bondage is a lifesyle of goodness to self and others. Treating others as you would like to be treated. That’s it. Trying to cure deep seated bondage is a mission. The good news is that it is very possible with commitment, to break free from bondage and experience freedom once again.

Breaking Free: The Steps

The major theme in breaking free from bondage is love. The school of love is seen in 1 Corinthians 13. One has to die a lot to flesh to activate this standard of love. In preparation for the spirit of love to take its place in one’s innerspace, humility, faith, courage, surrender, hope and committment play a major part. One must be willing to put these in place. The more one operates in authentic love, the more of God they have, the more bondage breaks off and one begins to experience peace and freedom. The first step to embracing your freedom from bondage is humility. This is the attitude of acknowledging a higher power God, reducing and placing yourself under his authority before anything else. It matters just to know that you are nothing and can do nothing without him and he is everything (John 15:4-5; Galatians 6:3; Phillipians 2:13) This way you can prepare your heart to listen and hear from him as the higher and superior power. Humility breaks the back of pride and unbelief at the same time thereby addressing the problems created by the belief system and pride in the crafting of bondage. Humility opens the heart to faith. One can begin to see the possibilities of a brighter future. Once one acknowledges a higher power- God, they are in a position to face the lion as he (God) goes before him. Its takes courage first to follow an invisible God and then to trust him to lead the mass destruction of all the mountains one has tried to level on their own. The courage to walk with a superior power one does not see should also make way for total surrender. Again its a statement of laying one’s guns down in humility. Total surrender bashes the spirit of pride, unbelief and fear at the same time. That fear of losing control is dealt with as one surrenders all the control to God who then takes the driving seat to freedom in his mighty wisdom. What remains is hope and committment as one pursues freedom without looking back and continuously reminding themselves that the one who is in charge now is able!

In conclusion therefore, bondage is a case of misplaced faith gone bad, a failed mission of self protection from the ‘wicked world’ culminating in the sickness of the innerman expressed in the physical mildly as episodes of worry, stress, frustration and/or confusion and on the severe side as anxiety, distress, despair and/or depression. Love is the answer & Obedience is key! Never be intimidated by the seeming mess or difficulty in sticking to new rules and ways of thinking. Rome wasn’t built in a day but they built it because they pursued it without giving up. When you fall, remember failing to riseUP is the actual problem. Falling is not the hindrance. Always shake the dust, riseup and keep moving!

That’s it from me

Ester H.

Remember fallibg is nit the problem, failing to rise up is!!!