Daily Archives: 25/01/2017

I begin the marriage wisdom series today. Most of my posts will be directed towards women simply because in Shona they say “musha mukadzi” basically meaning the woman makes the home. Without the woman, there is no home! Brothers and sisters believe it or not, a woman has the power to build or break the marriage. I can smell trouble from all the feminists but you know if wisdom says, “The wise… Read More

Welcome all and thank you for visiting my blog. To all my TheBattleAxe fans, my Axes, we have moved from thebattleaxe.org to riseupconqueror.com. RiseUp Conquerors!!!! Yes thank God for the transition in wisdom. I am loving this new space and i trust you will too. For re-cap sake we will be migrating all our posts from thebattleaxe.org and will post them here and there. For now heres what to look out for:… Read More