Joining the Army Part 1: God the Author of Love

Greetings Conquerors!

I hope i find you well. In the confines of fighting the good fight of faith is a mystery that determines how well the battle goes!

I have always believed in God. I always loved him but it was not until I was 29 that I finally got to understand what the big deal about God was. It was the most exciting thing but I cried. I cried because of all the years I had lost in ignorance, denying the truth even and running away from it! In the world today, everybody at some point has an awareness of God. Whether they believe that He exists or not is now a matter of what they have chosen to believe – that he is or he is not there! God is the maker of heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen. He is our creator who made us in his image. In life most families are born into one religion or the other. Some are Christians, some Muslim, some Hindu, others especially here in Africa subscribe to Native African Religions which do not have a particular name but particular ‘spirits’ and ‘gods’ in most cases of clans and or families. If you are an African you are likely to have roots in this religion whether you know it or not. These religions have access points they use to commune with God Almighty. This is nothing new and has been going on for ages. However God looked and saw this confusion on the earth and decided that it was time to be one with his people and to reconcile everyone to himself.

This is a story of love. Love is kind, love is patient and love is sweet. Sometimes too it hurts. When it is misplaced and things are not quite working out love breaks the heart. God who made all things, who owns all things and to whom all things consists looked at man and was heartbroken. He loved man but man didn’t know how to love him back. Man had the love in him but by all means the enemy came and perverted it all leading man into all kinds of idolatry in the name of religion. This perversion came with the first sin. This was the sin of Adam and Eve who instead of sticking with the instruction of God from the beginning listened to the perverted version of the serpent (devil) and became defiled themselves. This caused a rift between mankind and God hence the confusion in the world today! True love sent God crafting an idea of redemption. God, the author of Love looked and saw that everyone called on him, but did they call on him the way he wanted to be called on? Did man minister to him according to his original purpose? He looked with love, his bowels of compassion were stirred. It was time to bring order to the whole scenario. He had to come on earth but the earth could never contain him so he sent his WORD.

When the WORD came on earth it had to become flesh by being born as a human being. His name was Jesus born of the Virgin Mary, the only Son of God. His assignment was to go through a process called the death on the cross. This symbolic death meant none other than him defeating sin, making an open show of triumph against the devil and his devices. This triumph was simply the fact that where once we used to live sinful and accused lives, we could now believe in Christ, confess our sins and be free from condemnation. Without the cross, we lived condemned lives and God who cannot look at sin chose Christ to stand in between and be the intercessor, intermediator, reconciler and redeemer of humankind. He was without sin and blameless yet died on the cross that we may be redeemed from destruction. This is the Mystery of Christ. Now this is where we now draw the battle lines and choose our path.

While every religion subscribes to God, only bible based religions believe in the mystery of Jesus Christ. This mystery can only be understood by those who will be brave enough to believe first and take that route. Seriously, this is not for the faint hearted who are shaken by every wind of doctrine. Once you believe, your heart and your mind will become one with God through Christ and you begin to understand precept upon precept how this belief system works even as God himself leads you on this journey of discovery through his Holy Spirit. Many contentions have arisen as to why we should include Jesus in Worshiping God. People argue about Jesus every day and are involved in contentions simply because their spirit has known him from conception and believes in Him from creation but their faculties have been perverted by the devil into denying him. This rebel attitude was engineered in the first sin.

No one can believe in God of their own accord. It takes faith. That faith comes from God himself as a gift. If you can activate the spirit of love in you, then you can become one with God. If you can become one with God, surely you can believe Jesus is Lord. If you can believe that Jesus is lord then you are set for a journey of love, endowed by the fruits of love such as peace, joy, unity, trust, faithfulness, patience and all such virtues. If many of us could join this love train, the world will be a better place. if you can love your neighbour as yourself, you can not cheat, lie, steal, murder or do things that will hurt them. Soon enough too, that love will overwhelm you that you can’t harm your neighbourhood through littering, prostitution, robbery, drunkenness, briberies, corruption and many other evils we face today. I look forward to the day when an average person will take ownership of their community, their society, and their nation in ONE LOVE!

Join me again nextime as we look at Joining the Army in The Love Affair- part 2.

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Till Then,

Ester H.


falling is not the problem, failing to riseUP is!!!!

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