Monthly Archives: March 2017

PAIN According to the online dictionary, pain is a highly unpleasant feeling in the physical body that is associated with negative emotions or experiences that include and are not limited to the following: Sorrow Grief Distress Misery Discomfort Affliction Torment Trauma Despair Desolation Agony Heartache Heartbreak So because these feelings are experienced in the innermost being and they can’t be touched, it is difficult to see them from outside and so we… Read More

Dear Conquerors, Over the years i have watched with pain, the number of christians who are serving in ministries, love God with all their heart but have no idea how to serve him. For this reason they are victims of demonic schemes with no idea how to fight, bitterness sets in making it all worse. I prepared this 7 day deliverance and innerhealing challenge just to help those who have questions and… Read More

…continued from part 1… How can God who knew you and ordered your steps before you were born lead those steps into the wrong marriage and only teach you of your errors after you have bore fruit of it. God in all his wisdom and love will OK it only if there is something in it for you for his will and for his glory. He is a God of order and… Read More