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Don’t you think that’s a lovely picture of the Flame Lily? Oh wow, it does have a wow effect. WWe have these at one of our lovely farms in Goromonzi, in the beautiful Mashonaland East Province of Zimbabwe. So I was doing a bit of reading on this magnificent work of the Creator and I found out some scary facts! According to the Kew Botanical Gardens blog,

“Flame lily is a tuberous herb, which is widespread in tropical and southern Africa and in tropical Asia. The generic name Gloriosa means ‘full of glory’ and the specific epithet superba means ‘superb’, alluding to the striking red and yellow flowers.All parts of the plant, but especially the tubers (swollen, underground stems), are extremely poisonous and the ingestion of flame lily has caused many accidental deaths. It has also been used to commit murder, suicide, to induce abortions and to poison dogs. African porcupines and some moles are reputed to be able to consume the roots with no ill effects.”

Full of Glory and superb but watchout! It can kill you! The ironies of life right! Thin line between love and hate or black and white; thin line between good and evil. I have to be honest. This got me thinking. You just have to be careful. Know what you are dealing with or it can take take you out. What did the doctor say about sugar? Where is all the cancer coming from? Whats all this noise about alarming divorce rates today? Child pregnancies, hate crimes, Boka Haram…So many things in life that can be good yet you cannot put your finger on the reason why they are so bad, they could be right yet so wrong and of course many times we are near and yet so far!

If you are a human being just like me, living on this earth and in this particular world we find ourselves in, you will have noticed that LIFE is a hub activity from all different angles e.g relationships, work, religion, family, entertainment, school and livelihood itself. Which ever angle you like to look at it from, sooner or later you will realize that it is a jungle out there and its a survival of the fittest issue. LIFE is literally a battle field and without the proper BattleAxe one cannot make it. Battles are being fought everyday on different fronts and its up to you to recognise the battle you are in and fight to victory.

I honestly believe that like the Flame Lily, life is all too superb and glorious. But if you go about it the wrong way or can’t figure out the right way, it can be all too poisonous in a flash and you will find yourself choking to death. Worsestill you can very well be on the right track but if somewhere along the journey you pick up poison from others, it will still contaminate you and eventually take you out if not dealt with.

Join me gain next time as I take you on a journey to discover the many spiritual axes one can use in fighting the many spiritual battles of life.

Till then, remain Blessed
Ester H.